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  1. SizzFlair added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    Got a ticket about a broken quest.  No response and 1 month has passed.
    Spent a lot on this game and support is utter shit.
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  2. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Should loyalty and cash shop weight and inventory slots be made account wide   

    It'd be sick if it was account wide and I'd be more than happy to max out the inventories on my characters.
    However, I know this won't happen. 
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  3. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Another Liverto VS Yuria Post... Sorc   

    Crit is important in sorcs and the additional gem slot allows you to have better stats overall.  Oh and you don't have to waste a ton of time trying to get your weapon to ultimate.
    Go liverto and never look back.
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  4. SizzFlair added a post in a topic I can make millions a day!   

    i have the opposite problem. Mostly due to having so many workers and having a lot of crop processing plants...
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  5. SizzFlair added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    They both have pretty much the same AP/DP.  The first one to knockdown the opponent wins, pretty much.
    260 DP doesn't matter in this game.... even if it's higher than your AP, because your skills will give the AP 800%+ boost lol
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  6. SizzFlair added a post in a topic +20 Enchanting Discussion + Poll   

    At least L2 gave you some crystals back.  Lineage 1? Evaporate.
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  7. SizzFlair added a post in a topic So you CAN get 56 after all?   

    I've grinded with him before (not physically).
    He does grind an insane amount of time in game.
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  8. SizzFlair added a post in a topic New pet breeding system [ Discussion ] [Feedback ] #MainTopic   

    Still waiting on the resolution regarding the special skills issue.  I'll wait it out until the next regular maintenance to see if it will be fixed or not.  Also still waiting on a response on the support ticket.
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  9. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Please just stop   

    i read it.  Replied that it was a shit post.
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  10. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Daum - why don't you want me to buy your outfits?   

    As a nobody who cares about outfits unless it gives special bonuses I want, I would probably buy more outfits if it unlocked for all characters on my account.
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  11. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Please let me pay $50 to transfer my Life skills from one character to another   

    Lol until you realize it doesn't matter as shit costs energy and need to utilize alts to be efficient in processing/crafting.
    $50 is too much IMO.
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  12. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Is this working as intended?   

    Pro tip:
    In order to do a 180 turn, go on your map and put down a waypoint that's behind the wagon.  For example, if your wagon is facing north then put down a waypoint South of it.
    As you press r to get on the carriage, spam the t button for autopath.  Your carriage turn 180 so fast that you won't even need to think about backing up.
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  13. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Fishing Hot Spots - What's the point?   

    The funny thing is, I never ever go to these hotspots that people post. You can find as good of a hotspot on your own and fish there faster as the resources are abundant.
    I guess it's good for me as it keeps the crowd away hahaha.
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  14. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Please just stop   

    your vent was nowhere near intelligent and does not belong in the gameplay discussion portion of the forums.  I want to read about game mechanics and not another useless thread.
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  15. SizzFlair added a post in a topic Is the games population lowering ?   

    Who wants to watch people autofish and autorun? Oh and grind the same mindless mobs for hours. Super entertaining...
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