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  1. oa127 added a post in a topic Is it possible to avoid PvE?   

    I'm seeing very uneducated replies to say something is wrong and have nothing to back it up.
    PVE is for leveling and usual environment grind for resources or whatever, common as can be for games. Not a problem.
    Endgame is PVP with no PVE philosophy.
    If PVP is the whole point of the endgame, it looks like the whole map is a huge tutorial by leveling up.
    Seems like it should have just been open PVP without levels and killing players unlocks abilities as you get used to it. Would probably make the most sense to do that since the PVE leveling content is a waste of space.
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  2. oa127 added a post in a topic Is it possible to avoid PvE?   

    You say this in defense for a PVE dependent leveling game with no PVE endgame.... I would question your every life choice. If you were voting in America this year, I'd wager it's for Trump. And, with your attack at a company that makes the game BDO has to try its best to make a competitive impact with, what are you insulting the rivals for? You're obviously attacking WoW. Did you even play the game 10 years ago? Leveling was hard, for millions of people, it was a struggle to level and took months for people to reach level 60. Players did it, enjoyed the hell out of it, and the game has been huge ever since. Over time it had to change as things continued to advance forward, obviously. Any, and all, developers understand the reasons they had to increase the speed of leveling as the level cap has nearly doubled since 2004. Even then, BDO is still stupidly faster at leveling up characters in comparison.
    WoW has PVP for leveling up characters and has PVP endgame. WoW has PVE leveling and PVE endgame.
    BDO has NO PVP leveling system and has only PVP endgame. BDO has PVE leveling and NO PVE endgame.

    One of these games is missing big chunks of gameplay and hasn't earned the right to mock the other or its players if it intends to survive, let alone turn a profit. Respect the games and their players and you might earn their time. A player's time is what any and all games want, but our money is obviously always right behind that.
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  3. oa127 added a post in a topic Why we need PVE servers   

    I can tell you that people with disabilities that want to play the game can have a preference for PVE servers as reaction speed and character control are inhibited naturally. For me, I had a spinal tumor and can't feel my fingers. I have to look at my fingers all the time to make sure I'm doing what I want to be doing. My nephew was five years old when he was able to finesse around on characters in video games. Open PVP means I'd lose to 5 year olds at random in this game at any given time.
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  4. oa127 added a post in a topic Naming System - Allow Spaces in Character Names! (and 2 of same character in a row)   

    2 in a row is very contrary to English names as it is commonplace. I don't know enough about Korean names, though I do know that you don't get repeated characters as commonly.

    3+ would definitely work as a limitation. If someone wanted to take the time for coding, you could limit the frequency of repeated letters. Such as 2 sets of repeated letters and not a third, but that would seem like an excessive string of coding that only works with bot auto-creations. Would be the same with preventing 5+ consonants in a row that I see more frequently now [also a common bot randomizer prevention].

    I would also suggest NOT having certain preventions in place but have a different coding made to notice such things to find and restrict it. Any popular game will end up with some form of bot spammers or non-legit marketing. Let them do the random practices and flag them for your managers to find, monitor, and possibly ban. Far easier than having them mask themselves better into the masses.
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