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  1. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Max Energy went down by 1 after maintenence   

    Gaining 7 knowledge in Margoria ocean will now give 1 max energy.
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/138477-patch-notes-april-12th-2017/#comment-1917770
    sometimes game life and real life gets busy! so I have 490 again so its fixed for me I hope for you guys too  
    Have a nice Easter!!
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  2. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Aritaum pvp semi-hardcore international guild   

    Had tons of fun with these lovely bunch of peeps  I hope they had too we did arena coop for the fun and they are cool people to chatter with. If you have the recommend GS and level go without a second thought you wont regret it 
    Thanks for the cool eve guys  
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  3. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Max Energy went down by 1 after maintenence   

    probably nobody found all of the monsters yet in the wild (we probably have the same source) found few of the missing maybe some special thing is going on there like spawn locs and times to be met, that journal with daily items is so so so hard no drop from the mobs for bluish sulfur mined all my energy almost on the rocks no drop  no drop on pila ku  game trolls me a lot  
    thanks once again
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  4. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Max Energy went down by 1 after maintenence   

    Calibix i stopped pre node wars after pirate expansion with 375 (did all calpheon mediah isles etc) I do understand you but its irritating if someone has 450 for example and does night vendor is a problem or 400 and gets lower to 399 but its disturbing for gathering and till 400 is okayish the hard part starts when the topics are limited and you need to find specifics anyways. the problem here is not the cap but the bug  and its disturbing  
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  5. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Lost 1 energy from margoria knowledge (it was obtained and still is)   

    check this post for update is more active than mine
    I will probably close mine
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  6. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic Max Energy went down by 1 after maintenence   

    didn't saw this post in time, freaked out when i seen the bug and did my own post  
    same folder here too!
    Nope I don't see any new additions on mediah ecology its all obtained without new monsters or ?
    0-300 seems like a walk in the park in comparison with grinding the ecology of each region which gives rng results so yea 300-400 takes way more and after 450 is even worse so 490+ hurts! just jumped on 490 cluster a few weeks ago i only miss the ordnance and the weapons category and few minor in others but yea 1 point for someone who is close to 500 its painful because 1 point there is even weeks of non stop work towards it.

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  7. AkisDarkfold added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Lost 1 energy from margoria knowledge (it was obtained and still is)
    I logged in to find one energy missing in my account (from 490 back to 489) its not good because I don't think there is a normal method that i could get it back plus i am not sure if i should reset the knowledge and  re-acquire it again. the knowledge is from margoria sea the real problem is that it says its obtained so its not noticeable so if you have all the knowledge doesn't show you that particular one its like 0/1.

    thanks for your time see you in game!

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  8. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    Cookies from other people are always better  hehe
    I will ask him if he tells me that you lie you have to give me my cookies!!! 
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  9. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    @Tekeii why that thinking face bro  


    one for me and one for CryptR please  
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  10. AkisDarkfold added a post in a topic <FUzion> Node & Siege Wars | Looking for small merger   

    First of all, FUzion doesn't have any affiliation with futilez some guilds change hands for the better or the worse. For example, in aion the best guild before changing hands was in hands of some guy who had a national guild. The roots doesn't really determine who the people inside the community are for example what happened after the merge of guild A  to guild B has to do with the recruitment team that is responsible for that, also you should take into a count that some people came from other communities and joined here (that applies for me as well) and to be honest I am very happy to rejoin my friends who i played with from earlier games, head start and later game, for me personally regardless of the current performance  I am proud for the level that the people responsible for the guild had reached. anyways mates for me what you try to express here its just trash talk  instead of embracing the day etc you just try to throw salt to the snowy road well done

    Anyways, No cookies for you  Merry Xmas!!!
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