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Nguyen Ken

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  1. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Right now i'm thinking it the breed itself, but sure the turn/brake speed prob affect it too (will check)
    About the macro/mapping, i'm running them both by hand  so prob not (i did tried macro it already but it will still limit on the "timeframe" before you can cancel again
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  2. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Nope, i'm not talking about the drift effectiveness, i'm talking about the trigger speed (cancel speed)
    With the pure black, i can barely see it "drift" and IA is already ready again
    with the pure white, i can see he drift out a little bit then IA is ready
    Will create a compare video later when i got back home ^^
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  3. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    pretty decent for T8E - mine is at ~161% for speed
    Another thing i notice is that the speed of skill execution is different from horse to horse
    My pure black can execute drift/IA much faster than my pure white (i can event drift/IA to get to kzarka from the entrance which is impossible for pure white since you're likely stuck somewhere)
    Will post video if someone want one to prove this  
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  4. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    Add this few things in and people will be happy for awhile:
    instance dungeon (party/raid/guild/whatever size)global invasion event (invasion from the sea, invasion from the desert, etc)tournament for pvp people - gear automatically changed to tournament gear to ensure fairness - now only skill matter (and non-OP classes )
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  5. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    The basic one, not the S:
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  6. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    Side note: they're publisher  not developer so i don't think they can modify the game as they please.
    You have a good idea there which allow friend/guild mate see the item first before everyone else -- however, they need to reinvent the friend/guild system for that then  not just add into friendlist and you become friend or invite to guild and you become guildmate. I already suggest this before -- implement a score/contribution point for both friend and guild. You play together with that friend (grinding, chatting, etc) and doing guild quest for point and until in get to a certain point --> personal trade unlock for friend and early AH listing for guildmates. The point deduct after each transaction to ensure that the player will continue to play/contribute.
    No .. they didn't spam yet lolz  you see them here and there  but they will flood the chat after they allow free player to player trading.
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  7. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    swap both forekick/hindkick if possible then continue your way to 30
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  8. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Family Member Failstacks   

    would love this idea, just allow us to switch fail stack based on number of character = number of fail stack slot
    switching back and forth just add more stress on the server (log in, log out, log in, etc)
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  9. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Remove gear downgrade on death. Add downgrade option to blacksmith.   

    lolz, i don't think they mean to use that for failstacker  it's a tool to punish PKer i think - people just got smart and start using it for failstacking  
    I think they should keep the downgrade on neg karma and add the option to blacksmith as well.
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  10. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Update the System Requirements to include SSD   

    Well it's not that you "required" to have HDD to play so i don't think they will.
    I do agree that the game suck bad on HDD through  so they should add SSD to "Recommended"
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  11. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    Go through the list of my reply or even my thread before actually say that dude  no, i do support a lot of suggestion but i won't support those i think will be bad for the game (such as this one). And I actually elaborate each of my reply on why i don't think this is a good idea.
    If you want to counter my view, go ahead, i will read it carefully and see if your point make sense.
    So your view is, even if the game become 100% pearl trade only, it is good? i really have nothing else to talk to you if you think it that way  
    The problem is not "if people want to sell their items for pearl" more like everyone will sell their item for pearl and none will even post it on the market anymore.
    Sure, i understand people still enjoy the game without value pack, but it wont be fun for free-to-play player anymore since they can't get their end game gear on the market anymore and need to find it themselves since no one going to put it on the AH anymore.
    Yup, it won't even affect me if this change actually got implemented since i'm one of the pay to play player, but i'm 100% sure it will broke the game "badly".
    Before you counter my view, think about it and actually give me your counter opinion and not just "let them be" (and lets me know your one of "many way" please)
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  12. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Increase exp for Group play = improve the game   

    Don't even understand why this is not in place, group radius is way too small to make up for the penalty exp, the only way to make group viable and still keep room for other people (so not 1 group occupy the entire farm area) is:
    increase exp / person in groupmob health / drop rate increase based on number of group member (drop rate raise is already increased i think, hidden buff - since i notice way more drop when i grind with my friends) - so people won't finish their rotation too fast but still got enough exp to compensate for the slower finish rateThis is 2017 already and fixed mob HP is too old lolz ... make it scale with amount of people ... will fix the lack of "good" grind area problem
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  13. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    not much of a fan of the new skin  pure white t8 default skin is still best for me lolz
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  14. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    You two are kidding right?
    So now the game 100% turn into who got money = got the item? (aka pay to win 100% and not just partial like now) screw the peasant, hail to the whale lolz 
    You got silver in the game? not enough, need cash too for this item, that item (don't even try to say that people will still sell their stuff for "just" silver - nope, wont ever happen)
    Silver = useless, pearl become real currency ... think before you voice your idea please lolz
    Side note: the game actually have monthly subscription already -- aka value pack (without it, you basically become disabled since you are not making much profit aka market, lost some weight, lose from slots, no more dye for you, etc lolz)
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  15. Nguyen Ken added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    nope, this will just open another aspect of pearl trading --> WTB> Dandelion Weapon, will gift pearl afterward
    Yes the current system already have this happen but it's still RNG (you're not 100% get the item --> pearl transaction might not happen)
    With the trade system in place, pearl trading will be 100% happen
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