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  1. Soulshox added a post in a topic Best Shotcalling Class?   

    Basically anything that stays alive and also stack DP. Zerker is great because even with Dp stacking they are useful for CC. However frontliners can be a problem with taking the brunt of a damage volley from other guilds. This is actually a tough question for this specific game.
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  2. Soulshox added a post in a topic fastest grinding class after awakening   

    Fastest is ranger probaly but for best farmer i would say beserker. The reason being is that they won't glug mana pots like crazy and have a better sustain so over all you going a little slower but making much more in terms net profit.
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  3. Soulshox added a post in a topic Lords of the Dead <LotD> Recruiting for PVP   

    We also know where all the legendary Pokemon are
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  4. Soulshox added a post in a topic Coming back in, best use of 63m gold (PvE focused)?   

    NOOOOOOOOOO. should not have used 40 fail stacks for the liverto +15. Shoul have switched to a diffrent character and redoen them. With +40 you could have used it to TRI you liverto.
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  5. Soulshox added a post in a topic Dark flame and Multiple Magic Arrow balance   

    Just because they use magic doesn't mean they are comparable. Wizard/witch would be more like a ranger then anyhting else. Your comparing a melee assasin with a ranged AoEr.
    MMA has a shorter range then other wizard spells. You need to be at least medium range, this can make you vunerable. Also MMA drains a huge amount of MP, on top of that the durability burn on weapons is extremly high.
    Personally i use MMA if they are knocked down or just to finish them off on low health quickly.
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  6. Soulshox added a post in a topic Lords of the Dead <LotD> Recruiting for PVP   

    Look at that sexy guy 2nd in from the right. ;D
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  7. Soulshox added a post in a topic Orwen Flex Battleships confirmed   

    Enjoyable video! The desync is real though!
    All we here is a lot of barking from Edan players with no actual proof of any type of PVP happening.
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  8. Soulshox added a post in a topic Witch Awakening   

    The only class with male and female to have the same skill set is witch and wizard. The Blader and Plum, ninja/Kunochi have a few different skills and play slighty differently to each other.
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  9. Soulshox added a post in a topic Edan Nodewars fights already getting smaller & less fun.   

    The community PVP guilds on Orwen are still going strong and battles are still huge.
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  10. Soulshox added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    Honestly my solution sugestion is that if that person is killed again and again within a small period of time the person will have the node spawn greyed out and will have to spawn in the town or will have to spawn further away.
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  11. Soulshox added a post in a topic Horse Wizard combat music exchange   

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  12. Soulshox added a post in a topic Elephants in open PVP   

    Probaly didn't have elephant armor
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  13. Soulshox added a post in a topic Speed up boats for Whale Hunting   

    Is Orwen the only place where pvp happens on the hunts? Cos pull that boat hopping shit there will get your dead body left in the middle of the water.
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  14. Soulshox added a post in a topic Get it in your head that this is a PvE game   

    This is PVX game. How Mmos used to be where everything was intertwined where 1 set of gear was used to do everything in game from PVE to PVP.
    Unfortunatly a lot of game since have split PVP and PVE in to seperate parts within the MMOs. Going from the most popular MMO - WOW.
    However even they realised their mistake and are now intertwining it with PVE again, making it so you can use PVE gear for PVP for Legion.
    Personally my first MMO was star wars galaxies where there was no reward for PVP either but we still did it anway and the gear used was exactly the same stuff we used for PVE.
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  15. Soulshox added a post in a topic PK'ers during Blue Whale   

    Wish i did, wasn't expecting a warrior cos nobody was around. It was pretty pityful though the warrior was undergeared. He kept trying to swim to corpse and i kept killing him in the water.
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