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  1. Ashrala added a post in a topic If there would be new server would you play?   

    It's not worth starting on a fresh server for me. That would be a waste of all the knowledge I collected to build up to 475+ energy not to mention everything else that took months of work to accomplish. With the amount of attention BDO needs in order to progress it's just not worth starting over.
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  2. Ashrala added a post in a topic Am I the only one who spend over 1HR to customize Character?   

    I spent up to 6 hours making a single character when the CC first came out for CBT. So yeah, some of us take a good bit of time making toons.
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  3. Ashrala added a post in a topic So when do we get this? (PvE)   

    A guild boss with actual work put into it? Really?! Ok, now this is something I'll be looking forward to rather then the lame smack around ones, finally! I really wanted see some harder big bosses put into the game that require effort to take out.
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  4. Ashrala added a post in a topic Is there a "Best Server" to play on?   

    There are only two servers, one for the US and one for EU. The Oliva channels on the servers are the most populated when they are opened for an EXP boost event. It is open for new or returning players and the exp boost lasts until level 56.
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  5. Ashrala added a post in a topic Can't package dried saurel?   

    The Fish Factories for packaged dried saurel are in Oliva, Loggia Farm, Heidel, and Velia.
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  6. Ashrala added a post in a topic Whats on your block list?   

    All I have are the Scammers and Spammers on my block list.
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  7. Ashrala added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Whelp I can tell anyone since I don't really enjoy playing a Witch/Wizard I won't be rerolling one. Don't care how OP they currently are.
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  8. Ashrala added a post in a topic Do you feel salty?   

    In my opinion, as long as it took to make the trading ship, it was a fair trade (see what I did there) for it considering it was made to be repairable and a one time craft deal so we wouldn't have to struggle to make it many times over. I can see this new combat ship taking even longer to make, but it weather it will be repairable or not remains to be seen since it is going to be primarily for combat usage.
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  9. Ashrala added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    Ugh, you realize I already know all of this right?
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  10. Ashrala added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    I was on edge when only the Dark Knight was released. Up until then they were always releasing a male and female class.
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  11. Ashrala added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    True, but it's still not an "all" on female new releases.
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  12. Ashrala added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    Well, if this info is accurate at least I won't have the fear of BDO catering to new all female locked only classes like Tera thank god.
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  13. Ashrala added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    Another way around this is if you have cloud sharing, though I've only tested it on DropBox so far. Check the "share screenshots using DropBox" in settings>preferences. Hit shift+print screen on your keyboard and bam. No watermark. Only difference will be is that the files will now be saved to DropBox and not the BDO screenshot folder. The sad part is that if you want the full shot you'll have to go into full screen mode. Doing this in windowed mode it will still have the window rim around the screenshot.

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  14. Ashrala added a post in a topic My game is downloading.   

    Also when in game press Esc and the tabs for other help are also there. Remember google is your friend. Advice is to have a LOT of patience, this game has a large learning curve. Good luck and enjoy the game!
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  15. Ashrala added a post in a topic How to turn these lines and circles off?   

    Quite alright. I noticed all the spam last night so I figured what had happened. Thank you.
    Found it thanks. I figured out what had happened. The game decided to reset the UI on me so I had one hell of a time finding it again after I had to move everything around to were I liked it. Really wish that would get fixed.
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