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  1. Yaeroz added a post in a topic <Payne> Casual | International | PvX | Baby Dinosaurs.. Wait wut..?! | Discord   

    He's still around Taking it casual this time though
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  2. Yaeroz added a topic in European Guild   

    <Payne> Casual | International | PvX | Baby Dinosaurs.. Wait wut..?! | Discord
    When you try 100 guild names.. Everything is a good guild name.. *Sighs*
    Something about us:
    First of all, let's get something out of the way. We weren't joking about those baby dinosaurs. Now for the serious part.. We started out as a Dutch guild on Jordine in the beginning of Black Desert. Got quite some members and even did some Node Wars! Then... It happened.. The great Depression.. It was like some kind of curse came to the world of Black Desert Online.. Rumors were starting to catch our ears, rumors of... Ah wait, this was supposed to be serious.. My bad! Back on track! 
    The core of the guild is made out of a tight bunch of in real life friends who wanted to make a community. First we took the Dutch guild path, worked quite well but it was a hard path. This time we're going International. We are taking a casual look at the game and hope to find like-minded people who are willing to share their game time and experience to make the game a lot more fun for all of us. We're an amusing bunch of people with a desire to expand and open our own borders to new persons.
    What do we offer:
    Let's make a list! Everybody seems to love those things!
    An open and friendly community No pressureFuture plans on Node Wars (Depending on expansion) Vast experience in the MMOgenreActivity based Guild WagesDid i mention a friendly community already?We also have a boat! 
    Requirements of joining:
    Yup.. Another list. 
    AP/DP > 300+18+Discord (Speaking isn't required but is encouraged)Not being a total -----Have fun at playing Black Desert Online 
    What are we looking for:
    We're not really that demanding. Since we are planning on being a casual guild we won't be having a very high standard for the people joining. We are however looking for people who are willing to support the guild in matters of activity. Helping out with guild quests for example is one of those. We won't be forcing people but this is of course a major plus. 
    We don't really have any other requirements except those mentioned above. Life-skillers (Valkryies), Pvpers, PvEers, AFKfishers and so on are all welcome. With future node wars in mind, we are however are inclined to inform the people who are willing to join us that we do want to see progress. 
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  3. Yaeroz added a post in a topic No character slot with new class release?   

    Why would they give us a free character slot just because they are releasing a new class? I mean.. Do you think you DESERVE one or something? It's not like you only have 1 char slot on your whole account.. Geez... 
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  4. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    Just a small addition... IRON is not a new guild.. They have A HUGE amount of exp in dealing with Sieges and PvP. Same goes with SoulSlayers... Like the others already said, it's more important to grind at the moment than to PvP since levels do have an advantage. 
    If you couldn't get pass 2 days inside the IRON community then i'm sorry for you but it seems you didn't fit in then. GL with finding something else.
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  5. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    To the top we go! 
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  6. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    Come on guys! We won't bite! ... Allright.. I lied... We do bite.. We won't if you join!
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  7. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    Here's a shameless bump from me! Looking forward to new members! 
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  8. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    Quoted for Truth... Damn..
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  9. Yaeroz added a post in a topic Nederlandse facebook pagina Black Desert   

    Hier een kleine bump voor de NL/BE mensen 
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  10. Yaeroz added a post in a topic IRON Guild Recruitment - Jordine Server   

    IRON P2W Confirmed.
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