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  1. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Reversed Proxy Channels (Lag Quick Fix!)   

    Yeah lol. Balenos 1 nodewar is so bad. Idk why they made it a proxy channel.
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  2. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Reversed Proxy Channels (Lag Quick Fix!)
    There was an older forum post that told us which channels were reversed proxy channels. However the post was long forgotten and new players are now lagging without knowing about the reverse proxy channels. You will either not lag at all or lag very bad in these channels. B1, S3, S5, M3, M5, C3, C5, Val3, and Val5 are the ones that I know of. If you lag in these channels move to a different channel and it should fix it. Vice Versa. Please let everyone who lags know this so they can fix it. Thanks!
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  3. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Item that there is no information on anywhere
    Has anyone used this Round Head Coral for anything? It says that it can be processed into something. There are a couple of grayed out process icons. Maybe it is for the future? Have no idea....

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  4. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    yeaaaah! you the man!
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  5. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Dark Knight Skill Build   

    Dark knights haev some skills that give 100% crit chance so it is better to stack attack speed until you can max attack speed without using your gloves.
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  6. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    Just duel for spot and if someone loses then tht person should just leave. THe problem in NA is that people don't abid by this rule and it causes everyone to complain and grief. If you duel and lose move on. Doesn't matter if you got their first or not.
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  7. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

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  8. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Here are the prizes:
    Most Popular NPC:
    Prize: L’elisir d’amore Furniture Set & Special Title
    Second Most Popular NPC:
    Prize: Heidel Masquerade Costume Set & Special Title
    Third Most Popular NPC:
    Prize: Ribbon Cat + Special Title
    Least Popular NPC:
    Prize: Contract: L’elisir d’amore Bed + Special Title
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  9. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Connection to the game server lost... constantly   

    Same. Whenever i switch characters or change channels I disconnect.
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  10. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Polar Bear Question(I know that it reduces fishing time)
    I jsut want to ask if anyone who has a polar bear can tell me what the passive of a polar bear is please? By passive, I mean the skill that is listed to the left of your other pet skills that you get from exchanging. Also I have some free guest passes if any one wants to try out the game. Thanks! and happy holidays!
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  11. luongrobert4 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Free Guess passes for new players!
    Hey I have 8 guess passes and I want to share them with everyone to make this great game greater! Also I want to reap the rewards of giving out guess passes XD. anyways message me if you are interested and message me in the game to grind together with my newer characters! My name is TsunadeSenpai and family name is Konoha. See you in the game!
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  12. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    I'm giving out free guest passes.
    PM me I had 9 codes available. If you want to play join the Olvia servers since only beginners and returning players can play. It is the best way to level up and learn. Thanks and ahve some fun!
    I have 8 codes left.
    Bump only 8 codes left.
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  13. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Sorceress HP nerfed not mentioned
    I logged in onto my sorceress and noticed that i lost 50 hp. They need to mentioned the nerfs serious.
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  14. luongrobert4 added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    Do you need a Kzarka weapon to get your awakening in Korea?
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  15. luongrobert4 added a topic in General   

    Do I lose tiles and wallpaper if I remove them but not change residence?
    Will I lose tiles or wallpaper in my house if I take them out even though I will not be moving residence? The description is unclear to me. It says that you lose when WHEN you change residences. I'm not sure ty.
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