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  1. Keg added a post in a topic Daum take a look at the facts ...   

    and make the people who spent money already (most of current player base) resentful? Brilliant!
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  2. Keg added a post in a topic Found out what the bug is for Musa AP/DP   

    certain abilities will strip it dura off your offhand, I'm pretty sure will of the wind strips dagger just like Dream of doom strips talisman on sorc
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  3. Keg added a post in a topic Musa Awakening Costume   

    They do have some good looking armor sets, but taritas/grunil are the worst looking ones, and the only decent sets stat-wise for Musa.
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  4. Keg added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Just my experience from KR/RU fantasies of already being sub-par on another region, and then being a pile of smoking poop on NA.
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  5. Keg added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    AP/DP still bugged, still no I-frames and no word from devs for 2 weeks since release. All we have gotten is the standard "we'll tell them about it"
    Feel free to add your salt to my already coalescing pile here.
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  6. Keg added a post in a topic Found out what the bug is for Musa AP/DP   

    I'm pretty sure you only lose weapon durability when you actually use the weapon, ergo unless you are using your bow as much as your blade (in which case, you are a moron) your blade will decrease in durability MUCH faster than your hornbow, and your armor decreases in durability when you sustain damage. Other classes that use their offhands quite a bit like valk/warrior might decrease at a more equal pace.
    OP is putting 2+2 together and getting 5, while I do agree that at least the DP on Musa is bugged, this is definitely not the reason or correlation.
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  7. Keg added a topic in Musa   

    Tomorrow marks 2 full week with no patch/fixes
    Blader still has bugged AP and DP, terrible balance changes and no word from the CM(s) except "we're gonna tell dad"
    Just making my salt known, this is the kind of thing that drives even the most hardcore of players away from your game.
    2 weeks with no fixes or even communication on the issue from the devs is kind of a joke.
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  8. Keg added a post in a topic Bow skills worth investment?   

    Stub arrow is really the only way to safely start a cc chain right now, considering how dangerous it is to start one with our I-frame gimp, it was good before the nerf anyways. Charged stub is along the same lines and the 2nd upgrade gives you an I-frame while holding the charge. Evasive shot is okay to put 1 point into, but you don't gain a terribly huge amount of dmg or cooldown to make the point investment justified. Grapple arrow is just an awkward skill, go use it and you will see what I mean, not to mention how incredibly dangerous it is for you to just throw yourself at the enemies face with no defense, it's also slower than just using a dragons bite cancel to get where you're going.
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  9. Keg added a post in a topic Advice for a new Musa   

    My best advice: Don't play Musa.
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  10. Keg added a post in a topic Bow skills worth investment?   

    Stub arrow triple shot and charged stub are worth investing, the other 2 are complete garbo.
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  11. Keg added a post in a topic Request: post a pvp video   

    "Dark flame is balanced bruh u just gotta git gud"
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  12. Keg added a post in a topic So you thought you were good at the Dragon Bite animation cancel? Think Again :D   

    Yes, because nerfing a class that was already sub-par in KR even more is just...-----ing fantastic.
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  13. Keg added a post in a topic So you thought you were good at the Dragon Bite animation cancel? Think Again :D   

    LOL it's not a macro, dragon's bite is simply a faster animation in Korea, go get yourself 100% Black spirit rage, then use absorbtion, you will find that you can do the db cancel exactly like this for 60s, it's just another chapter in the long range of ubernerfs we got from the KR version of musa.
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  14. Keg added a post in a topic Is the Musa GOOD!?:   

    Maewha is equally boned, even more so in my opinion right now.
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  15. Keg added a post in a topic Can we get a answer from any CM/dev   

    I messaged all the CM's the day it was released to ask why Daum pooped on Musa so hard (with better phrasing)  still no reply, was hoping for a hotfix on the 28th but no such luck. Best we can hope is that awakening comes out soon so we can spin to win everywhere.
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