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  1. Loken added a post in a topic why is something like this allowed to happen anyone and why the hell did you release the game if you knew its that bad?   

    good Question...my gear on my char is ready again....my Motivation to play not😅😄
    But maybe in 1-2 Weeks....
    Heard u going to sell account ?
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  2. Loken added a post in a topic why is something like this allowed to happen anyone and why the hell did you release the game if you knew its that bad?   

    He Bro hope u still remember me 😁
    Just saw your thread and thats the first time i post and read the Forum since i destroyed all my gear and sold the Rest of it, so this post is only for you and i hope u will read it ❤😉
    Just wanted to say that u should not give up with stupid enchanting in that game because thats what let me quit and rage enchant everything....We both know how Lucky your Account is compared to other 😄
    So yea keep going, it will work at some point for sure....dont let the RNG get u down^^
    And i have a last special for you because of our good old times 😅

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  3. Loken added a post in a topic New Blader PvP Video =)   

    oh i used both....i always try to open Combat with Stub Arrow, most of the time with Chraged Stub Arrow. But i like to use Divider in Combo^^
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  4. Loken added a post in a topic New Blader PvP Video =)   

    its not because of damage its the cc....the Knockback from it is like a mini stun because enemy sits in Animation and cant do anything =)
    Good to Interuot Wizzard Heal^^
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  5. Loken added a topic in PVP   

    [Video] Blader vs Wizzard
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  6. Loken added a topic in Musa   

    New Blader PvP Video =)
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  7. Loken added a post in a topic the first OP weapon in the game on jordine   

    haha i saw it and had to laugh xDDDDD
    But never talked about catching to +19....just that +18 is easy to make for all Player currently compared to old KR system
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  8. Loken added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    But it was 8th try on it and with 81fs....so around 20%+ succed Chance.
    Its high but its ,,only'' 8 AP more than +18 what sounds high now but wont be in a few weeks.
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  9. Loken added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    Ah Amulett Die
    Its +16 but i use my Sorc only for Wb now^^
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  10. Loken added a post in a topic Gear Difference-Daum how will people ever catch up?   

    Here is your Answer http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/99103-important-pls-read-when-u-dont-like-16-and-higher-enchant/
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  11. Loken added a topic in General   

    IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant
    Hello everyone, iam Loken.
    What i want to talk about is a controversial Topic at the Moment on the Forums. Its about the Ability the Enchant your gear to +16/17/18/19/20.
    First of all about me.
    I started playing BDO at 16.12.2014 when the KR OBT started and stayed in the Game until now so over 1,5 Years now.
    I'am counting myselfe to one of the ,,Hardcore'' Players in this Game if u want to call it like that 
    Ok so yea i saw a lot of Posts about the new Enchant System and how it will ruin this Game in total because the Cap between ,,casual'' and ,,Hardcore'' Player will be even more.
    BUT this statement is totaly wrong. True some ppl like me prepared for Valencia and the new Enchant System for weeks now and some ppl had like 0 shards at all this Week.
    I can tell all of you this will change nothing in total because Daum made it so super easy to get your Gear up to +17/18. The new system where u can downgrade by trying to up your Gear to +17 is insane for casual Player. Back in the Days in KR we downgraded to +15 and lost all that AP and DP because we failed +17/18 and had to start again......belive me it was a Pain in the Ass^^. Also the New Content ( Valencia ) is super easy and made for our casual Version of the Game. I mean u can go into Val with full +15/16 gear and kill the Mobs easyly without using tons of Potion if u know how to play your class. In KR the Minimum requirments to go Valencia were like 170+ AP and 225+ DP and with that stats u were super low in Grinding and inefficient.
    Ok some ppl will say now : ,,But i fail all my Gear and have no Stones / Time / money to get +17/18 and all the Hardcore ppl will have full +19 soon and i will never catch up again'' 
    I can say that +18 is atm in your Version like +15 for the last Months because its so easy to get +18 for us. It just takes a bit time for gathering to get the Shards back to try again. But in like 3-4 Weeks most of the Hardcore and Casual Player will have their +18 belive me....
    To give a short example : We had ppl in our Guild like me with over 200 Upgrading Stones ready this Week and also some ppl with 20-30 Stones in total.
    Now iam down to 30 Armor and 9 Weapon stones and still siting on ,,just'' +18 Gear after 6x TeT (+19) Fails. At the other Side the ppl with the low amount of Stones also have like +18 Weapon and 1-3 Armor Parts on +18 if there were not super unlucky with RNG. What i want to say with this is that +18 isnt hard but +19 is it. So ppl who say all the Whales will have +19 easy are totaly wrong. We have 1 Person in our Guild with Mainhand and offhand at +19 and thats it. And our Guild is one of the TOP 3 Hardcore Guilds on Jordine Eu Server.
    At the End its all RNG with upgrading but +18 is not that hard to get like most of the ppl think....so just keep going for 3-5 Weeks and u will see that everyone has his +18 Gear.
    Pls notice that my Mainlanguage isnt English, so iam sry for all the Grammatic Mistakes.
    And also iam not that kind of Forum Warrior who reads all comments and answers all Question, iam sry for that 
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  12. Loken added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    he used 57 on Mainhand but with Cron stones x2 and also his offhand with cron stones and around 40 something fails.....
    SO yes super lucky.
    I tried +19 now 5x and ended up here.

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  13. Loken added a post in a topic Enchantment Findings Megathread - Post your failstacks & successes here!   

    thats my Guildmate...and its less DP because of Bheg Gloves
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  14. Loken added a post in a topic Artison's Memory   

    its same in KR yea. like i keeped all my Liverto Bundels i got last week and just had like 8k Loylty to spend....so yea
    1 Liverto + 1 Artisan = 30 Durability Repair.
    But only worth to do it if u have Liverto
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  15. Loken added a post in a topic Artison's Memory   

    i use it on my Livertos to repair Durability....if u use it there u get 30 Durability back instead of 10.....for me its worth
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