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  1. Dary added a topic in General   

    Coming back? What do I need to know? What have change?
    I was on during launch and dropped after the pirate update (didn't got to play it either) and I'm planning on coming back, what do I need to know? what have change?
    I want a quick bullet point summary of the most important changes to not be lost and the new DLCs. I'll them google anyone separate or ask directly. 
    Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer
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  2. Dary added a post in a topic <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX]   

    Lets go people, lets kick some pirates ass.
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  3. Dary added a post in a topic <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX]   

    Thats right, last time we ran out of spots and a lot of people were left out
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  4. Dary added a topic in US Guild   

    <Serendia> [Edan] [PvX]

    Guild Name: Serendia
    Guild Master: Dary
    Website: http://serendia.org/
    Region: North America
    Server: Edan
    Focus: Read Description
    VoIP: Discord
    Timezone: We are from all around the world, so no matter at what time you get online you will always find someone to do some quest with.

    Serendia, A guild created prior to Conqueror Launch that started as a simple chat to discuss some game related matters without the annoying trolls around the forum at the time. Our goal: Conquer Serendia, Eradicate Calpheon, Protect the weak, and Assimilate or Exterminate the Strong.

    Currently, We seek like-minded individuals; people who don’t take things to heart and can share a laugh, but know when its time to get down.

    Recruiting players, Green or Experienced, as to progress together. All walks of life accepted, be you a Farmer, a Tamer, a Miner, or a Trader, it does not matter. Want to focus on your life skills? No problems, we do Gathering Quests. Want to focus on PvE? No problem, We do subjugations and bosses as well.

    Age: 18+ 

    Be Respectful 

    Be Active in Game and in the official forum, if have to leave for some time make sure to let officers know.

    Participate in forum event and in game activities.

    To apply you must register at our official forum and clicking HERE to create a new post using the "Recruitment Template " found in this same section.

    • 52 replies
  5. Dary added a topic in PVE   

    What world bosses NA?
    My questions is, what world bosses do we currently have in our version and where are they?
    I really don't get all this world bosses topics but would love to get into that.
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  6. Dary added a post in a topic Please Set Days for Maintenance   

    Is every Wednesdays but expect some emergency to fix new errors. Especially now that the game just launch.
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  7. Dary added a post in a topic Unable to buy Saddle (unhelpful messaging)   

    You need to know about serendia adventure journal 2. Click "H" and look for it.
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  8. Dary added a post in a topic Herman Feresio, Calpheon Chairman   

    what trade level do you have?
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  9. Dary added a post in a topic Herman Feresio, Calpheon Chairman   

    I know, but he just doesn't give me any option. 
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  10. Dary added a post in a topic Herman Feresio, Calpheon Chairman   

    But when I talk to him nothing happens. is there another easy option? at the end they are 9 points
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  11. Dary added a post in a topic Herman Feresio, Calpheon Chairman   

    Missing two more including the mysterious man, any help?
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  12. Dary added a topic in General   

    Guild quests always expired?
    Every time I accept a guild quest and kill any mobs asked it doesn't counter up and says that the quests is expired even tho I still have plenty of time. Why is this happening? and how can I fixed it?
    NVM, Fixed!
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  13. Dary added a post in a topic Classes are just a little bit unbalanced??   

    Quit warrior, play wizard. 
    If you ever try ranger or sorceress I can imagine your next post already
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  14. Dary added a post in a topic Where to start?   

    If you go and look a grinding guide online they will take you level by level to what basically the game questing system takes you. Specially the black spirit, you just need to decide which mobs do you think is better for your play style. 
    Personally I try a combination of both. follow the quest and when I find a good spot to grind I stay there a few level, when they don't see to fit I keep questing until a better one comes. 
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  15. Dary added a post in a topic Need suggestions for a guild event!   

    A quest, the person that contributes the most, win
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