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  1. ToasterLady added a post in a topic (ง'̀-'́)ง fan(t)-art-astic thread??   

    Awwh those fine lines. They remind me so much of my old art style. uEEEEp
    I really like the flat/simple chibi one especially. Really stands out *o*
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  2. ToasterLady added a post in a topic [Request] Recreate this template please   

    This is a Musa. I was interested in this before the class came out to NA and attempted to recreate it once they did come out. ahghgshghs No luck. Would really appreciate it if someone here would be able to recreate this as well.
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  3. ToasterLady added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    Thank you so MUCH
    It's so darn cute I want to cri
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  4. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Still not getting seals. Guess no hawk for me :L
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  5. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Nope... none on my first character :L
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  6. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    For some reason, I'm not getting seals for each day. I even try to wait out for 24 hours in between. Out of three days I've logged in, I only got 1 out of the three seals.
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  7. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Same. Really mad at myself :L
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  8. ToasterLady added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    I'm allergic to apples :^(

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  9. ToasterLady added a post in a topic It sure would be cool if I could give you guys some money...   

    What I did was send money to a frienderino using my card on PP. Then they'd send it back to me and I get to buy p34rls with my Paypal balance.
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  10. ToasterLady added a post in a topic GTX 960 or R9 380   

    Both GPUs are really nice. But I'd say you should go for the 960. Like what Uberhaupt said, AMD runs into a lot of problems. I once installed a new update for AMD catalyst and it basically screwed up my GPU entirely. Would constantly freeze and crash.
    The R9 runs BDO at 40 fps max for high settings and 1080p. At medium, I get 60 fps. The 970 and r9 comes really close in performance, so I wouldn't expect much of a difference between the two.
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  11. ToasterLady added a post in a topic 10% Exp set bonus from Outfits.   

    Always been punching myself over this.
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  12. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Please Disable Female Colors for Male Characters   

    Colors have genders.
    They have feelings too.
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  13. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Does anyone else play with natural looking characters?   

    no, I play this game 2 l00k like a korean pop star
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  14. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    oh my potato chips plz mrry me
    im big fan
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  15. ToasterLady added a post in a topic Anybody have a Guest Pass   

    People do get responses in that thread. Via PM.
    Regardless, just because you post asking for a guest pass doesn't mean you're guaranteed one. And its exactly what IdolPlaidMaster said. People don't get these passes for free. They were paid for as a part of our package when buying BDO- which we are limited to only one or two. Of course we'd be mad at new users making accounts on the forums just to ask for guest passes. This happens on a daily basis. These people don't even bother to look for the thread Mari linked to. They simply post in almost any section with "plz giv pass bdo cool."
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