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  1. GameCypher added a post in a topic is there any place near altinova for farming tough hide ?   

    The map lists all the spots
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  2. GameCypher added a post in a topic is there any place near altinova for farming tough hide ?   

    http://www.somethinglovely.net/bdo/ Might help.....
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  3. GameCypher added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    Remove pearl items from MP and just let us buy them from vendor would stop all the pay to win i mean pay for convince crap and keep people for raging at the broken gamble system in the MP or find a way to let us earn the damn outfits of course it will never happen due to the amount of money they make off of them prices are out of control imo i have never played a game this expensive so add lower prices to the list since its damn near impossible to get pearl items off MP. 
    Um lets see fix server lag by adding more servers ever since the merge its been twice as bad since were in never never land lets fix the game engine the popups are terrible not to mention the memory leaks. i am sure there is far more things that need to be done but this is at top of my fantasy list lol keep dreaming guys i like this thread!
    Edit: Oh........ Oh i almost forgot let us share our costumes on other characters and give us free storage space or let us earn more slots in game that and inventory space and remove weight limit sick of buying this for every character i make! well its fun to wish for something i like to pretend this game will get better makes me feel better about the amount of money i spent!
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  4. GameCypher added a post in a topic Unable to play due to disconnects.   

    Your statement made me realize something the state of the game is so bad that knowing that you are not alone with a game that wont start or run really poorly when it does actually run just knowing others have the same problem brings joy in some strange way i never thought about it like this before interesting.
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  5. GameCypher added a post in a topic True Fix to All BDO Game Crashes N Lock-Ups   

    I will admit had i not spent a dime in this game and knew it was going to be like this i would never come back i wont lie i feel obligated to play due to the shear amount of money spent you pretty much nailed it with that!
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  6. GameCypher added a post in a topic True Fix to All BDO Game Crashes N Lock-Ups   

    Well i do not think the game will be fixed i mean they just give us patches that they say they have no idea whats in them most of the time because Pearl Abyss does not communicate with them very well from my understanding is they really do not care as long as Daum or i guess they go by Kakao Games now keeps sending them piles of money i mean they are just a middle man from what i gathered and to even get certain stuff in the game they have to have a conference with them to cover issues heck i don't even think they divulged most if any of the hidden game mechanics. but hey I'm just a gamer what do I know I mean heck they could all be false claims I read online all i know is the game still runs poorly from memory leaks to popups and low fps with laggy servers you really have to love this game to put up with some of the stuff that goes on here that is my 2 cents,
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  7. GameCypher added a post in a topic Cant log in to game !   

    Getting same crap never happened before like i said in another thread and i have had the game since cbt1 something is really F***KED UP!
    Found a fix for the time being or it works for me on the launcher goto the gear top right under display mode it would not load for me on "Fullwindowed" I switched it and it loads now but still the game needs a lot of work i mean the lag is terrible and i still get popups since day 1 nothing has changed every setting on max anyways hope it helps if yours is not on Fullwindowed just try changing it and click save good luck!
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  8. GameCypher added a post in a topic Unplayable After Patch   

    I cant even get into the game i login fine but when it loads its all white screen a freezes my PC this has never happened before in the history of owning the game since the cbt1. Obviously the update screwed something up! 

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  9. GameCypher added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    They did it to us again i burnt all my boxes and guess what the event did not end thanks for the great -----ing communication!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. GameCypher added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    you have got to be kidding me i got 5 cron stones in a row off of the 6 boxes i had and one hard black crystal this time what a waste of time and hopes went down the crapper of getting something decent 5 in a row nice RnG just perfect so stupid not sure why i even cared about this event obviously rigged to not get anything good yeah im salty as hell yes it was free but still salty when ya get 5 cron stones out of 6 boxes FFS
    Forgot to add that i think the Lavientias Event is probably the worst event i have seen so far added into the game and i hope it does not return. On the other hand i loved the black spirit adventure board game i hope to see that again lots of fun!
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  11. GameCypher added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Exactly right i only have 17 ancient pearls right now and it ends at maintenance looks like i wont be getting a good box.
    Shiny Box
    100x Rings100x Silver Powder10x Big Diamond40x Ancient Pearls
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  12. GameCypher added a post in a topic Player Base   

    lmfao ahahahahahaha
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  13. GameCypher added a post in a topic Patch Notes   

    Settle down its easy to miss stuff posted in the forum its not very well laid out imo and some times people miss posts like above.
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  14. GameCypher added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I would say yes a lot of people have quit due to the extreme RnG but its kind of like taking your paycheck going to the casino and losing it all in one night. First thought is oh crap all my money is gone then ya beat yourself up for gambling then you say to your self i will never ever do that again ya go home depressed and ashamed of yourself.
    Well people like that are also prone to returning to that casino if they were not thrown out and banned from throwing a chair at the dealer smashing or kicking over stuff or acting insane yelling that you will kill everyone there this is called gambling addiction it is a real habit and can be found in many games these days this one happened to be very hardcore.
    I will say i have seen may people cry that they are leaving and not going to come back ever give them a few months and then we will see them again. Even big twitch and youtube cry baby's and i won't say who but i seen them do this 4 times now and he has thousands of subs lol. Anyway this is just my take on the RnG quitters there is some times the one that is new to the game that quits and does not return but its kind of rare it just depends on the person i guess.
    What i have done when i lost everything is i pretend i never had it in the first place yeah crazy right i trick my self into thinking i have lost nothing and then i pour my self a strong drink most likely 151 proof whiskey or vodka maybe grab a smoke outside come back in and relax cause at the end of the day it is a game and games are not meant to make you depressed and if you are then maybe its time to take a break and find something you enjoy then come back to the game in a few months and i promise you will enjoy the game again like you did before the bad luck.
    So in short my opinion is that yes they quit and most return after a break from the game, another reason they come back is the game is always evolving with new stuff to do unless of course you play in Korea anyways that is my take on it.
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  15. GameCypher added a post in a topic Is BDO P2W?   

    Is it pay to win you ask simple answer is YES it is and i will say that you will run into many of people here on twitch or even in the game that will say otherwise. This is mostly due to protecting the game from negative comments.
    I am a huge supporter of this game i do not like pay to win games EVER, i have made an exception for this game due to the amount of money i dumped into the game before it was pay to win I have decided to continue my quest. But it is also in part of this being the best MMO i have played since Diablo 2 which i was a huge fan of just like this game.
    Normally i would have cursed the developers and made sure everyone knew they broke there promise after dumping hundreds of dollars into the game i might have even oh never mind don't want to give all my bad habits away. Not to mention the sheer amount of game time logged would have been devastating to just turn my back on.
    In short yes it is pay to win do i like it NO will i continue to play BDO yes of course i will yup you bet why you may ask cause i just do not CARE ANYMORE! there is no point in crying about what has happened it is what it is and can not be brought back to what it was, its like they say there is no use in crying over spilt milk hope i answered your question.
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