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  1. ghaz added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    So it's closer to real life if you kill someone. Except you get out over time, always.
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  2. ghaz added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Ruined Me   

    I know after Guild Wars and this, I can never go back to a tab targeting system.
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  3. ghaz added a post in a topic Costume coupon   

    Remember when we thought this was going to be our B2P haven? 

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  4. ghaz added a post in a topic Maehwa should get her awakening along with Warrior on Aug 31st   

    Agreed. Previously, the devs said they were holding back on releasing the awakenings individually because they wanted to ensure balance. Apparently not since now with their new managers, overlords, they want shit pumped out before it's ready I wager. Now they're going to push imbalance with giving particular classes their awakenings while other classes have to struggle. 
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  5. ghaz added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    We get it. Something happens and you guys shout that the game is dying.
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  6. ghaz added a post in a topic Got 2x Kamasville, which one works ?   

    Can't speak for either about drop rates but the second one that we obtained via mail is the one that gives +2 energy per cycle. The one we obtained through the daily log in does neither I believe.
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  7. ghaz added a post in a topic Does KaKao Gaming LISTEN to the players?   

    Orwen server has just as many people as I normally see. Less trolls maybe, more people demanding items on the shop. Not sure which is worse, frankly.

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  8. ghaz added a post in a topic Elsh weapons anyone?   

    Yeah. You can just jam an absorption (+1hp on attack) into a weapon slot (or two, get +2hp back). I have +2 on my warrior since I don't play him offensively anymore. Dudes a pain in the ass to kill. There are plenty of better weapon choices out there.
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  9. ghaz added a post in a topic Fishing Boats Need To Die a Slow Death...   

    for starters, it creates lag. Same thing with the mass amount of horses sitting there in towns. After time, I believe the boats should require maintenance, or put back into the nearest storage location. The boat would have to be within X amount of distance for it to work, that way players just don't leave their boats all over the ocean thinking they're going to go back into storage as well as say, I log out for a few days, boat is docked at an island and it auto stores at a nearby location, leaving me stranded. It's a pain in the ass seeing all these boats around, not to mention its an eyesore.
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  10. ghaz added a post in a topic Lack of GM -> Player interaction   

    Ah the good old days of GMing. I used to do that in EQ1. Not only did they keep peace (mostly) but they did often times create little random events for players as well as interact with them. 
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  11. ghaz added a topic in Musa   

    Question about Rocaba
    So I'm conflicted. I've read several posts about how Musa's benefit from the Rocaba set due to its high WP and +7 evasion for a full set. I've also read that it's better to go with grunil. My problem with that is, Grunil only offers AP and HP, sure every class uses it, but a large chunk of the Musa's skills benefit from high WP. However, being what it is, as well as not being able to craft the armor, it's a pain in the ass to upgrade. I'm aware of the merchant in the city of Valencia that can give it to me if I play the gossip game. I know evasion has been nerfed, my question is, would I benefit from another set or a combination of Rocaba and another set?
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  12. ghaz added a post in a topic If game goes dead   

    The game isn't going to flat line. Relax.
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  13. ghaz added a post in a topic Did Jouska got a heart attack ?   

    Aye. They're just doing their job.
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  14. ghaz added a post in a topic Some JP Pictures Of Cash Shop Items on Market   

    If I remember correctly, the devs have also specifically stated that the pricing on other regions is different per region. Makes sense considering the US dollar is worth more than a lot of other regions in the world, meaning we will have to pay less, get less. Other regions, take Korea for example, pay more, get more. No one would pay more and get less. I've stated in several posts that I'm against the P2W aspect. But I'm also not an idiot that runs to the forums and starts spewing out nonsense. I expect the reward for selling items to be lower than what people are anticipating.
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