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  1. WoolyDub added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 3rd   

    maybe put those visual changes on hold til you get the servers sorted? please? im tired of every so often getting knocked down before the animation of the attack that would knock me down even plays. it's not too much for us to ask for stability. it's past time to fix this ish.
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  2. WoolyDub added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

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  3. WoolyDub added a topic in General   

    Question About the Screenshot Before the Login Screen
    I was wondering if anyone knew about the picture of all the core classes that you see right before the login window pops up. Is there any way to access that on our own computers? Like, is it stored client side or nah? I would love to use that as my wallpaper. Thanks for any info.
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  4. WoolyDub added a topic in General   

    Auto Frame Optimizer Question for Players and Your Thoughts About It
    I wanted to ask players about this because I never get tech answers from staff. I disabled the auto frame optimizer in the settings but every time I shut the game down it's back on automatically. Is there a way to disable it forever or do I have to shut it down manually every time I log in to the game?
    I also wanted to know everyone's opinion of it. Do you use it or not? Have you noticed any benefits of using it? Any issues with it? Thanks all.
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  5. WoolyDub added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    For the last few months I have decided to just breed T6s up to T7s. I havent been breeding the T7s. I have them sitting in stables atm because I have never gotten a T8. I'm a Professional 9 Trainer. There's no reason for me personally to try and breed my T7's right now. I am going to wait for the introduction of T9's and hope that they up the rate of getting a T8 at that point. For now, I am content to get a 50% rate of T7's from T6 breedings. Anything above 50% is gravy.
    I'm still waiting for us to get Training XP by actively training horse skills. If they did that, I would ride horses all day and actually have a reason to be at my computer while training my horses.
    Kakao/PA: Please give us more reasons as horse trainers to actively engage with the game with horses. Training skills to 100% giving trainers training XP is an easy and logical first step toward that.
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  6. WoolyDub added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Events   

    If you do the 10 Memory Fragments for 15 Blossoms you are getting 50 Memory Fragments in a 75 hour window as opposed to exchanging 25 Blossoms for 15 Memory Fragments in a 75 hour window which would only net you 45 Fragments. The higher tier actually gives less Fragments. This should be addressed.
    Exchange (x15) Cherry Blossoms for a ‘[Event] Resplendent Cherry Blossom Ornament Box' which contains all of the items below:
    Memory Fragments X10
    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor) X1
    Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) X1
    Exchange (x25) Cherry Blossoms for a '[Event] Shining Cherry Blossom Ornament Box' which contains:
    Memory Fragments X15
    [Event] Black Magic Crystal Bundle X1
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  7. WoolyDub added a topic in Suggestions   

    Marketplace Registration and Sorting Suggestions
    I have a few suggestions for how a few things get posted on the market place.
    High demand items like black stones, concentrated black stones, and memory fragments should be posted in a different way. For example, a player can post 25 of a high demand item and they go up in a group of 25. Why not allow the player to post 25 of a high demand item but instead have the market automatically post them individually? This would distribute high demand items more evenly throughout the populace.
    My real suggestion is that supply needs to be increased permanently. It takes way too long to get some of these items. I put in the grind, I earn the coin and then the things I want to spend my money on are in way too short of supply? That's not ideal. It should change. If it can't change would you please strongly consider the above option? Thanks for your time.
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  8. WoolyDub added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    I think the best solution is to allow players to sell all pearl items on the market and raise the amount of silver they get. Keep the cap at 5 items, but raise the amount of silver the seller gets for pets and value packs. The issue I have with the pearl trading is they allow it but dont have safeguards in place as protection for players from scamming.
    I'd buy more stuff from the cash shop but I find their prices to be too expensive compared to other MMOs here in the west. When I get cash shop stuff in ESO or GW2 I get the items unlocked for my whole account and the items are cheaper and infinitely redye-able for no additional cost. This game would get more money from me were they competitively priced. Until they are, I am content spending less money here and more money in other MMOs that seem to value me opening my wallet more than the devs at BDO do.
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  9. WoolyDub added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    I've crashed to desktop multiple times today after over a month of no issues. Super frustrating.
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  10. WoolyDub added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 15th *Update - 14:32 UTC*   

    I would love to see T9s and a higher breeding rate for higher tier horses come soon. Please make that happen. I've been breeding horses for a year and haven't gotten a single T8 yet. I would love to get just one. Thanks.
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  11. WoolyDub added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    As long as they don't monetize it I am all for it. It has to be an in game mechanic that doesn't involve any cash shop items. Period. If they implement it sans any cash shop nonsense, this is actually a good idea.
    Fixing the AH by using failstacks addresses a symptom of terrible design when really we should be asking PA to do a better job in the design itself. The better suggestion is telling PA that they should be designing the AH to be great instead of terrible like it is. The thing really needs an overhaul. There are plenty of games out there that have adequate to even awesome auction houses. PA's is one of the worst I've seen actually. It's terrible design. IDK that we should be advocating a band aid for an arm that needs to be chopped off.
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  12. WoolyDub added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Fix horse training to include skill levels giving horse training xp. increase breeding chances of higher tier horses. add t9s.
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  13. WoolyDub added a post in a topic For you filthy casuals asking for hardcap/gear equalizing   

    So what I've gathered from reading all the comments is this game has a lot of problems not just the problem that the OP has with people that want gear to be equalized. Thanks for the info all!
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  14. WoolyDub added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    The terrible part about that graphic is that they believe the count to be true and they still don't increase it. Why treat your players like that? Why exactly am I leaving my computer on all night AFK training horses with those odds again? Anyone have a logical, not silly response to that? The actual answer is that there isn't one.
    EDIT: I have been training horses most of last year and this year and still haven't gotten a single T8. That's deplorable and it isnt for lack of trying. I'm all for rarity, but this isn't a good kind of rarity. I'm super bummed I kept at it this long with PA and Kakao being OK with what they think is less than 100 T8's per region in a year. Deplorable way to treat your paying customers.
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  15. WoolyDub added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    To say that this anniversary event is underwhelming would be too kind. A lot more thought should have been put into this. I really don't understand how you guys can knock it out of the park one week and then totally whiff the next with such regularity. Would be nice to see a little more thought and care next year.
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