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  1. Horangi added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I don't even have a Conqueror's Pack, but I would like to say thank you for the carry through!
    I have enjoyed seeing how involved the GMs are!
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  2. Horangi added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Florin 2-3 Teleport Bug
    While Playing on Orwen Valencia 02 my wife and I approached House 2-3 from the stairs her and I were both teleported back. you can still go up the stairs by approaching them from the side. Only appears to apply if heading straight towards. you advance forward from where I am in Photo & are teleported back to where I am in photo.

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  3. Horangi added a post in a topic How's Orwen Server?   

    I've only been on Orwen, so I can't compare the two. Orwen is pretty laid back in terms of not very pushy people. Population seems good, always see at least one other player but never swamped when trying to quest/grind. In terms of RP, I haven't seen anyone actually doing it. But It does carry that reputation!
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  4. Horangi added a post in a topic Costumes?   

    the only costumes I know of are in the Pearl Shop, and there is presently 3 or 4 of them going for around 2200 pearls ($22).
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  5. Horangi added a post in a topic Traveler vs Explorer   

    from what I understand lurking on the forums; the $50 pack is only worth it if you're planning to buy a pet (picks up loot for you) & want the horse whistle (Horse can be summoned in longer range) since you park your horse between combat and it can be slain. if you're not interested in that, the horse is tier 3 (max tier is 8) so replaceable.
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  6. Horangi added a post in a topic I'm sorry to beg but may I please have a NA guest pass?   

    i have your pm! I will resend my pm since yours was pretty isntant
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  7. Horangi added a post in a topic I'm sorry to beg but may I please have a NA guest pass?   

    I actaully don't know, it was my first time PMing in this forum. I don't always get updated when you respond but i think I chose that setting.
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  8. Horangi added a post in a topic I'm sorry to beg but may I please have a NA guest pass?   

    sounds good, I had to double send the PM. So I am hoping nothing funny happened.
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  9. Horangi added a post in a topic I'm sorry to beg but may I please have a NA guest pass?   

    OK, I will PM you. I just bought the game so you can have one of mine! -just remember with great fun comes great responsibility so no botting/selling off my guest pass
    sent, best of luck in game. if you don't get it let me know.
    oh also the client download is rough my regular speed is 30mb, I'm gettting 3-4mb download
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  10. Horangi added a post in a topic I'm sorry to beg but may I please have a NA guest pass?   

    haven't found one yet?
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  11. Horangi added a post in a topic Bring back... the night!   

    I would love a truly spooky night! If it wasn't possible to keep it up constantly, maybe adding it around Halloween as a "Spooky Desert" event would also be pretty awesome!
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  12. Horangi added a post in a topic CANADA   

    That is very kind of you to day! I don't wish to shatter any illusions but just like anywhere Canadians can be rude and mean too! We're just less upfront about it
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  13. Horangi added a post in a topic Website/Forum Feedback   

    I like all of your suggestions Tansie, Especially a Dev tracker as I often read forums just to stay up to date. Having a Dev tracker would let me see an overview of "Hot Topics"
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  14. Horangi added a post in a topic PvE, what needs to change from the KR version   

    Though I am not a big PvP person, I like your suggestions across the board!
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  15. Horangi added a post in a topic Will 1to1 trading stay in the western release?   

    I would like to see it stay, I like the added option for player interaction.
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