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  1. Sarynn added a post in a topic Increase party grinding exp?   

    Love the idea behind the post, but the issue isn't just experience, it is money. Perhaps if (as an example) everyone in a group got equivalent junk loot on every mob drop, and only rare drops were random, this would make group grinding much more desireable. This game badly needs ways/reasons for people to group together at the high levels. It is severely lacking at the moment and making it feel less and less like an MMO with each passing month.
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  2. Sarynn added a post in a topic Alright, I know Valk's Cry isn't coming. .   

    I just want parity with the KR cash shop.
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  3. Sarynn added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Sorceress   

    Yes, I made it! Haven't even played the class since May. 
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  4. Sarynn added a post in a topic Boss Accessories maybe?   

    This is already in Korea for their new daily reward calendar. See the last day:

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  5. Sarynn added a post in a topic Offline energy regen nerfed to 1 per hour instead of 2 per hour   

    To help fund the new expansions for Koreans. It is that almighty dollar (and euro too, I suppose).
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  6. Sarynn added a post in a topic No one cares.   

    I don't care about your post, OP. But I am bored enough to ensure you don't care about my reply by providing the opportunity to give one.
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  7. Sarynn added a post in a topic <Aethereal> [Orwen] [PvP/PvE/Node Wars/Life Skills/Social] Looking for people who want to do all the things! Limited spots available   

    Not as entertaining as watching Mirco swing his greatsword. Though you get medals for merit.
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  8. Sarynn added a post in a topic Do you like that they added Artisan's Memory to Cash shop for pearls? (used to be only loyalties)   

    I love it! I hope Valk's Cry is coming next.
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  9. Sarynn added a post in a topic [ACHIEVED]COME OVER HERE - [Poll]Reduce Kzarka and Karanda Timer.   

    Would definitely like to see this timer reduced to what KR has. I play a lot in terms of total hours per week, but only in the evenings after work and the kids are in bed. If I'm lucky I catch Kzarka 2-3 times a week. Usually it is 1-2 times. Haven't had him drop a Kzarka for me and I've only witnessed 2 Kzarka bundles drop since they released this boss. Meanwhile (before the NV), I see people enchanting and selling Kzarkas left and right and I used to wonder where all these Kzarka drops were coming from.
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  10. Sarynn added a post in a topic Sell costumes that have already been worn?   

    Everyone assuming Kakoa wouldn't earn money on this venture is dead wrong. They could simply sell a cash shop item to unbind your costume from your character and make it sellable. They'd be happy and you'd be (annoyingly) happy.
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  11. Sarynn added a post in a topic Fanboys/White knights are the MMO killers.   

    Which MMOs were these? Because I've played most highly-anticipated ones for the past 15 years and they've all had public forums. If it was a bad game with poor marketing then a public forum isn't going to fix that.
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  12. Sarynn added a post in a topic Fanboys/White knights are the MMO killers.   

    The real MMO killers are official public forums. Looking forward to one day an MMO launching without any and see how things go.
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  13. Sarynn added a post in a topic Can you PLEASE make the 100 Boss gear quest guaranteed instead of a chance?   

    This is definitely not accurate. I camp a lot of bosses and get at the top or near the top damage tier when I'm there from the get-go. I'll get tons of seals, gold bars, and black stones. What is really random are the big drops: Boss Armor, Liverto weapon bundles, Mark of Shadow rings, Tree Spirit Belt, AP crystals, etc. I rarely get those when I show up to a boss from the start. Any time I've looted anything like that it was from channel swapping to a boss that is 50% or less. Why bother even showing up at the beginning?
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  14. Sarynn added a post in a topic Bring other farm loctions up to sausans/pirates   

    I agree with you. I just won't go back, period. I don't care if I get roughly the same XP at a few Valencia spots but with significantly worse money. I can do money grinds in Mediah that are better than Pirates.
    XP is fine, it's definitely the money. They need to up it by 1.5-.2x
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  15. Sarynn added a post in a topic Arehaza Town area is not dropping Ancient Relic Shards when fishing   

    I get them all the time from Sand Grain's pond.
    People have asked how long I've been fishing there, so I'll provide that and also provide some comparison data.
    I travel to the new city to trade, usually bringing with me a lot of trade goods. As a result I need to stay there for 24-48 hours so I can channel hop and/or wait for max bonus (130%) to apply, or get close to that. While I wait I spend hours fishing. From Sunday to Tuesday morning, I spent a total of 22 hours AFK fishing with a +10 Balenos Rod that has a spell stone on it (and max durability) and the Penguin pet. I have +5 luck. Result was 0 Ancient Relic Shards. This is not normal for me, not even remotely close to normal. As such I made this post.
    Last night I went to my usual fishing spot before server maintenance where I've been averaging 1.4 shards per hour during this event. My character has been fishing there for the past 6.5 hours so far today and I have 9 Ancient Relic Shards.
    So for me, something seems wrong with that town. I am going to head back early next week when I have another huge batch of goods and will attempt AFK fishing again. I'll let you all know if I run into the same result.
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