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  1. Rahavan added a post in a topic No vixen for kinoichi? :c /sad   

    The funny thing is vixen is already in the client they just don't want to put it up for sell  Makes sense though you guys didn't have the chef outfit yet right? It will be out soon prob two weeks from now. 
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  2. Rahavan added a post in a topic Guild War info Suggestion   

    T I L T E D
    And I agree (totally not biased :P)
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  3. Rahavan added a post in a topic Whats Your Favorite Villa?   

    There's a villa that gives you a daily quest that will make it so you get some of your money back from investment. It takes you to the jail (not the sulfur mines) and those mobs hit hard as a truck  so really only worth doing if you have insane GS or a party. Ill only use skill xp since I always need more ;-;
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  4. Rahavan added a post in a topic RE: Stop Killing My Horse! [IDEA]   

    Or you could not afk outside of safe zones? don't fix what aint broken.
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  5. Rahavan added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    You two and your obsession with getting every outfit *looks at pearl inventory* okay maybe its not just you two .
    But the carvo plus the scythe and ponytail is too good :3

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  6. Rahavan added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    I like the second one better but knowing me in still going to buy every single outfit as it comes out
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  7. Rahavan added a post in a topic [Sorceress] Cartier, are you going to buy it ?   

    Yes I'm going to buy it I've got almost every outfit anyway
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  8. Rahavan added a post in a topic Amongst all this negativity, what are your favorite things about BDO?   

    The combat (minus CC system which is dumb but livable), life skills, and ofc looking pretty  
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  9. Rahavan added a post in a topic Auras should always Drop   

    My friend submitted a ticket about this and Supports response was were aware that a lot of people are upset about this please voice your opinion of the forums. So basically they're saying its intentional but they're aware people don't like the system LOL. But yes OP you should get a minimum of one and should get more based on your effort or if you have to keep it rng, either way not getting the aura is dumb.
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  10. Rahavan added a post in a topic Can Kakao give us a real set in stone reason to ease these allegations?   

    It's a hobby, some people are enthusiasts and get into it hardcore while others are casually interested. You'll see it with anything but sports is a very good example. Most people who play soccer don't plan on playing at a professional level and just show up for practice and games while the wana be pros practice all the time. And besides that point, there's nothing wrong with holding people accountable or expressing your opinion (even if its stupid) so I say let people do what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone .
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  11. Rahavan added a post in a topic How are you supposed to know whats 100% right or wrong!   

    OP the devs should know what the hidden stats are because (at least from my experience) Dev teams have everything like that visible on there alpha servers and just hide it when it goes live. The information being hidden is simply to prevent min maxing and to a lesser extent elitism, neither of which will work. Honestly they should mop up the descriptions of a lot of things in this game and let us see all of these stats. I think there's less people whose game experience would be ruined by showing everything than the people who would enjoy seeing everything.
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  12. Rahavan added a post in a topic What lvl is the new soft cap?   

    Frogans were apart of Part 1, also there are people who go there its just a pain to repair afterwards >.<. There are "dungeons" I would recommend 250+DP or a full group to farm them because they hit like a truck.
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  13. Rahavan added a post in a topic Next time, on Hoarders!   

    I shall answer your question with another question; are you on the internet?
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  14. Rahavan added a post in a topic Next time, on Hoarders!   

    THE HORROR those maids haven't seen the sun for days
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  15. Rahavan added a post in a topic PK Compilation at pirates   

    but no class in this game is hard to play. If you honestly think any of the classes require a lot of skill you have a low standard. 
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