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  1. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic Bag with PK system   

    someone is mad and dont know how to push someone out of an area the pve style by killing everything befor they get to it just group up with them and stop trying to monopolize areas dude or simply change channel, it aint that hard and they dont rly have to fix anything cuz they gave us the karma shit for like 100-200 loyalty
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  2. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic Quick question about grunil gear   

    they give diffrent stats, the ultimate l belive gives all blue stats in one so intimidation, iron will and the temptation or whatever it is. l'd say go for the cheapest if ur in the end gonna get ultimate
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  3. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic [Edan] <KGB> Knights of Glory and Beer   

    are you the same KGB from Archeage server Ollo? cuz if you are then you are the credit card knights
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  4. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic [Edan] <KGB> Knights of Glory and Beer   

    the credit card knights is playing BDO aswell?  well now  
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  5. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Focus: Balanced PVE/PVPVoIP: DiscordWebsite: http://unforsakenbdo.com/Recruitment Thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/92989-unforsaken-orwen-pvx/Server: Orwen
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  6. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic Looking to get the game   

    the game is rly worth it, l've been playing since cbt 1 and lm still going strong. l wuld recommend trying to find a tight guild and not join one of those super big guilds, cuz the smaller guilds can offer more when it comes to help learning the game and such.
    as for classes, for fast pace l'd go with a musa or maehwa (they are melee fighters, musa is AoE dmg and maehwa is more singel target focused) and for magic l'd go sorc (mid/close range magic, apperently nerfed to the ground as to what l've heard but still good for CC) or wizard/witch (they are the exact same with spells and stats, they are amazing for AoE farm and group pvp with high dmg  but long cast time)
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  7. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic Recieve All sent to what storage?   

    u dun -----ed up man, they have been spamming the notification about the recive all both in forum and ingame
    and now ur storage is -----ed aswell
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  8. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    you see, we use 24 hour clock and not 12 hour clock in europe, that is 12pm to 7pm e.i 7 hours
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  9. ChefTeddy added a post in a topic New Player Orwen Wizard Looking for guild   

    Hey man, Unforsaken is looking for people to add to our pvp team, aswell as pve and life skill people, we got people that knows alot about all of the life skills, people that knows about the pve aspect and pvp aspect and wuld love to have you

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  10. ChefTeddy added a topic in US Guild   

    <Unforsaken> Orwen PvX
    Unforsaken is a small group of people that have come to know eachother as friends and wuld love to make new friends and grow our guild, we are currently looking for lvl 45+ for our pvp team and any levels for pve and life skill. we have no problem helping you lvl and gear, we have some knowledge in just about every part of the game since we are very mixed with personal goals in the game and have no problem helping others reach their personal goal in the game. only requierment to join is to be 18+ of age because of drama and boring stuff like that, discord cuz its alot easier to communicate and we get a voice/face to x person so you get to be a person and not just a name. we got a website that we will be using so it wuld be highly recommended to sign up and boring stuff like every guild has but we got cookies so we are obviusly the better choise. either answer to this post, send pm or pm ingame to ChefTeddy for invite or more information.

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  11. ChefTeddy added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA][PvX]Pain Train Semi-Hardcore

    Guild Name: Pain Train [PTX]
    Guild Website: Click Here
    Focus: PvX | Semi-Hardcore | Social | 18 +
    Timezone: Eastern
    Contacts: Scox, ChefTeddy, Shadow lord pain, Gilx
    VOIP: TeamSpeak3 - bringthepain.enjinvoice.com
    Apply Now: Click Here

    Who We Are
    Pain Train [PTX]  is a competitive, organized and democratic based Multi-Gaming Community made up of veteran gamers from around the world. We have been around for 10 years strong making many friends along the way! Our member base is primarily over the age of 25 with years of gaming experience. In Pain Train we enjoy a variety of gaming genres including, but not limited to; FPS, RTS, Moba, MMORPG, and Arena Combat. We invite you to join our community and share your gaming experience with us.
    In Pain Train, we take having fun seriously. Our focus is making sure that our community is active, helpful, mature, competitive and most of all, FUN! To accomplish this, we ask that our members be over the age of 18, active, represent our community with integrity and use the social forms of communications that we provide. It is very important to us that every member of PTX participate on TeamSpeak while in game and have a working headset and mic.
    No Drama
    Pain Train has a very strict “No Drama” policy. Leave all of the drama at the door. Real-Life drama has no place in our TeamSpeak server or in our community.

    What We Look For In Our Members
    Pain Train is looking for active and mature players that strive to be successful all while having fun working as a team in game. We are in need of members that enjoy organized  gameplay, enjoy both PvP and PvE content, theorycrafting, dungeons and having fun in TeamSpeak. We are accepting casual and hardcore gamers alike!  If you enjoy being yourself and gaming with others, Pain Train is the community for you!
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