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  1. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    I paid $1,639.99 ASUS ROG GL502VS-DB71 15.6" Full­HD Gaming Laptop,Intel Core i7­6700HQ,NVIDIA GTX 1070,256GB PCIE SSD+1TB HDD,Windows 10,Black                                                                                                
    But I am giving up and going with this: iBUYPOWER AM003i Gaming Desktop PC - Intel i7-7700K, NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 2TB HDD, 240GB SSD, Liquid Cooled, Windows 10 Home, this should last me another good 5 years I would think (assuming no hardware burnouts)                              
    I just wanted the laptop to work out.  I was willing to live with short battery life (it cant use integrated graphics due to GSync enabled hardware, so battery life is like 3 hour NOT gaming), and was willing to overlook power going down sometimes when max gaming (battery drain while plugged in) for the portability so when I travel on business I could take it with me since it is under 5lb.
    But I'm a MMO junkie, and so far both BDO and RO hit 30fps on this with other players around, so I'm going to upgrade to the beast desktop and then just remote connect when on travel.
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  2. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    Umm, you have obviously never used a modern gaming laptop.  3DMark timespy score of 5000 is excellent, and the card is 14th out of all card, desktop or laptop.
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  3. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    It just seems odd that my fps is so low even though neither GPU nor CPU showing max
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  4. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    Yeah, but I want to see them at 60 fps
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  5. Archaegeo added a topic in General   

    Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?
    So I upgraded to a new computer, a gaming laptop, and it should be rocking most everything.  Its i7­6700HQ,NVIDIA GTX 1070,256GB PCIE SSD+1TB HDD and gets a 3D Mark TimeSpy score of 5000 +/- 70.  Note: the GTX 1070 in a notebook is the 2nd fastest notebook gpu, and 14th fastest overall card (by 3DMark).
    Yet in game, I get only 25-28 fps with the setting shown.  According to MSI Afterburner, neither GPU nor any of the CPU are maxed.  What gives? I get 70 fps in Overwatch ultimate and 60 fps in GTA-V both on max settings.
    I am about ready to return it, but I cant believe its not some setting somewhere.
    Any thoughts?

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  6. Archaegeo added a topic in General   

    Anyone have a list of total rewards new account gets?
    Other than getting to play on olvia for 30 days, anyone have a list of all the rewards a new player gets now? I know its gotten quite significant...
    Trying to talk friends into playing and want to know what they can afford and what they get as a result of being a new player. (Not the gift account stuff)
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  7. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Requested fixes for ships/sailing.... (add yours)   

    #4 is coming soon, next patch I think
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  8. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Requested fixes for ships/sailing.... (add yours)   

    Guilds can, and that is probably already a lot of work for GM's to ensure ToS aren't violated by images uploaded for guild emblems.
    Cant imagine if they had to review every single player sail image too.
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  9. Archaegeo added a topic in General   

    Current cost to win Guild House auction?
    So only way for a new guild to get a Galley right now is to win the guild house auction and build it since they cancelled the "free" galley event.
    (There is a quest that gives a free one 1 time, we do not have it yet: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5013/1/ )
    So how much are guild houses going for at auction these days?
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  10. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Requested fixes for ships/sailing.... (add yours)   

    There is turbo boost as you skill up sailing.  Both Q for RAM followed by W+SPACE for fast start, and then SHIFT+W for fast sailing while moving.
    Added harpoon fix to the list, its needed, will add dyeing too, that's a valid request. 
    #1 I hear can be fixed, but it should be automatic, so yeah, ill annotate the fix for it.
    #2 is not nonsense, there is nothing wrong with letting us ACTIVE fish while sailing.
    #3 happens all the time, you need to cross the ocean more often, it happens on land too while riding a horse, you suddenly get the loading screen as the game moves you to clean server cluster or something, and when it loads you are off mount and mount is about 50m down road/ocean.
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  11. Archaegeo added a post in a topic More Channels needed   

    Well olvia 5 and 6 have been needed for a while
    But yeah, ive had several disconnects where I do not during the crowded times the past couple of days.
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  12. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Since we are hitting 50 with 220 skill points - What to prioritize first?   

    Right, but no reason to pop 50 unless you want to go grind in mediah instead of calpheon for skill points.  Staying at 49.999 prevents ganking is the point
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  13. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Since we are hitting 50 with 220 skill points - What to prioritize first?   

    Staying at 49.999 means you cant be ganked if grinding an area for skill points.  Doesn't mean you gain them faster.
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  14. Archaegeo added a post in a topic Dark Knight Skill Build   

    Yeah, you hit 50 with 220 sp.  I level locked (didn't take level 50 quest) at 49.999 and you still get skill points.  So you can grind calpheon 50 stuff for skill points and they come pretty quick.
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  15. Archaegeo added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Since we are hitting 50 with 220 skill points - What to prioritize first?
    I actually "level locked" at 49.999 to grind up some skill points because you can hit 50 with a whopping (low) 220 skill points.
    Given that, and focusing on PvE grinding for now, what skills do you feel should be prioritized raising first?
    Also, what sequence are you finding most efficient for grindings?
    I was using W+F->F+F->space-><Shift>+Q if up, and that wipes out a lot.
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