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  1. Temeraire added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Wondering why I haven't played my ranger yet.
    Maehwa Placeholder.
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  2. Temeraire added a post in a topic 70k Karma hit per kill is too brutal for PvPers   

    I still don't get it.
    There are enough space for people to grind.
    Respawns are fast.
    It depends on who wants to be the douche first.
    If you're better than them, then wouldn't they be the one to try to get rid of you first...and lose their karma.
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  3. Temeraire added a post in a topic The Temeraire Family Album (Photo Heavy)   

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  4. Temeraire added a post in a topic The Temeraire Family Album (Photo Heavy)   

    7days eh???

    Screensaver photos

    Wish we had personal pets like this.

    Where can I get one?

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  5. Temeraire added a post in a topic Painfully low exp rates.   

    Getting to 50 is fast/fun.
    Done it a few times.
    Lvl 50 is where you feel the crawl...
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  6. Temeraire added a post in a topic How much money have you spent on BDO?   

    Just the conq. (so far)
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  7. Temeraire added a topic in Suggestions   

    More (rank) scroll spawning spots.
    As title states.
    Even the spirit quest is the same exact spot.
    How does one do it when there's groups on it or the world boss spawns.
    It would work better/cleaner if it was it's own separate zone when you scroll spawn.
    (which I thought it was like the black spirit ones)
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  8. Temeraire added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Beauty/Beast temp costume expiring before 7 days
    Unless it's meant to be 7days of ingame time.
    Not sure what's happening w/ it today.
    Twice it expired.
    First time I toggled the hide and the expired disappeared. It was fine again.
    Then, when the server (Mediah 2) got all unstable for everyone for a couple of minutes, the set was showing expired again.
    This time the toggle didn't work.
    Explanation would be much appreciated.
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  9. Temeraire added a post in a topic My toons eyes are always closed when im idle   

    There was an option for idling expression during character creation.
    It even gave a warning if you chose one.
    Maybe you forgot you picked one.
    If this is what happened then you're stuck unless you reroll the char. (perhaps a character appearance ticket?)
    Had to do it myself. Good thing I caught it at the release of the game.
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  10. Temeraire added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Just use the general chat.
    Call them out if someone wants to be a douche.
    I'm sure some people (or guilds) would assist.
    Also, if they want to lose karma just keep coming back.
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  11. Temeraire added a post in a topic Anyone Miss Dancing?!   

    (gw had couples dances)
    Too distracting.
    More dancing = less grinding.
    Shame though.
    But, it's never too late to add it.
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  12. Temeraire added a post in a topic Constant Disconnects   

    Seems the only solution is to never log out once you're in.
    lol. that's sneaky BDO.
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  13. Temeraire added a post in a topic Disconnecting got worse   

    Happening again.
    It's like I shouldn't log out of the game at all....
    When I log back in it starts happening.
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  14. Temeraire added a post in a topic Blader - do you want it in the next patch?   

    My guess is any new classes will come after we get the core awakenings. (I hope)
    Meaning we have to wait for the valk, witch/wizard awakenings to be released before the rest of the new classes come out.
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