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  1. Slaqor added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    restart your machine.
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  2. Slaqor added a post in a topic GM of Veritas - Account Hacked, Guild Disbanded   


    Pretty peculiar how it happened right before node wars. Almost planned.
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  3. Slaqor added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  4. Slaqor added a post in a topic "Kill 150 Cyclops" Guild Quest   

    Yeah, this quest really ruins my day when it's given to my guild multiple times in a row, or even a day. The spawn rate is really what drives everyone nuts because 2-3 groups of 5 can easily rotate around and kill the spawns quickly, then twiddle their thumbs for 10 minutes while they wait for one or two of the cyclops to respawn. Once in a blue moon you get lucky and many of them respawn quickly, but then you're back to sitting on your ass for another 10-15 minutes, carelessly running around the forest looking for more to respawn again. 
    Even lowering the amount would be terrible, simply because the respawn rate is just that horrid. The quest to kill 100 takes a big amount of time as well due to the same issue. Please fix the respawn rate or consider replacing this guild quest at the various levels it is in.
    Guild - Legatum: and until recently we got this quest multiple times a day as well. It really ruins the morale of the guildies out there to assist in the guild missions because you're forced to be out there for 2 hours because horrible respawn rates, multiple times a day.
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  5. Slaqor added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    If the persons affected aren't allowed a free server/region transfer back to their original homeland, it's a very sad day for this game. A lot of people and guilds have been waiting years for the NA/EU release, only to be split from guild mates and friends because of some server glitch, and you're saying that you're not going to fix it for us? The people who've invested money for this game are now being given the proverbial middle finger and to reroll? wooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    I wouldn't think it'd be difficult to find the affected parties either, due to the fact that I'm sure many parties affected already queued up their pre-order "rewards"
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  6. Slaqor added a post in a topic Energy Family Wide?   

    So, what you're saying is you want all characters energy in one?
    So if under current implementation I have 150 energy. Now, I also have 7 character slots. I'd have a pool of 1050 energy to spend across all of my characters total? I could blow it all on one or spread it out?
    You'd then have to change regeneration rates completely, or it becomes easy to abuse with the things you can do while afk since the online/offline regeneration rates are different.
    If your only beef is with is having to character swap, you haven't seen how much time it saves you in the grand scheme of things with the things you can do with alts as I mentioned above. Running around with one character everywhere is a lot of grinding time you're wasting. Yes, char swapping is too, but it's quicker than running around when you need to.
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  7. Slaqor added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Family Name: IliIllilIliilI
    Character Name:IliililliIlilil
    Screenshot: http://puu.sh/ng9Nk/483d99da28.JPG
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  8. Slaqor added a post in a topic Energy Family Wide?   

    Please, for the love of all that is Holy, do not make this type of a change.
    For the people having problems burning through energy, here's what you can do.
    Early on and even later in the game, your character's energy pools can be burned on leveling areas you put contribution points into. This increases the droprate of items there (gathered or otherwise). Once you get to this level of management, you can easily burn through all of your other character's energy pools.
    Also, as @Ravalion mentions, crafting burns energy. If you're one of those, "I want to do it all by myself," people, you need that energy to do all of the crafting.
    Finally, as stated back in a diary post, you can bottle up your energy to use later. Yes, these all make it so there's manual intervention, but there are ways to benefit from each character having their own energy pool, and it's vital to have once you hit 50 and are grinding non stop, or want to hit top tiers of crafting in multiple practices.
    As for the alts, they're nice for several reasons.
    Resetting knowledge,
    Talking to an NPC to find someone on the map to go kill.
    Playing one Amity game you might need to repeat over and over again.
    You can then do all of these easily, while your main character can just stay in their current location to grind grind grind, instead of having to travel back and forth across the world.
    And, if you don't want alts to have to do all of these things, roll one character, and no alts.
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  9. Slaqor added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    Don't get me wrong, I'm late to the forums like some people but c'mon
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  10. Slaqor added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    Yeah, that's what I'm getting at and I couldn't be arsed to read 39 pages of replies.
    case and point
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  11. Slaqor added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    So, question for @CM_Jouska - Will the votes be examined to see how many of these votes come from people making multiple accounts to vote multiple times for their preferences?
    If this has already been asked then please disregard.
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  12. Slaqor added a post in a topic I wanna main a Sorc but... 6-9 months? :/   

    100% what Micael said. You'd be losing out on so much XP leveling a ranger to do your PvE grind. Sorc is in a decent spot for grinding, even before awakening. It's not God tier like wiz/ranger but it's still decent speed and safe.
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  13. Slaqor added a post in a topic <RedFace> Edan Recruiting quality active players. - EDAN   

    what kind of cookies?
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  14. Slaqor added a post in a topic Improving PVE gameplay and Monster AI   

    It's almost like the game's goal is to focus you toward... nevermind I won't finish it or the circlejerk begins again.
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  15. Slaqor added a post in a topic Improving PVE gameplay and Monster AI   

    Go fight the mobs when they're purple to you.
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