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  1. Ahki added a post in a topic Farm CP as new player?(Best way to make money?)   

    If you want to do it manually, do Calpheon dailies. Youtube/Google it and 100% that there will be a good guide. Other than that, you can do mob dailies like at mansha at the big crater where is there like 5 at a time is decent and you can also do it with khutum quest/daily from khutum outpost.
    If you want afk and this will be expensive, make stock up materials to cook Teff bread or Fruit juice (fruit can be brought from the fruit vendor in Calpheon).
    If you need more info or help go find Incendar Gaming channel on youtube, he make great guide on stuff like this. **Free Advertisement**
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  2. Ahki added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Dear Daum,
    The event will end with maintenance on 25th of January.?????? Item will be remove after event (Item desciption)???????
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  3. Ahki added a topic in General   

    Relic rate for fishing
    I know you're already thinking, "oh another one". I mean yeah.
    Anyways, I'm currently artisan 5 at fishing and forever using my trustworthy afk master rod +6 Balenos rod which is branded so it can last for like 11+ hours. Now about the relic rates, before I question the event "increase relic drop rate" there are other points. I stop fishing  2 week before the event started because I been about 4-5 relic shard per 9 hours afk rather the usual 7-8 back when I was professional at fishing. Now when the increase relic started I was like OH HELL YEAH!!!! then first night of event 10 hours of afk fishing at Splashing Point where I usually afk, 1 relic shard. 2nd night of 9 hours same place, 0 relic shard, yes I choke on air when I woke up to it. Just did an 6 hours of afk in Altinova, 0 shards. With all being said, every since I hit artisan fishing I have gotten a lot more blue and yellow fish which I mean useless af since I only care relic for them $$$.
    If ya read through all that, wow can't believe you do it. Anyways, any higher ranking fisher noticing something weird or it is just me and very terrible RNG relic and very good RNG with blue/yellow fishes. I'm just gonna trust Kakao on their event since black stone rate is amazing, and shards well I mean I'm getting 1-2 more than usual when gathering golems suuuuu fair enough. Fishing though is really sucking and some people, according to Mediah chat also has an decrease in drop as me while other is like fk that I've been getting more. It could also be a city vs ocean fishing thing, but I'm heading out to the great sea tomorrow to see if it any better. There is definitely more relic on the market but I'm pretty sure that's because more people are fishing for event.
    P.S: If this is related to life skill level, Kakao please do something.
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  4. Ahki added a post in a topic [Update] Why the server is down.   

    Am I the only one wondering how one single guild is able to ddos Kakao, then I remember right it's Kakao. RIP Kakao's small tech team.
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  5. Ahki added a post in a topic DDOSing?(✿o‿o)   

    I cried, but still want another youtube video. I need the memes
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  6. Ahki added a topic in Suggestions   

    Getting rid of PRI+ Liverto
    So I been trying to get rid my TRI Liverto longbow and TRI Heiress for like a few week now and I heard some people even had to wait for months. Just a small suggestion that maybe a system where you can just sell/trade off the weapon for maybe 50% of the market like Imperial Horse trading. Honestly, I'm want to reroll to another char and need some silvers to buy gear but all that silver is already invested on the ranger and I need some way to get atleast some silver back instead of having junks hanging around that is worth millions of silver.
    P.S: I don't know if this kind of post has been already posted or not, but i couldn't find it which a quick search so I gave this a shot.
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  7. Ahki added a post in a topic Servers seem even worse after patch   

    Must be nice to atleast be able to play, the game decided to DC me then I started crashing at character customizing screen. I have 18 hours left for my T7 to hit lv 30 and then I can attempt for T8, but Kakao why you so cruel? I really hope this get fix, but knowing Kakao server...ayy there's my hope, oh no wait, that just my dead and empty soul.
    Oh wait there is a patch, PLEASE! KAKAO! I BELIEVE!
    Edit2: Got pass the character screen, get DC immediately after loading. Thanks! I knew I could count you to ----- me up!
    Edit3: Seem fine...for now
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  8. Ahki added a post in a topic Rangers need Nerfed badly   

    Ranger been constantly nerf already so....... can we nerf warrior too? How about one for ninja? Can we another sorc just because I feel like that should be necessary?
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  9. Ahki added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    "Horse Price for selling to the NPC and Imperial Delivery has been adjusted to 50% of the Horse Market registering price."
    But why?
    Did you consider...
    1. No one really wants to buy a 0 breed horse 
    2. People RARELY and I mean extremely rarely put up a horse below T7 because reason 1
    3. You could....have people recieve like 85% or 100%? from a sold horse rather than 65%
    4. Horse breeding nowadays is more of a hobby than for profit, I mean the profit time wise is pure garbage, you can grind for an hour or fishing to gain the same profit from spending like 2 days 2 night training that horse that you wont breed if ya want it to sell.
    Also, can you please increase the horse prices? Or somehow make horse training not be a waste of time? and yes yes you may hate me
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  10. Ahki added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    "The chance of getting higher tier horses while breeding has been increased."
    All I needed to know about this patch :3
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  11. Ahki added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I said pearl items and I mean buying them off marketplace off the whales but it very difficult since people with better spec get an advantage in seeing the item pop up first or actually being able to see the B disappear. I said I wanted the pearl item to be pre-orderable so Idk how you misinterpreting it.
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  12. Ahki added a topic in General   

    Pearl item on marketplace
    Well I may be selfish jerk, but some of you already know that pet are extremely hard to get unless you got good spec or a lucky -----. From personal experience from marketplace so far...
    Pet for me is impossible, sometime the pet doesnt even show up with B before sold or it show up as B and the moment you enter the code and press enter BOOM! item already sold.
    Gear, well reasonable but if you want other set beside Marine then ask around or...pray.
    Horse gear, you thought pet was stupid? TRINA!
    Value Pack, lol the ----- are those?
    I love the pre-order system because A, my poor spec and unlucky to the point where rngesus won't even look at me. B, Im a filty casual so with my playtime I want to spend doing life skill like fishing and rap....uh taming horses. So I hope that Kakao would allow pre-order so judge me all you want and vote.
    #Eden #Casual #IdkWhyImUsingHastag2
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  13. Ahki added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    #MakePre-orderGreatAgain. Cmon please? make pearl item pre-orderable, PLEASE!!! Not everyone can afford a super good spec and net for the hell we call the marketplace
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  14. Ahki added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Why is the pre-order disable for pearl item WHY!!!! I just wanted more pets TT.TT
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  15. Ahki added a post in a topic Explain this.   

    ...and I'm here like yeah I just got 2 hard and 1 sharp from 20 humpback whale and 1 hard yesterday from the alligator. Used like 25 energy total and like 1-2 hours yeah.....sometime ya just have to be rng loved or git gud.
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