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  1. Fenryl added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Knew she shouldn't have ate them shrooms.

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  2. Fenryl added a post in a topic New Black Desert Gathering Map site   

    I was looking for blackdesertguild map or something like that but guess that website was shutdown. This looks like a nice gathering map thanks
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  3. Fenryl added a post in a topic How come ranger has the best female outfits?   

    I don't think it's the norm to like disproportional humans but yeah to each their own like you said. Tis a fantasy mmorpg. And..on the original topic there isn't many new outfits in general and I've been gone for a year. I play Ranger and Tamer.
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  4. Fenryl added a post in a topic How come ranger has the best female outfits?   

    BDO's entire character customization is actually pretty misleading. it's not nearly as amazing as people would have you believe or even you think as you experience it for the first time. its actually pretty limited. you can only manipulate the face so much til it is just ugly and you need to try again. the face by itself takes longer than 30 minutes. their issue with your ranger is its disproportional body. you like big hips and thighs. gotcha but when people view the human body even if they haven't taken art class they know if something is out of place. also that's what happens when you give people too much freedom to mismatch things with sliders. It will happen in pretty much every mmorpg nowadays.
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  5. Fenryl added a post in a topic What the hell?   

    that's our awakening :). prepare your bootay.
    ofc not lol. as soon as it's done doing this he will disconnect from the game.
    nvm it's a zero durability bug and patched. and it was worthless anyways except for fun.
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  6. Fenryl added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    Ranger doesn't do knockdowns in pvp. It never works and most skills say doesnt work in pvp. Again Berzerker has a nice chase skill. most melee classes do. If they can't catch a ranger then they are just bad.Especially if they play as a blader. Yea sorc is stronger than ranger also and possibly greater range than a.."Ranger". tbh ranger is probably the worst class. Just talked up a lot. Will return when i have full tet to tell you if you are right or not. But everyone that is more geared than I am says Zerker is indeed op.
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  7. Fenryl added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    well I'm a ranger but I'm undergeared also. node wars is pretty much one shot garbage atm. berzerker doesn't teleport but he has a really fast chase skill. If i stop to attack im dead.
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  8. Fenryl added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    wizards in my guild know what the op class really is. In fact they laughed at me when I asked what is Berzerkers counter. Guess what they said? A bigger badder berzerker lmao...
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  9. Fenryl added a post in a topic Never use sugar lumps ever again with this guide.   

    wow thanks! worked the very first time o_o this is amazing.
    edit: within 10minutes of posting this I tamed two tier 3 horses. One of which I kicked in the face by accident.(he deserved it)And I thought that was a deal breaker with that horse guess not
    edit: and a 3rd tier 3 minutes later.
    first hand experience. I didn't tame this easily in KR.
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  10. Fenryl added a post in a topic What the absolute F****   

    tell that to a wizard...
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  11. Fenryl added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    And yet you are still on the forums.
    Nothing shall stop this tsunami of tears.
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  12. Fenryl added a post in a topic Gear and level power gap way too high - about to leave the game   

    they could care less about getting karma what are you talking about? this isn't KR. they lose nothing.
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  13. Fenryl added a post in a topic Any point in having alts?   

    Oh damn it's Arvalo again what's up
    Oh damn it's Arvalo again what's up
    shame shame necro
    shame shame necro
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  14. Fenryl added a post in a topic The hypocrisy of QQing about the cash shop update   

    Interesting lol well I've known him since KR and he is STILL here! a year and a half later or something like that. complains on the forums. I truly don't even think he plays.
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  15. Fenryl added a post in a topic The hypocrisy of QQing about the cash shop update   

    If you enjoyed playing before you would still enjoy playing after this update. You aren't playing for the right reasons. You aren't playing because it has good combat,graphics,or the guild/node wars. You are playing to be competitive not to have fun. You are playing to be on the top spot and if you aren't you will all throw fits of rage. @all crying p2w
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