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  1. Kotaro added a post in a topic Dear DAUM EU staff!   

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  2. Kotaro added a post in a topic 5.000 hours and 10.000 hours achievement changed.   

    rlly kakao? 10K hours of my precious life just for 1 maid...
    you greedy kokao! give me a TRI dandelion!! blah blah blah
    blah blah source? nerf witch wiz!! rng rng git gud u pleb!

    -a random guy

    btw: this is cool, but the sad part is... Im playing since beta and Im not even get the 5000 hours rewards...
    ._.' do I need another year?
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  3. Kotaro added a post in a topic Servers Up!   

    patch notes when?
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  4. Kotaro added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    I like your face too
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  5. Kotaro added a post in a topic Valkyrie The Innocent Godness   

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  6. Kotaro added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    same place my friend, epheria rod +5 professional 3
    silver fishing costume +0
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  7. Kotaro added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    before I was professional fishing that was the all days qty I got during afk fishing
    now Im  professional 3 fishing and Im getting like 4~7 for AFK fishing from 11pm to 6 am
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  8. Kotaro added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Laaaaaaaaaaazy Patch again zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    We the "Farmerz" need moar seeds to plant!

    Coca seeds when!?
    Cannabis seeds when!?

    I want a Cartel Of Velia !!
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  9. Kotaro added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    this again?
    ‌@CM_Aethon please close this thread, this has been discussed so many times
    and there are already a lot of topics like this
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  10. Kotaro added a post in a topic Lag, disconnects, no comments?   

    they don't care, always the same
    since then Im almost Guru processing
    and master gathering at least trees don't kill
    me when the desync attacks
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  11. Kotaro added a post in a topic Daum relocating servers to east coast in June 2017 (✿◡‿◡)   

    Texas here... why east or west? why not south? 


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  12. Kotaro added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    I didnt know this yankee holiday  
    I thought it was real :c 


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  13. Kotaro added a post in a topic Better Servers   

    I dont think that will happen

    but well lets hope
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  14. Kotaro added a post in a topic Gahaz vs Pirates vs Sausans   

    mmm for exp Gehaz is much better
    for money I found pirates better
    but I dont grind there too much because the
    long trip everyday(nodewars almost everyday)
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  15. Kotaro added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    very tired... but hey! they don't care about it...
    the server needs to be taken down or DDoS
    before they accept is their fault

    I don't know If I will continue to grind because
    I don't want to lose another crystal 20kk

    and read the same !%%#$#@$ thing again
    "Im very sorry but I cannot help you or
    compensate you because is too much work
    for me to check if it was a desync"
    but well I know they don't care it or maybe
    they cannot do anything because Korean
    kokao needs money for the hair saloons
    instead of better server, fck the hair saloons...
    and the ppl who goes there...

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  16. Kotaro added a post in a topic Rough day? Enjoy this fail. :D   

  17. Kotaro added a post in a topic My opinion on why they dont make changes based on our feedback   

    my opinion is because this servers are for milking dollars
    the real servers(Korean server) are the only they care about
    we just have a little modified copy of what they get
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  18. Kotaro added a post in a topic Buff grinding.   

    I think they count all the things they get
    -trash items
    -trade items
    -black stone

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  19. Kotaro added a post in a topic What should I do?   

    keep the ogre, replace the Cadry rings with Blue Coral Ring(+0 or PRI)
    try to enhance your armor to +15, start to gathering to get hard and sharp crystal
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  20. Kotaro added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    I hope this empty patch means they are fixing the potato servers...
    btw could somebody post the reward attendance? please!!
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  21. Kotaro added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Dwarf Awakening when?
    [Deleted/edited content] Do not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, flamboyant fonts etc. to draw attention to its posts.

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  22. Kotaro added a post in a topic Since we are on the subject of server lag, don't forget stutter   

    right now I lost a red battle field crystal power...
    bye bye 20 million 


    Im really sad, this is not funny
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  23. Kotaro added a post in a topic Watchout for sudden severe lag/desync while solo grinding   

    same here, since Wednesday I just process and process

    hey Pearl Abbyss stop being Lazy and get to work!!

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  24. Kotaro added a post in a topic Paying for names   

    one of my guildies was Scar but he quits long time ago
    dont know where he is right now, you can search in the forum
    in the Eternidad thread recruitment he was one of the officers
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