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Everything posted by Kotaro

  1. Kotaro added a post in a topic To everyone crying about wiz/witch being op   

    distance and melee attacks
    fast as fck
    too OP
    ppl who play the class
    favorite class of kokao
    gotha rensa costume just for rangers
    there are more thing but Im so sleepy
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  2. Kotaro added a post in a topic Personalised Worker Names?   

    yeah I would love to name my workers

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  3. Kotaro added a post in a topic To everyone crying about wiz/witch being op   

    yep burn in hell wiz/witch!! also rangers!!
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  4. Kotaro added a post in a topic Get rid of the female haircut that looks like a penis.   

    why do you hate so much the lee fans??

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  5. Kotaro added a post in a topic Costume Proposal   

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  6. Kotaro added a post in a topic Bugged Candys   

    youthank you so much GM_Caramel for your hard work!
    and thank you for share the song Im listening right now

    the song reminds me two of my favorite songs


    maybe you like it


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  7. Kotaro added a post in a topic Crazy skin prices, wtf?   

  8. Kotaro added a post in a topic Bugged Candys   

    my proves

    Im gonna send a ticket anyway  
    I hope they listen to me(or read me  ) 
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  9. Kotaro added a topic in General   

    Bugged Candys
    I think that today most ppl noticed this
    the [Event] Sweet Candy is bugged
    it says

    Duration: 30 min
    Cooldown: 30 min

    but when I use it the cooldown is not 30min... is 60min

    @GM_Caramel @GM_Dew its just me :c or is a know bug?
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  10. Kotaro added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    sometimes, but you need to activate PK to kill em
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  11. Kotaro added a post in a topic Which character makes the best waifu?   

    Valk for sure!!

    Main Valk!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

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  12. Kotaro added a post in a topic             

    :( I accidentally bought 10 artisan memory and then I accidentally used it in my kzarka
    and I didn't pay attention and my kzarka was again at 0 durability and I asked if they can
    give my pearls again, but they didn't :'(


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  13. Kotaro added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    mmmm no lei nada d lo k psist
    pro kreo k los pokos k juegan bdo aki kon 
    los gringos zapbeen aunk  zhea un pko de
    gringo aprte zon pokos los k c leen el lore lol
    muxos dL guild ni zaven dk va L juego :v :v :v
    xq no leen nada d la istoria~

    aprt muxas d las guias bienen kon L nombre
    n gringo i zi lo traducs los nombres bienen difernts
    psss no zea wevon mijooooo!! y use el google
    traductor s gratizzzzz

    y no kreo q los dl kokao respondan algo
    mehor ubieraz mandao un ticket aki n L
    foro zolo te diran k no y mmdas d+

    gg si keres algo no lo pdas n L foro nunk!

    ticket ticket!!

    a i c m andba olvidndo k los brazukas lo zakaran n español y portugues

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  14. Kotaro added a post in a topic Dressed right?   

  15. Kotaro added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   


    lazy patch...

    waiting for next one zzzzzzz

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  16. Kotaro added a post in a topic Please bring back Cutscenes   

    :'( oh! somebody cares :'(
    I thought I was the only one that cares about the bdo lore and its cutscenes
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  17. Kotaro added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    lol I thought CM_aethon quoted me hahaha lol
    then when I read cashkao I said WTF? lol
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  18. Kotaro added a post in a topic Create spanish chat filter   

    zolo blokea a los k hablen español y ia
    dejese de mmdas...

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  19. Kotaro added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

     please!!  ‌@‌CM_Yukimura
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  20. Kotaro added a post in a topic Today at precisely 4:15am, I got my Novuer   

    hehe I made a test for unlucky ppl(like me)
    which one will be the way Im gonna get my nouver
    by Drop? by Auras? or buying it

    well the answer is buying it...
    to the day before I go my nouver
    I had 62 Nouver Auras
    0 by drop and I got 506,320,023 silver
    by doing something else...

    So I decided to put a preorder for a +0 nouver
    2 week after I didn't win the preorder
    so I make a preorder for a TRI Nouver with 506kk
    and the next morning I had my tri nouver ._.'
    I think Im gonna get my dande in the same way...

    well.., not bad
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  21. Kotaro added a post in a topic FOV slider for first person view   

    some days ago I was playing Conan exiles and I found it very interesting
    when you look down you see your character also the fov is Ok but I dont
    know why Black Desert doesnt have this  

    does anybody knows if some mod could do this cus I dont think 
    developers care about this...

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  22. Kotaro added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    again cacao? you never learn...

    Im wont be surprised when someone discover our character have different luck stat...
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  23. Kotaro added a topic in General   

    Please bring back Cutscenes
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Yukimura
    Hey guys could you ask to Developers if they can bring back the cutscenes for the Lore quest
    I dont know why they decided to remove it, since release of Dark Knight I found that doing quest
    are so boring, I really love the lore and the inmersion that quest gives to me, but now I feel that
    Im doing just a brainless quest, if I were a new player I never know what is this game about

    I know there are a lot of players that just R  R  R  R and never knows what is this game about
    but also there are player that love the lore. this is a beautiful game please don't make it like
    another game of the bunch

    srry for my bad engrish but I really needed to say this. 

    thank you

    Im starting to miss the old black desert and it is only 1 year old

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