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  1. ariantes added a post in a topic Test to check if main weapon AP counts for awakening weapon   

    I'm sorry, but your data shows nothing. The number of repeats is to small too exclude the random factor.
    Also the strong staff is a white item , while ultimate styd is blue. It has already been proven that higher rarity items have more accuracy. And even same rarity items have different hidden accuracy. Your test can't account for the difference in accuracy either. Your data actually suggests that this is mainly an accuracy effect since the low end damage basically stays the same. If the mainhand has an effect on the awakening damage, the low end damage should have increased as well. On the other hand, when you increase you AP by accessories, your low end damage actually increases by 20%
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  2. ariantes added a post in a topic BDO Fixed in Minutes   

    My one problem with the whole sausan/pirates discusssion is that people do not consider the time needed to turn in all the stuff that drops there. It reduces the efficiency of the spot by some margin. Valencia loot you just drop it on the NPC vendor. Also grinding is not really the most money, lifeskilling is. Esp. if you consider that most can be done semi afk, ie. only needs some interaction every half an hour at most,
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  3. ariantes added a post in a topic Greetings :D Need some advice   

    While you can level extremely fast, I suggest you take your time with game. Sniff the flowers, explore the mountains, so to say. This game is more of a marathon anyways, instead of a sprint like many other mmo's.
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  4. ariantes added a post in a topic Have they announced when DK will get awakening?   

    Considering how heavy armored real world crossbowmen were, the real world perhaps?
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  5. ariantes added a post in a topic Congratulation! BDO into the second round!!!! Continue to vote!   

    Please don't use shortened links for such things. Many people will not click those because you never know where you end up.
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  6. ariantes added a post in a topic Heidel city in real life.   

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  7. ariantes added a post in a topic Christmas event, theme and Item update   

    There is no global warming.
    Trump made it go away. To make the weather great again.
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  8. ariantes added a post in a topic So i logged into KR server   

    I wish there was a sort by costume option in the p2w inventory.
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  9. ariantes added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    If it is the filecheck you are talking about, it dips whenever it updates/downloads new files.
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  10. ariantes added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    Anyone else having the problem that the file check is incredibly slow? Normally I have more than 60 mb/s, now it sits at 5.xx mb/s
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  11. ariantes added a post in a topic Alchemy Stone Polishing Guide Please?   

    Anyone got any idea about defensive stones?
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  12. ariantes added a post in a topic We need (meaningful) content to be released. Game is bleeding users right now.   

    It's called the Summer Slump, nothing new to see here, citizen, please move on.
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  13. ariantes added a post in a topic Post here how many times you've gotten a golden backpack and what skill level you have   

    3 backpacks in 300 energy, artisan 2 gathering, no lucky tools
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  14. ariantes added a post in a topic The Crafting Market is basicly gone   

    Heh, funny thing is my sales have actually gone up since the patch. People are just sheep that want to always produce the same thing.... Jubre, I only want Jubre to craft. Looking for the actual profitable items is actually too much work
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  15. ariantes added a post in a topic Statement on server merge?   

    That is not a reason for server merges. The problem is that node wars are unattractive and only a limited number of guilds are doing them, not that the overall serverpopulation is too low.
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