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  1. remilafo added a post in a topic Monsters ignoring me?   

    you probably passed them in terms of levels.. eventual they will turn grey to you and ignore you.
    AKA why you at sausans? move on..
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  2. remilafo added a post in a topic Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?   

    he is right it is a joke...   It's an auto-bidding system at best but still based on RNG.. 
    pre-order is wrong words imo..
    anyways i threw a billion at my tri dande and it worked.
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  3. remilafo added a post in a topic Broken sea monsters?   

    this...  if there is a greater than 10 lvl spread among party members.. there will be NO LOOT..
    AKA DON'T party on GUILD BOAT.. it's implied..
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  4. remilafo added a topic in Ninja   

    hello nina's
    does ninja get a manual block?
    like witch, warrior, tamer, valk etc?
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  5. remilafo added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    WTF did i just watch... WHAT is this!  it looks AMAZING and over the top.. Like Dragonball Z except with aircraft carriers!!!
    PS.. okay read the rest of the post... FROM battleship on netflix huh okay! imma watch that!
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  6. remilafo added a post in a topic Margoria food- 45 mil/h   

    ya know incendar just released a video claiming he can make 90m/hr with Organic feed.
    all you Neigh sayers should hop on the lifeskill train WOOT WOOT...  it's where the money is at.
    GIT GUD grinders!
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  7. remilafo added a post in a topic guild galley cannot be summoned yet?   

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  8. remilafo added a topic in General   

    guild galley cannot be summoned yet?
    guild galley cannot be summoned yet?
    as per title...  boat died...  how long before i can take it out again?
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  9. remilafo added a post in a topic Margoria food- 45 mil/h   

    i do it..
    i don't make 45m/hr that would be amazing. But 25m/hr is totally a thing.
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  10. remilafo added a post in a topic 1,000's of hours saved instantly   

    you sure, the wording to me seemed more like "Durable" would -1 failstack  NOT +1 failstack like enhance.
    Durable sounded like a fix for accumulating huge stacks after a round of bad luck.  And would let you try to enhance without hurting the durability of your gear so much. Sounds great for Boss equipment imo.
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  11. remilafo added a post in a topic 67 Cron Stones for Tungrad Earing to PRI?   

    yeah it's sucks, the cron stone implementation was kinda a failed idea.  Keep them around though cause eventually that Cron energy system will come to NA/EU region and hopefully their existence will make more sense.
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  12. remilafo added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    it comes in waves doesn't it.  Happened to me recently as well, i basically went AFK BDO gamer for like 2 weeks while i played LICHDOM again.
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  13. remilafo added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    well i did my best to understand what google translate gave me. It seems like this is a dmg test.
    With the first round of testing having the blue and dande doing the same damage with the defender using a nouver offhand.
    but in the second round of testing the defender switches to a "perin" offhand whatever that is and then the result is that the Dande comes out slightly on top in terms of dmg.
    First im going to assume that "Perin" offhand is some sort of DP offhand. okay..
    Sadly though you can't conclude that Dande has additional accuracy from this sort of test. It's a possibility but the variable that has changed is the defenders DP. Not the attackers weapon.
    in the results you see that the Dmg delivered is lower for BOTH weapons in the second dmg test. So the first conclusion is that more DP reduces incoming dmg right and you can extrapolate a bit and say that more evasion increased the miss chance in the attacker. Infact in the second round of testing the data set is WAY WAY too small to determine that dande has accuracy cause look..

    ● Perin Equipment HP 2839 
    · Get attacked with blue weapon 
    → 2234 
    → 2564 
    → 2452 
    → 2571 
    → 2452 
    → 2058 
    → 2435 
    → 2293 
    → 2302 
    → 2553 
    → 2430 
    Average No 444

    · Get attacked by Dande 
    → 2554 
    → 2307 
    → 2161 
    → 2404 
    → 2115 
    → 2387 
    → 2581 
    → 2422 
    → 2113 
    → 2287 
    → 2567 
    Average Noise 484
    In the dmg test there were rounds were the Ultimate Blue weapon did equal and more and lower than the dande. All that we can conclude with any confidence is that the defender raised their DP to the point were the attack's hit chance was below 100%.
    Man this is a really snobby attitude to have, like get off your high horse.
    1. For the record I have a Tet Kzarka, tet dande, Tet kutum, Tri Nouver, full TRI boss armor and Full AP and DP set of Tri accessories.
    2. They have an impact sure but "HUGE difference!" nope, it's a testable difference. You are giving into sensationalism and letting subjective bias influence your perception.
    3. You are incorrect about suggesting there is Hidden AP on the Dande or the Blue awakened weapon, there is NOT!.. AP is NOT hidden on weapons in this game and never has been. The AP that does not appear on your inventory sheet is from sets, gems and buffs.
    4. As for Bhegs, muskans, kzarka etc.  We do know! the community has tested it or better yet datamined it. Just research.
    5. Again with the snobby attitude, who cares if you have played since launch, so have a ton of us. Infact i would wager that the people whom regularly use these forums are launch date members. Rather than stomping your feet and claiming you're an authority on this game back up your "Opinions" (because they are just that Opinions) with actual data; like I did.
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  14. remilafo added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    still the same old MO, oh well.  This is you right here.

    Sizer this guy makes alot of sense, you could learn from this.
    @moderators .. can we /close this thread, the OP's question has been answered or at minimum given enough information to make up their own mind. The trolls and salt vultures are just going to snow ball from here.
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