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  1. Mido added a post in a topic Kutum DOES seem to have hidden damage (testing within)   

    It is well-known that kutum has hidden PVE bonus.
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  2. Mido added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    Our flows have no accuracy bonus (except that little 10% for aqua bomb), don't forget about it guys.
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  3. Mido added a post in a topic Has anyone tested the DP change?   

    Clickbait title
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  4. Mido added a post in a topic What type of stuff gets you to check out another player?   

    What do you mean by check out?
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  5. Mido added a post in a topic Shudad Outfit Box for ten thousand hours   

    Errr.... no?
    It was the selling point of conqueror's pre-order pack, devs said it will be never available again so... gtfo.
    There is shitload of costumes to choose from among.
    This one has to stay exclusive.
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  6. Mido added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    lmfao, shudad was exclusive part of conqueror's pre-order package, you will never get it again.
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  7. Mido added a post in a topic Can someone make a video of them jumping into RBF without Desync plz   

    The speed is unimportant since BDO (and probably 99% other mmo games), it uses around 0.23 Mbps for downloading and 0.007 Mbps for uploading (and way, waaay less if you are in one location, I was travelling by horse to get the numbers as high as possible).

    My ping is ~52 ms which spikes up to 100 ms from time to time.

    Trivia: BDO servers are located in Amsterdam run by a company named LeaseWeb.
    www.speedtest.net allows to use LeaseWeb's server in Haarlem (around 20km from Amsterdam) for testing so you don't need to be in game to test the ping. It gives pretty similar results.

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  8. Mido added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Kids don't remember.

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  9. Mido added a post in a topic Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   

    If you could do that, karma bombers whould just leave their shitty noname guilds.
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  10. Mido added a post in a topic Resisting CC as a Wizard   

    Now I wonder if there are accuracy cheats.
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  11. Mido added a post in a topic Resisting CC as a Wizard   

    Kinda sad they didn't data-mine accuracy.
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  12. Mido added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Great, another sonic-like class...
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  13. Mido added a post in a topic Resisting CC as a Wizard   

    I'm not saying you're lying, but what's the source? I heard something opposite.
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  14. Mido added a post in a topic Resisting CC as a Wizard   

    Accessories with evasion? That's interesting.
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