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Posts posted by Mido

  1. Errr.... no?
    It was the selling point of conqueror's pre-order pack, devs said it will be never available again so... gtfo.
    There is shitload of costumes to choose from among.

    This one has to stay exclusive.

  2. I really wanted the Shudad Armor (I'm so jealous of those that have it lol) to be for ten thousand but these new rewards are so much better than they were! Thank you so much :D 

    so no shudad? i like the crystal i like value packs...but wtf i want that armor?

    lmfao, shudad was exclusive part of conqueror's pre-order package, you will never get it again.

  3. What is your connection speed/ping?

    The speed is unimportant since BDO (and probably 99% other mmo games), it uses around 0.23 Mbps for downloading and 0.007 Mbps for uploading (and way, waaay less if you are in one location, I was travelling by horse to get the numbers as high as possible).


    My ping is ~52 ms which spikes up to 100 ms from time to time.


    Trivia: BDO servers are located in Amsterdam run by a company named LeaseWeb.
    www.speedtest.net allows to use LeaseWeb's server in Haarlem (around 20km from Amsterdam) for testing so you don't need to be in game to test the ping. It gives pretty similar results.



  4. There should be NO BIDDING in a game, u should be able to just PURCHASE ANYTHING AT ANY TIME u want because there ain't no free economy, the prices are fixed and u can't trade. 

    Kids don't remember.


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  5. they said accuracy was server-sided for some reason, so not possible to datamine it.

    Now I wonder if there are accuracy cheats.

  6. Centaur belt DP is 100% evasion

    Bensho necklace is about half evasion, half DR

    All of the DP on Sicil necklace is evasion

    Manos ruby earrings give 5 evasion each

    Hesus rings give evasion.

    I'm not saying you're lying, but what's the source? I heard something opposite.

  7. Rocaba is a pretty insignificant amount of evasion, and I would still aim for full boss. If you want evasion, it's more about crystals, offhand, and possibly accessories. 

    Accessories with evasion? That's interesting.

  8. lol... his source is common sense. obviously, building up higher FS costs more. you wouldn't invest 100mil worth of FS into a 10mil item, obviously that's why there are diminished returns.

    He said that " If you go over your odds of succeeding go down" which is obviously bs.

  9. People need to learn there's a diminished return on failstacks. If you go over your odds of succeeding go down. There is a "hotspot" for every item in the game.


  10. In PvE they have their own aggro cap which means you can hit more monsters

    Errr... no.

    Only lava/poison field increases the aggro cap. 

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  11. Ghilie players at the jungle spot.. oh god

  12. Got it from rednose box... Literally the only luck i had in BDO... Still it sits in warehouse at +13, bcs all hail RNG...


    edit: so still cg... But it isnt the end of suffering...

    U got tree armor from red nose box? Wut?