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  1. why_me added a post in a topic Intel i7 7700k or Ryzen 7 1700   

    Get an Ryzen. You wont get higher FPS than the intel, but they will be alot smother and it plays alot better with smother fps, no spikes like on the Intel systems.
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  2. why_me added a post in a topic Calculate every class dmg   

    When you are at it. Could you also list all the CCs and +% accuracy the classes have?
    Or are you only looking for the burst potential?
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  3. why_me added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    Thanks for the feedback. Will have a look at it.
    As I said, shield and crystal are placeholder and I have to test which ones I'm going to use there.
    You are right about the crit crystals in gloves, viper + precision looks a lot better.
    I thin I will stay with the adamantine in the boots. Movespeed is good, no doubt about it. But Knockdown is the most annoying thing and avoiding it should help at surviving.
    Not sure about the chest crystals. Is special attack evasion that good? 5 DR and Cobelinus both mean I can get CCed, and CC = dead in this game. But I found a Giant crystal in my bank, which is a cobelinus with stun resistance. Maybe I use this, but I'm not sure about the special attack ones.
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  4. why_me added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    Which is a big mistake in my opinion. Every class needs his strength and weaknesses. Buffing everyone instead of nerfing (when needed) will lead to game of gods and PVP will be determined by who is pressing one button first, no skill needed.
    But at least it's nice to see, that even the devs are aware of this problem.
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  5. why_me added a post in a topic [01/28/2017 Update] The Ultimate Valkyrie Gear/Skill/Combo Guide   

    Is this a good build to aim for?
    Not sure about the shield, I have all 4 important ones at 15-DUO only nouver sitting at +12, need to test which one fits the best and which crystals I'll use there.
    Need to farm alot of mem fragments now to upgrade my Boss gear.
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  6. why_me added a post in a topic Valks degraded to life skill class for real this time.   

    Our charges are great for lumbering, perfect range to cover the distance between the trees.
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  7. why_me added a post in a topic How much GS + players to start in T1 nodes?   

    Are you playing on NA or EU? On EU we have several extra large guilds with 90+ member and a GS of 420+ that only go for milked T1 nodes.
    As a medium guild you can have luck there and get other medium guilds as enemy or in the worst case get overruned by 60+ people in full Tri+ gear.
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  8. why_me added a post in a topic PvP changes on KR test client - (DP+Others)   

    Knockdown guard and CC immunity will kill valks even more. The only reliable CC they have is knockdown. Yes, they have some other CC, but valks heavily rely on knockdown.
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  9. why_me added a post in a topic Give every class an on command healing ability like Wizard   

    I think all the classes need a massive balance overhaul. They should not be able to do the same things, but they should at least have strength and weaknesses.
    Lets look at a wizzard: high dmg, high support abilities, alot of different CCs, huge AOE, teleport... and on top of all of that, blocks, super armor, instant cast and even a grab. Seriously where is his weakness?
    Valk on the other hand: ok dmg, bad AOE, CC is mostly knockdown, worse heal on higher CD, long animations mostly without blocks/super armor, ... 
    And the imbalance in classes starts even at the small things like their passives. While a Dark knight gets a free RCE with his passive accuracy, the ninja gets only 1/4 of that acc in his passive. While ranger gets 10% MS and berserker 250HP which is noticeable, warrior/valk/maewha/musa for example gets 10%CS/AS that will never be noticed, all skills will be designed with this bonus in mind...
    Maybe we should make some sort of benchmarks for classes. For example:
    Time it take for one round at sausan mainspot.
    Then give points for the access of CC and support skills for that class and burst potential.... overall all classes should be on a same level in all of these categories. Bad in one, therefore better in another category.
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  10. why_me added a post in a topic 2 people playing on 1 PC   

    Single threaded benchmarks of applications to show how bad a CPU with double the threads is in gaming... just wow.
    BDO runs jut fine on Ryzen, even with half the cores shared to another VM. If you manage to get both BDOs running, you both will have a great time with this CPU. But its not as simple as starting one VM and you are good to go, you need todo a little bit more.
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  11. why_me added a post in a topic Would love to hear performance report from anyone with a new Ryzen CPU!   

    Thats hard to say. Its nothing you can measure.
    Compared to the i5, there is no more micro stutter. The motion on the screen is more fluid. I even believe that combos work more reliable now. Its really difficult to describe.
    Yesterday evening I played a little bit with the settings and ended up with maxed out settings in FullHD (all checkoboxes, inkl. highend Mode) and it was totally fluid in Heidel. But it was night, so not that many players online.
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  12. why_me added a post in a topic Would love to hear performance report from anyone with a new Ryzen CPU!   

    switched from i5 3570k to an 1700x. FPS didnt change much, but gameplay is alot smoother with the Ryzen. 
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  13. why_me added a post in a topic How bad are they really?   

    So basically you agree with me? Only one reliable initiator in awakening.
    We still heavily rely on our sword, more than any other class relies on their non awakening weapon.
    We don't have the old grapple, to increase our CC chain in awakening. So its most of the time CC in sword stance, change to awakening, deal damage, swap back, grapple, swap back deal more damage and if anything isn't going as planned, try to enter block stance asap. Alot of work compared to other classes, just to be on pair with their press one button skills, don't you think?
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  14. why_me added a post in a topic How bad are they really?   

    I think we all agree here, that a valk can deal tons of damage. But that doesnt mean we are in a good spot, right now.
    Our animations in awakening have a very high windup, it takes too long to deal any damage and so we can easily be blocked, as soon a valk is moving, block and its gg. Our only reliable initiate is Celestial Spear, all the other CC takes too long, to rely on and attacking without CCing the enemy makes us vulnerable due to no I-Frame/Superarmor.
    Most of the other classes deal their damage instant and CC you in addition. The valk is more a "I will hit you in a moment... wait for it.... wait for it.... oh shit you blocked"
    I think the only thing, that makes us strong again (and ranger even stronger), will be a revamp of the awakening skills or awakening 2, boosting our sword skills.
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  15. why_me added a post in a topic So how do you like the valk changes?   

    Yes high skill cap sure, and not the slow animations, bad defense and low mobility...
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