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  1. Shamino added a post in a topic Fishing Hot Spot's - Not Visible?   

    I'm glad somone else mention this, I'm fishing master 9, and it's a rarity for me as well now after last patch. I could not find anything in the patch notes about lower the intensity.
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  2. Shamino added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    I need to go out buy popcorn, this is going to be good
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  3. Shamino added a post in a topic This is gonna hurt, I will be gentle (Updated)   

    Define fair
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  4. Shamino added a post in a topic Enchanting Epheria Fishing Rod (Bug)   

    What happened in my case is
    c) The enhancement went down and I lost my fail stack
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  5. Shamino added a post in a topic Enchanting Epheria Fishing Rod (Bug)   

    I fully understand this, but in my case as I explain over I did not fail the enhance, I succeeded and if you succeed in an enchantments it should go up not down?
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  6. Shamino added a topic in PVE   

    Enchanting Epheria Fishing Rod (Bug)
    Hello all, Just now I was enchanting my fishing rod and got to +8 than I succeeded again and it went back to +7 instead of +9. I know I succeeded because my failstack went back to 0. This must be a bug! I used 8 rods to repair max durability before I started enchanting it, and this is very expensive. I have filed a ticket on the subject.
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  7. Shamino added a post in a topic Non-Afk Fishing Vs Trading vs Hunting   

    I would say if you only think about profit, pick gathering! If you think about having fun at the same time fishing/hunting will give you that (IMO). Good income but not nearly the income of gathering.
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  8. Shamino added a post in a topic Please Delete. Old post.   

    At work now ,and yes may the working hours' go fast :)
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  9. Shamino added a post in a topic Please Delete. Old post.   

    Hello fellow adventurers!
    I'm a casual but dedicated player, 54 Warrior Dupre and a level 50 AFK Fisher Shamino, plus every "alt" there is room for. Married with two kids, real life family and work. I play almost every day except Friday and Saturday evenings. I joined a good organized guild with a good group of players/people at the beginning release. Unfortunate many member of that guild became inactive after some time, and they decided to merge with another guild which did not work out so well for me.
    Based on what I red in the intro of this tread I would really like to join and help this guild in our journey through out Black Desert Online.
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  10. Shamino added a post in a topic Hunt of the carebear   

    It's just not an intelligent act from the OP, nor a mature one.
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  11. Shamino added a post in a topic I'm so glad......   

    I'm not at school, I'm at work, and yes its a feel happy post nothing more nothing less, have a nice one m8 and thanks for your wishes!
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  12. Shamino added a topic in General   

    I'm so glad......
    That I soon can go home, play and enjoy BDO for the whole weekend. I'm so glad that it is soon weekend so I can spend time with my family.
    To all of you here at the community either you stay on here and complain about the game or write useful guides and posts. I wish you all a pleasant weekend!!
    To you DAUM, have a great weekend and thank you for bringing me the game of my life!
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  13. Shamino added a post in a topic @ All QQers   

    I'm playing the game right now even if I'm 20 km away from home at work. Yes my PC is located at home.
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  14. Shamino added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    How do I than repair max durability on my ultimate gear? Fragments? Will it than be cheaper to start over again with green from 0 to +18(20) and than ultimate it after? or is there any other methods to avoid durability los?
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  15. Shamino added a post in a topic Every second you don't spend grinding is a huge loss - Remove energy cost on lifeskills ?   

    I would remove it on processing only.
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