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  1. Kurumi added a post in a topic [EU] <Access_Denied> PvP Guild   

    i care to join i am lvl 50 and nearly finisht the storyline i wanna do in the future practice some pvp.
    Dreconisa Alexsandrios
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  2. Kurumi added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    Guild (ended)
    ty ppl for the support i found my guild hope fully i will be there for a long time
    Gr Kurumi
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  3. Kurumi added a post in a topic EU <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    would like to join this guild but i just started and i have to make an charachter
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  4. Kurumi added a topic in European Guild   

    sup ppl i am totally new to the game and just started today i like to join a guild that is friendly social helping others and hopefully no religon beceuse
    i cures somtimes when i not succeded so everyone if you like to to me in your guild please replay on this post.
    gr Kurumi
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  5. Kurumi added a post in a topic Jordine Community Discord   

    i like to join but then i need to reroll me charachter.
    Draconnisa Alexsandrios p.m me
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  6. Kurumi added a topic in US Guild   

    Guild topic closest
    hi all,
    i do like to be in a guild but some guild indeed go for pvp and you need an high lvl gear score
    i dont have that i do not have knowlege of the game thats true consider why is there not any guild
    how can be social as an big family you can toxin one anther but i like to say that those are LOSERS
    those are not the type for this game and yet they exist i looking for an guild that is forbidding toxin look
    a joke can be but we do all respect one anther consider one toxin you get warning consider 2 toxins 
    then ban the persone how likes toxin the anther one,
    an guild is to play fair and respectfull playing with everyone that is a social community dont be a loser play smart play fair play toghter
    i dont jodge anyone everyone is so bisy to toxin one anther that is what i called no fair play and unrespect,
    if you are the one and only guild how understand my post then i consider to join your guild.
    [writen by Kurumi]
    Drelexius Alexsandrios
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  7. Kurumi added a post in a topic [Orwen server] looking for guild   

    no some eu ppl arent nice at all so i deside to go to the us server.
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  8. Kurumi added a post in a topic Drelexius   

    you can be serieus i said in the post, [my pseronal taste]
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  9. Kurumi added a topic in Kunoichi   

    hi all
    the class Kunoichi is an wonderfull but sweet female persone
    her power of evasion if pretty and nice ofcoures she is the perfect medium class
    you may know there is not a better class [my personal taste] then this one but
    we do like the Kunoichi her aura is like golden shine that is for the beautiy her self
    like she is pretty and nice looking like my real-girl-friend but there no such thing that
    may said as an beautiful nice looking persone as the Kunoichi <3.
    Written by Kurumi
    • 2 replies
  10. Kurumi added a topic in US Guild   

    looking for Guild
    after an long periode of time and thinking to come back to black desert online
    i am lvl 50 female ninja currently no guild but looking for 1 if you are intreseted to invite
    me msg me on the forums.
    Gr Kurumi
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  11. Kurumi added a post in a topic [Orwen server] looking for guild   

    ty meagh i wish i could stay but there was no option for me to stay the time zone differents where to big
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  12. Kurumi added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen server] looking for guild
    hello fellow bdo players
    i have been trying to find an guild where i can work and have fun together
    last time i have was in an guild i left beceuse i dont whanna be in the guild anymore but they
    where awasome guild members and i keep the finest memories with me.
    i need an guild that is using voice chat and do daily & weekly scrolls
    an time zone that is +6 or +7 hours away from holland,
    at least 21+ adult and using discord or teamspeak 3. 
    p.m me on the orwen server to /w drelexius or post here an replay.
    • 5 replies
  13. Kurumi added a topic in European Guild   

    [server croxus] looking for guild
    hello everyone,
    i have been looking for an guild for some time
    i play bdo an half year and i do like it i mis only an eu guild
    i play normaly on the orwen server na but if there is noone online
    then i play on the eu server i do play normaly 8 hours and the weekends 15 hours
    i just begun on the eu server this will be my first day anyway p.m me on the forums or msg me in-game to /w drelexius
    gr Kurumi

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  14. Kurumi added a topic in US Guild   

    [server orwen] looking for guild
    hello players of bdo
    i like to join an guild but i play 8-15 hours every day
    usually i work and i am in an +1 time zone i need an big family and cummunity
    also it gonna be about social and i prefer an microphone it is lots easyer to help 1 anther
    and i need sometimes help we need all help power to the ppl 
    gr Kurumi
    [Drelexius Alexsandrios]
    • 1 reply
  15. Kurumi added a post in a topic [Croxus] Troublemakers Recruiting Active Players [PvE] [PvP] [Discord]   

    my name is drac
    i like to join you guys (in-game charachter Draconnisa Alexsandrios)

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