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  1. Mabo added a post in a topic FYI You can lose Black Spirit Crystal from being PK'd   

    People here keep talking about not losing crystals - do you realise that black spirit crystals have a high chance to be shattered upon death?

    Please buy two, slot them in and die 5x - I bet you'll lose at least one of them.
    In PvP surely the chances can be a bit smaller but jesus, if you are all slotted in random mid-tier crystals no wonder they aren't being destroyed.
    And people talking about recording and banning such players, yeah right
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  2. Mabo added a post in a topic Black Desert(ed) Online - lol   

    This only proves you didn't play a lot of MMO's.
    It had the smoothest launch I've seen in years (server stability-wise, 1st month) - but entitled nobles from the land of Crybabia that can't comprehend how foreign developers didn't build the game around their own personal preferences. Sure it has its problems. But threads like this popping up every day that hold actual information other than whining, complaining, fussing and crying makes me wonder... How is it possible for one forum to have the collective anal clench close to the density of a neutron star.
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  3. Mabo added a post in a topic Population dying?   

    I'm interested in where you found these numbers? Got any for the EU region perhaps?
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  4. Mabo added a post in a topic bring your nightvendor already - players are tired of wasting their time for nothing on your idiotic rng loot distributing mechanic!   

    Well night vendors are RNG too, sadly - but I'd welcome them with open arms. Apparently it takes around 10k energy on average to get a "useful item" as in boss armor / Kzarka / Nouver, etc,. So its best people create many alts and leave them for a few days to fill up their energy.

    With 8 alts at 300 energy, you could gamble 50 tries every 6-7 days.
    Lets hope we get at least one piece!  
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  5. Mabo added a post in a topic Can we get a wolf pet?   

    Aaaaa what really can you provide any info on this pet? what region? name? when did that region get it?

    Aaaaaaa :3
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  6. Mabo added a post in a topic Hacker kills everyone at mudster boss gets all the loot   

    I think it is impossible to pick up others loot that drops from bosses. At least with Ferrid and Kzarka, if you stand on top of some loot that noone picked up, it will simply disappear after around one minute. Or am I wrong?
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  7. Mabo added a post in a topic Can we get a wolf pet?   

    Was just searching for this image online Yup, I guess we should get it with either Val 1 or Val2. They have it in KR and RU.
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  8. Mabo added a post in a topic Auction house is a joke   

    Don't give up! Yesterday, after more than 30 tries I finally won the bid and got the Ancient Guardian's Seal...

    I agree that the bidding system can be "unfair" since a few manage to snipe 2 or more boss gear pieces and most never will have that luck. The marketplace will soon change with having an order/highest bidder system instead of the current one.
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  9. Mabo added a post in a topic Look how lazy the CM`s are!   

    Seriously though, they do what they can.
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  10. Mabo added a post in a topic Griefing strategies   

    Tested it out, you do not lose XP, if you flag first and get killed by the dude defending himself.
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  11. Mabo added a post in a topic What determines Liverto drop from Guild Boss Scrolls?   

    I'm not sure, obviously, but if I wanted to speculate, I'd say the Liverto(s) goes through several checks.

    1) Certain chance to not drop a liverto at all; set values 0 to 100, if its lower than 75, 0 Livertos drop regardless of what anyone does
    2) Other factors could include time, DPS, gear, horoscope, man-part size and political agenda.

    Seriously - I'm sure that at some guild bosses there is 0% chance to drop a liverto. We can't know if this is predetermined or determined at the moment of the kill. 
    On Alustin, a guild killed 2 with 0 Liverto drops, and from the third kill, they got 4 Livertos.

    Same with Kzarka's, I guess. You can deal godly amounts of Damage, AP/DP gear, vicinity to the boss, 0 death count and all that - if the boss doesn't drop that time, it doesn't matter how good you are.
    Hard to say what I mean...
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  12. Mabo added a post in a topic Bdo forums in pictures   

    The forum since they removed the PK XP death penalty, lol:

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  13. Mabo added a post in a topic Somebody explain this game to me k thnx.   

    I'm bored to death, please halp
    http://php.net/manual/en/faq.php <-- random FaQ website
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  14. Mabo added a post in a topic Can Giant Mudster (Guild Boss) drop Livertos?   

    It definitely can, although I don't have screens for proof.
    No idea if there is a % chance difference between Ferrid / Mudster though.
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  15. Mabo added a post in a topic Exp dropped by 2% when killed at lvl 56   

    A mob probably got the last hit.

    I've tested it yesterday, asking random passers by to kill me while I had pvp turned off, passively flagged and actively flagged.

    Were any ranged mobs close? Is your karma positive? Do you sacrifice lambs to RNGesus every night?
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