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  1. Ardrea added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    It would take more than just eliminating degrade-on-fail alone. That's part of the progression balance, and it would need to be countered with a higher cost somewhere.
    I suggested before, and still suggest, that what would work is to :
    Eliminate degrade on failLet failstacks increase up to 100% successTrack failstacks to individual pieces of gear; i.e., you can only get a higher failstack for your main-hand by failing on that specific mainhand item.I think this would still be hard, and remove the worst "IHTFG" moments.
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  2. Ardrea added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I would have liked to see removing the downgrade on fail and changes to failstacks; such as allowing them to go to 100%, but also tie them to individual pieces of gear. I.e., one can't build stacks on other characters or on cheap, throw-away gear -- each piece of gear would have its own failstacks. They only go up when you attempt to enchant that specific piece, and only go down when you get lucky and succeed.
    It would probably need a lot of tuning to not make enchanting vastly too slow.
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  3. Ardrea added a post in a topic Too much RNG, not enough rewards for Hard work   

    A game should be played because it's fun, not as work. When so many of us see playing the game as obligatory work, there's something wrong.
    Perhaps it's because so people treat games like sports, where it's about winning, and you need to work hard at training to get good/geared enough to win. I don't have any solutions here, this is wrapped up tight in the psychology and sociology of it, and resists technical solutions.
    Another big part of it is how much work one has to put in for the  Law of Large Numbers to create equitable outcomes. In any game with a random element to progression, there's a certain amount of play that has to occur before most players are in a similarly advanced progression band. If progression is achieved through a lot of low-investment, low-reward random trials, this will be achieved fairly early. Even if the individual probabilities are low, because there's so many of them, it doesn't take long.
    Say it's about incrementally better gear drops in a traditional grinder, there might be a 1/100 chance of getting something useful, but when you get a drop from every mob killed, and kill 1000 mobs in a hour, everyone's likely to get a steady stream of good drops. But if there's a much lower rate of these trials, and each trial might yield a proportionately bigger reward, then in will take much longer for the players to find some degree of equitable level of progression. For instance, if every mob basically yielded a fixed payout in currency, and the currency from killing 100,000 mobs was enough to purchase an attempt to get a much better piece of gear, and if successful, that gear was 100x bigger step in progression than the incrementally better gear drop from my previous example, then two things happen. First, we'll get the same average expected progression over time; but the Law of Large Numbers tells us it'll take a lot longer in shear effort before each player gets close to the long term average and provides an equitable field.
    Progress can be slow over weeks and months, and years -- in some ways they have to be for a game focused on progression to have longevity. Both ways of doing this can throttled to whatever rate the developer wants. The question is whether it's better to grant progress in lots of small, incremental steps, or in big chunks.
    Games often do the latter because players prefer Jackpot! results over that steady incremental progress. Even systems that are mostly about incrementally better drops have exceptionally rare wildly good drops mixed in. Even our leveling systems are set up something like this, gaining a level is treated like a big event, with substantial increase in power and abilities. It could be treated like a numerical value, and gaining 0.00001% of a level could give proportionately increased, fractionally better hit points, attack probability, damage done, etc. But instead, we like to see improvements come in bigger steps.
    I don't like these systems so much, which is why I didn't last in BDO past August (I am not gone, just non-active). The game's not broken; the developers have made conscious decisions on how to reward their targeted customer base, and a lot of us just don't fit it. It's sometimes described as an East vs West difference, but I'm not so sure; there's very basic human psychology at work. Perhaps our cultural attitudes towards rote activities and work/play have a big part in it too.
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  4. Ardrea added a post in a topic Stop high heels costumes!   

    It doesn't bother me anymore if footwear and armors aren't realistic. I think there's a lot of unrealism in video games before we ever get to fashion.
    However, I found this video very interesting and informative.
    Women in Armour - What Did Their Armours Look Like?
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  5. Ardrea added a post in a topic The new mobile black spirit game is cool   

    It's very hard to play well, I hope we get some strategy guides soon.
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  6. Ardrea added a post in a topic Black Spirit Adventure   

    Not working for me on Orwen.
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  7. Ardrea added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    I tried what you recommend, and I did manage it get it to open a little dialog box that says "Please roll the dice again", but all I can do is close that; the game board and all the entries on it don't change. The dice icon to the lower right flashes steadily, but does nothing when I click on it. The box at the bottom says "Available" and that's all. I'd say the game is very buggy.
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  8. Ardrea added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    Is there a trick to getting this to work? None of the controls there do anything, other than the cycling-arrows icon, which redraws the game-panel exactly as it was before. The black spirit pin just sits there, the dice permanently shows a six, and it says five tries remaining no matter what I do.
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  9. Ardrea added a post in a topic Valencia Part 2 is here!   

    I redrew the table into a format that makes more sense to me. Correct me if I've not transcribed the data right -- their table is very difficult for me to read.

    Edit: Updated table. OP changed their X/O's to Y/N's.
    Edit2: Updated table again.
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  10. Ardrea added a post in a topic Valencia Part 2 is here!   

    That whole table is designed badly. IMO, it should list the karma class of the player in two columns across the top, then show the environment and circumstance killed-by in four row groups down the left side, and then list the consequences inside the cells.
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  11. Ardrea added a post in a topic Enchanting Downgrade Chances   

    Since you brought this up, I would say the burden of proof is on you; if it's easy to google, go ahead and post us a link or two.
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  12. Ardrea added a post in a topic Enchanting Downgrade Chances   

    I just verified that in game. There's a floating hint when I mouse-over the "Enhancement" button in the enhancement tool panel when a duo item is loaded in it. It reads "The selected item will get degraded if the enhancement fails, so be careful!".
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  13. Ardrea added a post in a topic Enchanting Downgrade Chances   

    I'm not arguing for or against, so far. I just want to know, roughly, what the chances are so I can plan better.
    However, if I were arguing against it, I would say that the argument that it has to be there or everyone would shoot up too fast is a straw man. If the downgrade-on-fail were to be removed, of course other adjustments would be made instead -- such as lowering the chances of success to get to 18, 19, and 20 being dramatically lower, so that the total average effort/expense needed to get to each were the same.
    If I were arguing for it, well, I think I'd want to seek counseling, too. But if I did, it would be that otherwise we'd have to lower the chances dramatically to keep the game's progression balanced.
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  14. Ardrea added a post in a topic Enchanting Downgrade Chances   

    Well, I was afraid that was the answer, ouch.
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  15. Ardrea added a topic in General   

    Enchanting Downgrade Chances
    I've done some searches, but haven't found any direct discussion of this, so I thought I'd ask.
    My experience isn't very good with it; in fact, so far, in every attempt I've made to enchant to 18 (TRI) my gear has dropped back down to PRI from DUO. I don't believe that the chance to downgrade is 100% (I haven't tried nearly enough times to guess at a rate, I could just be unlucky), but it seems likely it's pretty substantial.
    So, from your experiences, what do you think the chance of downgrading on failure to enchant higher is?
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