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  1. Wilendar added a post in a topic Need Help: See Screenshot - Why only 27 FPS?   

    I would love to see your whole settings for Black Desert run so smooth, my fps drops in heidel to 15-20 on gtx 1070
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  2. Wilendar added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    Can you tell what crates are more profitable please?
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  3. Wilendar added a topic in General   

    Best use of Contribution Points ?
    Hi there,
    I've gathered some contribution points (around 250) and I'm wondering about the ways to spend them to make good profit. 
    What's the best way to make silver from these CPs ? I read a lot about gardens and trading. You can make profit from gardens through imperial craft trade, and from trading by making wood crates to trade them in valencia.
    So what are your thoughts? Is trade with crates of timber and ores are more profitable per day than cooking with imperial trading ? I should mention that I don't have master level in any of these skills.
    BTW what are most time effective ways to make CPs instead of cooking ?
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  4. Wilendar added a topic in General   

    How Awakening damage actually works?
    Hi there, with new awakening for my class I started to wonder how awakening damage is calculated? for Awakening skills Is it Main Weapon + Awakening Weapon AP ? or it's pure  Awakening Weapon AP considered for % dmg calculations?
    And how it's work for basic skills? it's combined AP from both weapons or only from main ? 
    My Main weapon is curently PRI should I upgrade main weapon or focus to upgrade Awakening now in that case ?
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  5. Wilendar added a post in a topic What's the current item build for Musa?   

    what? something changed in this skill, so it's useful now ? Before I heard to avoid this skill because it's useless. I also noticed that I have maxed basic attack but I never put points on it... 
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  6. Wilendar added a topic in Musa   

    What's the current item build for Musa?
    Hi there, I recently came back to Black Desert and I'm looking to good equipment for Musa. I'm still getting silvers for EQ but I want to know what to look at when gathering silvers.
    For Weapon and Armot situation is pretty clear for me, Weapon Liverto (same as kzarka, much cheaper, only difference is in additional stats Liv +3crit / kzark +3AS which can fulfill with gems), and Armor 2x Steel Taritas + 2x Grunil mix. The biggest issue for me is Jewellery. Musa should have good accuracy right? but earring and rings gives so much AP so I cant decide where to go with AP, same with secondary weapon. Currently I'm using Kalis belt for accuracy bonus, and that's the only accuracy item for now (excluding weapon). 
    I mostly play PvE, So my item build should handle with mobs, and I'm afraid that accu bonus I'm getting would be too low for better mobs in mediah and valencia.
    So please can You share most optimized build for Musa to handle all kind of mobs ?
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  7. Wilendar added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Is Kunoichi have good dps ?
    Hi there, I'm wondering about creating new Kunoichi toon, but I've got some questions.
    How is her dps compared to other classes like Musa, Sorc, Archer etc? How quick she can kill mobs compared to others?
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  8. Wilendar added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    as I mention i tried to minimize Potion cost, WotW uses too much MP  so maybe it will clear a little faster but MP (not to mention weight) cost will not compensate this
    this was for pure tests only, as leveling 50 - 55 takes as much or even more time than leveling to lvl 50, so it was easier to level both characters to lvl 50 to test them equally than level them to 55. With all +15 items it would take a lot of time
    and for pvp musa is doing good too, as you can see in the video from another thread below:
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  9. Wilendar added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    I've just done some tests comparing ranger at 50 vs musa at 50 grinding catfishes. The measurement was Catfish's Spell powder as it drops from every catfish. I measured time to collect 1000 Spell powder on same clean (no other players) catfish spot, and how many potions they need to stay alive, additionally on ranger I tried to minimize potion spam so I mostly used EES with occasional Shotgun (on elites only shotgun)
    Ranger 110 AP / 100 DP - 00:28:42.327 - Potions used: 20 HP 50 MP // Total earning: 575k
    Musa    108 AP / 110 DP - 00:21:54.503 - Potions used: 12 HP 00 MP // Total earning: 594k
    1000 spell powder gives 600k silver (we are not counting additional RNG loot), so as you can see I grinded more silver with musa in shorter time than on ranger. O have mostly used potions on musa when fighting with elites, as i forget how to play with him because of leveling last couple days ranger and get used to ranger playstyle. Ranger need to use potions because she doesn't have any regen ability, so that's why she used more HP than musa. If I was used to Musa playstyle I think that I wouldn't use any HP Potions at all
    I hope this helps to people that have lost faith in Musa
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  10. Wilendar added a post in a topic Musa PvP 1v1 video - AP vs Accuracy discussion   

    nice video, you really showed that musa can handle with every class.
    btw, how many skill points do you have on evasion an AP passive?
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  11. Wilendar added a post in a topic You know what, I think I deserve my own Thread   

    whoah this thread is pure drama, it's good that I prefer Musa
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  12. Wilendar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance June 1st   

    You all are so much hyping for that ninja, and at the end it will end up same like musa, broken/useless
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  13. Wilendar added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    ohhh, can you tell me please what stats I need to farm sausans with musa ? how many ap/dp to not die and kill mobs fast ? 
    I can compare ranger to musa right now because i have them on same lvl with nearly same stats ranger +14 wep and musa +15
    Musa can one hit kill catfishes with RS, and ranger need to hop around with EES 3-5 times to kill whole group (the smallest ones dies instantly of course) but i don't have +15 yet on ranger, but on the other hand ranger is more durable (avoidable) damages, and have 10 less DP than musa
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  14. Wilendar added a topic in Musa   

    Is Musa really that bad?
    I'm reading through this forum and I find often threads about QQ Musa, how is he weak, ranger better etc... I don't have really high experience with Musa only lvl 50+ but I can one shot catfishes with Rising Storm (a lot of them at one shot literally) I have some difficulties with shadow knights I need to combo them and run around dodging most of their attacks because their hit takes my 1/3 total hp, maybe because i have only 105 DP for now (on ranger I have 95 DP and nearly don't use HP potions at all), but skeletons don't do much to me (because they are so slow) but i need to hit them couple times, sometimes with dragon bite combo ended with rising storm.... I don't have to use any MP potions, only HP potions occasionally used in catfish and skeletons and mostly used on shadow knights
    I recently leveled up ranger to lvl 50+ and she have the power, especially with shotgun which is great for hard mobs like cyclops / ogres / bosses etc but daaaamn, that mana cistern i have to take with me for every farming discourages me to continue with ranger, even when she hits like a truck... but hey Musa hits like a truck too... or Am I something missing ? 
    Ranger with EES is nearly immortal mobs can't hit her, Musa on the other hand is very squishy mobs can hit you easly in meele and ranged, problem comes out when you pull like 20 mobs to use rising storm and you can't see when they hit you, issue is growing when there are ranged mobs like SK wizards. 
    So concluding, I like resourceless gameplay with Musa but I feel that there is something missing, something not right compared to other classes. How do You feel about investing in Musa? is it worth or just wait for Kunoichi/ninja that will be Musa 2.0 ?
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  15. Wilendar added a post in a topic You know what, I think I deserve my own Thread   

    so... what this thread is about? Musa will be strong one? or ranger will be still op?
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