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  1. Mentos added a post in a topic Major new bug with weapon swap on warriors. They patched the bugged KR version instead of KR hotfixed version...   

    Ok... But this thread has nothing to do with valks. Did you see valkyrie mentioned anywhere in my original post?
    And I would call broken weapon swapping, broken canceling and broken combos due to this bug to be a pretty big core mechanic.
    They should fix both warrior bug and valk bug, but all the valks coming here to just say "i hope they never fix your bug and that you suffer!!1 valks have a bug too!!11 look at us valks waaaaaa!" just comes out as pretty damn stupid and bitter.
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  2. Mentos added a post in a topic Major new bug with weapon swap on warriors. They patched the bugged KR version instead of KR hotfixed version...   

    Yes, the core mechanics of the entire combat of the class currently feels like playing with an extra 10.000 latency with this bug in PVP.
    Anyone not thinking this bug is major must seriously play by clicking their hotkeys slowly manually with their mouse instead of using button combos.
    If you have any decent reaction time and quick phase with your combat and cancels, this bug is absolutely awful and ruins the fluidity of warrior combat completely in PVP.
    It's a reason why there was an outcry in korea when this bug occured, and the warriors was called a meme fishing class until it was hotfixed.
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  3. Mentos added a post in a topic ●▅▇█▇▆▅▄▇ Warrior S&S to Greatsword swap has a delay now   

    They patched the bugged KR version...
    One would expect that it would save them time to just patch the KR hotfix instead of failing like this.
    (not my video, but it explains the bug some)
    They patched the bugged KR version...
    One would expect that it would save them time to just patch the KR hotfix instead of failing like this.
    (not my video, but it explains the bug some)
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  4. Mentos added a topic in General   

    Major new bug with weapon swap on warriors. They patched the bugged KR version instead of KR hotfixed version...
    After the latest patch 26 of april, weapon swapping on warriors are now bugged.
    This bug first occured in Korea, and they had to hotfix it very quickly.
    On our version they patched the bugged version instead of the hotfixed KR version, so now we are left with the same major bug with weapon swap on warriors.
    Someone else made a video that explains the bug here:
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Kabz @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes
    Can we please have this fixed ASAP like korean version? Since it makes weapon swapping laggy and clunky as hell now
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  5. Mentos added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    I tested the 5 accuracy set bonus of ancient set a few months back when I used it, and for me the ancient bonus did not work at all (or work different similar to serendia food?), so I'm not sure if the accuracy on that bonus can count as "normal" accuracy or if they changed it. As for gems, you forgot to add a 2nd accuracy one for me (or you just didnt mention the 2 crit rating stat, I dont know).
    The +2 ultimate bonus on heve is already counted in the actual DP number on the item.
    Stating that bhegs have 10 accuracy is 100% guessing at this point, from my own testing bheg gloves was comparable to having 15 accuracy on jewelry compared to TET bhegs after 350 hits on each. TET bhegs were significantly better than 10 accuracy on jewelry.
    For me Bhegs is crucial, because eventually I want to not rely on RCE for accuracy, and rather swap this for either blue whale earring with 100 more HP or another tungrade earrings for the BSR bonus when the kamasylve accuracy gems comes.
    The difference is 7 AP on sheet + an extra 5 AP from the 2nd awakened gem crystal, yes I do more damage with my DR hybrid build (7 + 5 = +12 AP more is not that small)
    This is my evasion build with the gear I have available: Evasion gear
    This is my hybrid DR build with the gear I have available DR hybrid build
    And so far I like my DR hybrid build more in sieges, it feels a lot more tanky, deals slightly more dmg and also works better against siege structures with the increased HP.
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  6. Mentos added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    How do you do math?
    You think TRI centaur, TRI sicil and TET vangertz, 2x 5evasion head gems, 2x evasion chest gems only gives 20 evasion combined?
    I swap centaur and sicil out for pure AP pieces, my TET vangertz out for TET kutum, my evasion gems swapped to HP gems, and to compensate for AP belt/neck, I use 2x TRI cadry rings for the pure DR here instead like in the link in original post.
    This gave me a lot more tankiness compared to my evasion build, and also higher dmg output.
    Would be nice if others tested it out and provided more feedback as well.
    Yes that is a nice setup too, but personally I need bhegs for the accuracy and boss set bonus.
    I would like to try get a second tri tungrade for the 10% BS bonus and extra AP, or perhaps even swap both earrings out for 2x TRI blue whale earrings for the extra 200 HP which scales really well with DR (not evasion).
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  7. Mentos added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    "DP" builds? Even if you just state it simply as "DP" builds or "DP works", I'm sure you know that what matters is what the DP actually consist of, either evasion or DR.
    Most people just talk about evasion builds, but it's been a lot of silence with DR builds on this forum even after the change. Where do I claim to have invented anything?
    DR seems very good in sieges now because it doesn't get shrekt by accuracy players/classes the same way evasion builds does, and worked better then I expected, and therefore I'm suprised why there haven't been more topics about this yet. 
    Because like I said, I used evasion hybrid build myself for a while, but DR have mostly been talked down on and ppl originally had the idea that evasion was better, but now it looks different and pure DR actually stands out as useful in big fights.
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  8. Mentos added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    Not entirely true, there's so many players running with nouver as it is, especially a lot of wizards and witches use nouver because of their high % accuracy on skills.
    You also see a lot of other classes who use nouver with 2x RCE for the accuracy + AP, yet I found DR hybrid build to defend better against these players than full evasion build.
    When I tested DR hybrid build vs evasion build against lvl 60 wizard with nouver, DR was still clearly better.
    I also compared my evasion build to DR hybrid build against classes with less accuracy modifiers (lvl 60 sorc and lvl 60 maewha), and DR is still good there, even if they use nouver.
    So therefore I still wonder why more ppl haven't talked more about this hybrid DR build yet, it seems very good for sieges where you need to survive all the AOE coming from high base accuracy classes who slice through any evasion build that also have to sacrifice HP gems
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  9. Mentos added a topic in General   

    DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself
    So I have been curious about the new changes to damage reduction (DR, not mistaken by DP or evasion) and how effective it really is with the changes for sieges and nodewars.
    Up until now I have mainly been using an evasion build with TRI centaur belt, TET Vangertz shield (evasion and accuracy) and Tri Sicil necklace + evasion gems.
    This setup has worked out quite good in small scale, but I found the major flaw of it to be that evasion is not that great in large fights and sieges, since this is where classes like wizards, witches and DK's are shooting their AOEs with high +accuracy modifiers already, which can wreck evasion builds rather quickly due to their lower HP and lower DR.
    Because of this I became more interested in looking into DR as a possible stat to replace evasion for increased survival in sieges, and I managed to buy enough cadry rings before they were taken off the market to make 2x TRI cadry rings (28 DR combined) to test with.
    I also changed my evasion gems into HP gems, since this is more useful in combination with DR as these stats scale well with each other for more survival.
    After testing my new hybrid DR Gear build in 2 different node wars this week I found this to be a lot more tanky compared to my previous evasion build for node/sieges, even if evasion is still very good in small scale pvp or 1v1.
    I was able to reach above 4500 HP buffed with the DR hybrid build, and still maintain 206 AP, and I am suprised why not more people have talked about this DR hybrid build before?
    All I read around here is evasion, evasion. Do these ppl actually test if evasion is good for sieges? 
    Because to me it seems buffed DR is alot stronger in sieges due to the wizards, witches and dks that have high accuracy modifiers, and where DR becomes better compared to evasion builds where you need to sacrifice HP gems as well.
    Please update this with your own testing experience, as I am interested in more input to optimize the siege build.
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  10. Mentos added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    If you think warrior has low skill ceiling just because there are many bad warriors running around (just like many bad valks running around) then who lacks knowledge?
    Check out Giken, who is one of the few kr streamers who actually push the warrior skill ceiling instead of judging based on your own failed attempt on reaching warrior skill ceiling from playing it for a month and clearly not understanding what else there is of micromanagement and hidden things to maximize with weapon swapping depending on the situation.
    If you only played warrior for a month, I also wonder what level you got to and how you managed to get all the skill points to actually get all the skills needed to have a chance to even push towards skill ceiling and endgame, and make that conclusion in just 1 month.
    We get it, a warrior killed you and took your spot, and you thought he was an undeserving noob, so ever since that tragedy you based your own conclusion that all warriors are plebs and they all play the same way with no skill ceiling.
    You even tried to reroll warrior yourself (lol), but gave up and blamed it on "too easy" and crawled back to your "super difficult" valk class to boost your ego. 
    Maybe you consider valk a big challenge to play, but most people with half a brain will not share your struggles as valks even if their skill ceiling is high just like warrior skill ceiling is high (and rare to find in both cases), but only the truly bad valks complain that they think the world is against them.

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  11. Mentos added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Fixed it for you. 
    I have played valk for a long time on the side as well, and pretending that valk is some advanced skill class compared to other classes is the biggest joke I've read all day.
    Valks really shine with the utility and cc they bring to sieges/GvGs, and they can be absolutely vital in many large fights to get control and the decide outcome of engages.
    But talking as if valks are hard to play in terms of their role, and warrior is "brain dead" in comparison shows more about your lazy knowledge about other classes to be honest, or just that you actually struggle at doing your role as a valk, which says even more.
    Bad valk confirmed.
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  12. Mentos added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the serendia special?   

    I just read through your post fast and got the green part, and even so, rare or not as you say, I am RNG blessed enough to use a resplendent yellow destro myself and when I tested this for hours against a lvl 61 evasion build ninja 2 weeks ago, it definately made a difference after over 500 hits with and without.
    Maybe your cheap green alchemy stones don't work, I dont know, but the yellow resplendent makes a difference against evasion stackers for me.  
    There's also been tests in korea already that shows they make a difference in pvp, so I would value my own testing experience + korean tests above your non-documented tests and salty insults because you have nothing else to show for, but please go ahead.
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  13. Mentos added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the serendia special?   

    Yes this is the test I have read so far which seems best documented, but still have several huge flaws if accuracy from food and elixirs are % and not flat stat increase.
    This test shows that serendia food is working, even if the number increase is only from 82% hitrate to 85% hitrate.
    The tests were done with only tri kzarka and duo bhegs as the only accuracy items, and if serendia is indeed % increase of your current accuracy base, then better equipment with more accuracy (RCE, tree belt, higher enchants) could make a larger difference.
    Everyone looks at serendia food as a flat 10 accuracy, but we should rather consider it has a possible % increase of your current accuracy.
    In this test they proceed to test accuracy elixirs with only tri kzarka as the only accuracy item equipped, not even bhegs.
    If accuracy elixirs are % increase, then one would need more base accuracy equipped to see a difference here as well.
    It's quite frankly impossible to draw conclusions that "serendia and elixirs are not working in pvp" from this, especially since the test did not take into consideration that it could be % increase.
    And secondly, this test shows that serendia food actually did work, just less than 10 flat accuracy stats from accessories (again making me believe serendia is %)
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  14. Mentos added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the serendia special?   

    First off, tests have shown the furniture buffs to work in pvp, which you state as not working. I personally think they give % increase instead of flat accuracy.
    Then you say you tested on a *green* alchemy stone and made conclusions based on that...
    A green stone won't have enough stats to show a significant difference unless you test for hours.
    RNG will make more difference then the low stats green stone gives.
    As for serendia food, it seems likely it could be a % increase instead of a flat accuracy stat. And so far the tests i have read, they treat serendia food as a flat stat and use it with very little backup accuracy to test difference, and then the % would be bad too. This simply needs further testing, to see if its % increase. 
    Same thing goes for elixirs, and furniture, these might be % and not flat stat as well.
    And please stop spreading conclusions based on testing on green stones or poorly tests like this guy, it just makes it more confusing what works or not.
    There should be a proper test to see if serendia, elixirs and possibly alchemy stone (quality with 6 accuracy or higher) give % instead of flat increase of stats.
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  15. Mentos added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Now finally when people at podcast straight out tells djules to shut up everytime he starts his awful screaming process for attention, I read 75% enemy attention posts here instead.

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