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  1. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Basically this, like why even bother going at that point lol. Completely defeats the purpose
    It's all fun, no hard feelings on anyone in the event. so no need to cheat, or obviously continuing to cheat
    But at the end, I didn't really see any salt, which was good! us (Ahoy) and Equilibrium were going at each other for a while, lots of good fights O: 
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  2. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    http://imgur.com/a/vFKnT pictures from Ahoy!
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  3. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Event is still going on and there's a CRAPTON of people here, come watch if you can't attend!! So much fun
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  4. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Hey everyone! Here are some people who are streaming the event!
    <Spaghetti> http://twitch.tv/kaahn101
    <Ahoy> http://twitch.tv/Jaluvshuskies (me) and http://twitch.tv/nerdball2012
    <Haven> https://www.twitch.tv/timoweic
    <Bridge_Burners> http://www.twitch.tv/sirantisocial
    <Legatum> http://twitch.tv/complication_atbirth
    <Limitless> http://twitch.tv/datnamedoh
    More will be added as I get messages
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  5. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    I'm sure there will be multiple streamers, but I'll be one of them - with pirate music, of course (http://twitch.tv/Jaluvshuskies)
    As for editing, that's not my strong suit but I do have a guildie who can probably put something exciting together!
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  6. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    This is going to be SO awesome! I can't wait
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  7. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic How to take higher res screenshots?   

    Is "Dynamic Super Resolution" in BDO settings or in my GPU settings? (I don't have my new desktop yet, I will at the end of this month)
    ^ ignore
    My boyfriend found it in nvidia control panel and didn't see a difference after he turned it on. Do you have any other suggestions for specific settings that will allow him/me to take extreme HD screenshots? 
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  8. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Lvl 59 trying to hit 60 asap   

    Good to know, looks like that's my place to be as a warrior, I haven't been there since I leveled there 56-57. Money is pretty shit but pila fe >>>> arc, and goal is to hit 60 as fast as possible with as little competition as possible so it works for me. Thanks!
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  9. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Flow: Tempest on hotbar   

    iirc you're supposed to put Pulverize on the hotbar, not Flow: Tempest. That should fix it for you
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  10. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Lvl 59 trying to hit 60 asap   

    Have you tried bashims as 59 warrior going to 60, if so what % / hour did you get?
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  11. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Warrior Boss Farming   

    ohi Deletion. \o
    also @Jam pretty much what he said. Most important is to learn to perfectly master your rolls (unawakened mode) with timing and switches
    First goal should be to hit 57 for your heal, then 59 to add Reckless Blow into your damage rotation
    As long as you time your rolls, heals, and blocks right, you'll be set. Warrior is king of pve bosses. 
    And for loot table? rng is rng is rng. Don't expect better loot when you get more gear, but I suggest focusing on constant dps and maybe survivability, but you should not be dying as a warrior against a boss. Even then some people say constant dps doesn't make a difference but it's really up to your speculations
    See my previous post for more details: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/126421-warrior-vs-field-boss/#comment-1751701
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  12. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Warrior Bolyn Costume Dye   

  13. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    s a v a g e
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  14. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Warrior vs field boss   

    Our pve iframe dodge (unawakened mode) is the key to being the king of field bosses
    It's possible to stay alive 90% of the time even as a level 40 warrior (that's the level I got my warrior alt to for kutum trains). All I did was monitor & conserve stamina for roll (100% pve iframe dependent on stamina) and all you have to do is hold shift and alternate A and D (don't let go of shift). And while I'm not dodging, I was either doing Scars of Dusk or Spinning Slash cancel 
    Once you hit level 57 it becomes godlike easy (this should be your priority goal!!)
    - Skills to use: Grave Digger, Slashing the Dead, Merciles and Solar Flare (when he's doing weak attacks or not attacking you), Reckless Blow when you reach 59, Flow: Armor Break for WP+some damage+frontal block, and Burning Moxie for 200 WP+20 DP
    - Dodge (shift + A/D) when doing attacks you're unfamiliar with or know do a lot of damage, or block if you know you can block his attacks (but I prefer dodging and stamina is never an issue for me [I have 1,890])
    - Heal!!! (Pulverize + Flow: Tempest)
    - Don't forget E buff for extra deeps~
    You don't even have to be a master at knowing every move from bosses. When I started kutum trains on my 40 warrior for the first time, I had no idea what kutum's attacks were and I was dying maybe like 3-4 times max per kutum (I was running full +5 gear and cheap dp accessories). And on my main 59 Warrior kutum didn't get me below 80-90% HP. Which isn't too surprising seeing as though I have 294 DP + a 20 DP block, but you'd be surprised how many average/high DP warriors get caught in high damage aoe's and die because they don't dodge and can't block it. 
    The only bosses I would suggest to always dodge are bheg aoe and karanda aoe, and I think red nose but I haven't fought him in a while. If you aren't sure if you'd survive, just dodge. It's the most reliable thing you can do
    First step is mastering your class at field bosses. And for that, top priority is switching between awakened and unawakened mode so you can make fast decisions into dodge, block, or mobility (Charging Thrust to run away but that's the worst way to avoid an attack as it leaves you super vulnerable, might as well just V). The easiest way to master switching is probably pve grinding, and switching with every single movement and skill you have. Afaik, the only skill you can't switch out of is Charging Thrust. You can even switch out of dodge! If I need to make a fast decision to swap to dodge immediately it's usually Block, Slashing the Dead, Flow: Armor Break, or whatever skill I'm in the middle of.
    After that, all that's left is memorizing the bosses attacks which is simply practice. One thing that makes it easier is having a guildie on your channel at the same boss as you in voice chat, so they can say "get out" or "aoe" for big damage attacks that you need to dodge/avoid. I have to do that for karanda because it's too laggy for me to memorize her attacks and have proper timing  
    Sorry about the wall of text, I had to be detailed xP If you'd like guideance in-game, hmu Jaluvshuskies :3c I can show you the ways and you'll have so much fun at bosses once you get the hang of it
    Edit: Here, I made a thing. I was super bored, don't judge xP
    Bheg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zX9Ohieq9Q&t=439s
    Tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yeTyT48Axo
    Mudster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpFztHLMEP8
    Excuse the poopy graphics. I'll might update them today and record them on not-optimized mode. :3c
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  15. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   

    How are yours so HQ?
    Also I was wondering if someone could help me out, I'm not getting screenshots how I want them? (like yours, coalesce)
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  16. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic How to take higher res screenshots?   

    Alright so I'm wondering if someone could help me out here
    I'm trying to take good high quality general / combat screenshots for a background / wallpaper on my laptop (1920 x 1080) and since I can't run bdo that well on high, I use my boyfriend's desktop to take screenshots on my account. So far I'm a bit confused on the results and how I can fix it
    Below are a few of the best quality we took with everything max and high end mode (on his desktop) and it's still grainy when I view it on my laptop (I emailed the pics to myself, so maybe they got compressed and grainy that way?)
    Also I wanted to edit a combat screenshot and here's the screenshot itself:
    - http://imgur.com/a/OunXF
    Here's that picture as my wallpaper:
    - http://imgur.com/a/B8ZX9
    Idk, it just seems so grainy and I'm wondering how I can actually take HD screenshots? His monitor is a 24 inch (1920 x 1200)

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  17. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Returning player, Zerker or War?   

    Warrior is the king of field / world bosses, mostly survivability wise. Dps is pretty constant for me, but obviously rangers and wiz/witch have higher dps because well, they aren't straight up in the bosses face avoiding / tanking hits. Kutum is sooooo unbelievably easy as awakened Warrior. Even as pre-awakened warrior, my level 40 warrior boss alt died FAR less than most other classes there who had good gear, I was running with like 40 dp. 
    Warrior vs. field / world boss is relatively easy once you get the hang of it, and extremely easy once you know what moves you need to 100% avoid and (sometimes) can't tank, like bheg's whip thing, kzarka fire, and karanda aoe things. You can either continue the damage skills from awakening skills and do a quick switch to s&s with Q+C (or switch after damage skills), then immediately dodge side to side (100% pve iframes dependent on stamina), or you can play defensively by using only skills with block / superarmor and blocking, ready to switch into s&s for iframe dodging. Let's not forget about our amazing heal!
    When I tried fighting the gatekeeper of crescents or something with guildies for the first time, I was the only one who didn't die and at one point the only one alive at the end. Even with bosses who I'm unfamiliar with, it's still stupid how much survivability we have when we know what skills to use and when, including our mobility which lets us run away if we need to (but I don't see reasons to when we can just roll right in front of the boss and completely ignore damage rofl) That's pretty much all there is to it. Idk about zerker, I only play Warrior
    PvE grinding wise, warrior is amazing, but probably 2nd or 3rd best after ranger and maybe sorc? Though we aren't heavily dependent on a ton of AP to do damage, which is fantastic
    We have really nice damage skills (grave digging, slashing the dead, merciles, armor break is decent), some use scars of dusk if they run out of skills to use but I usually have to recover my WP Nice block buff for extra deepsAmazing mobility from pack to pack (charging thrust, forward slash cancel, double shield charge, jump thrust sometimes but usually not needed)Amazing HP sustain from overpowered heal (pulverize + flow: tempest)And really nice pull skill (ground roar + pve damage skill add-on).Our WP sustain is decent in my opinion, you just have to spam armor break [cancel] on a group of mobs that are close together. I think our old WP sustain from Ground Smash was much nicer, since it was an aoe. 
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  18. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening Combos Tips&Tricks   

    Agree, warrior pve grind is crazy good imo but still not as insane as ranger and maybe sorc.
    To me, part of the reason he's so good is cause warrior seems to not be reliant on high AP to do damage (both pve and pvp). I have 167 nonawkening and 169 awakening sheet AP. Only issue with my damage in pvp that is caused by my low AP is against high HP zerkers but that's about it
    At Pirates, with AP buff from Q and monster AP buff from skill add on to ground roar, i one-shot a full group of 8 with a single grave digging (almost crazy jacks too) and pretty much all enemy types  with merciles as well. OP
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  19. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic reckless blow (underwhelming)?   

    Does it stack with the slow from grave digger?
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  20. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic Skills   

    These are the sword & board skills I rank & would keep / consider, and my opinions on them:
    [PvX] [High Priority] Fitness Training + Infinite Mastery + [PvE]Skilled Hunter[PvX] Mobility skills [High Priority] Charging Thrust III + Quick Charging Thrust + Double Charge[High Priority] Forward Slash[Medium-High Priority] Double Shield Charge - good for switching to greatsword + good for getting behind enemy if used correctly - luxary mobility, still really good to have if SP available[Medium-High Priority] Jump Thrust + Ultimate Chopping Kick - luxary mobility, still really good to have if SP available[PvX] [High Priority] Take Down 1 + Instant Grapple - Double grapple not really as necessary since we don't have to rely on allies to do damage anymore[PvE] [High Priority] Ground Roar for mob pullingAmazing for PvE pulling, I suggest maxing this for max range[PvP] [Medium Priority] Piercing Spear Somewhat a luxary in PvP if you have the skill points, semi-useful skill to use to stiff ranged targets[PvE] [Medium-Low Priority] Scars of Dusk"meh" in my opinion, most use it for PvE / easy switch between s&s and awakening. Not enough PvE damage for me to want to keep it and slow cast time, I'd rather have the skill pointsSince you said "was wondering what skills I need to prioritize for clear speed to farm more skill points" I assume you're asking what s&s skills to keep for PvE only; in that case, don't bother taking Piercing Spear, Jump Thrust + Ultimate Chopping Kick, or Double Shield Charge yet or until you have the skill points
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  21. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic <Ahoy> Recruiting! [PvWhatever] [Discord] Am I Doing the Format Right?   

    Exciting planned node war coming up!
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  22. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic New 56 Warrior looking for GS skill build/guide   

    I personally prefer not to take Scars, until I have plenty of skill points and feel like I run out of skills to use in PvE, which I don't (I grind at crescents). Also the slow cast time is a huge turn off
    Spear however, I don't really think it's an extreme high priority skill, but it's nice in PvP, even though it can be kinda risky with it's annoying "after stagger" after you use it because that leaves you extremely vulnerable. So I'd rank it a medium-high priority because it's one of our longest range stiff so if the opponent is that far away, why not throw a spear and see if it stiffs them (all though, I feel like it only properly stiffs like 30-40% of the time)
    I'd still put other skills in higher priority than Spear, but if you have the point's I'd say go ahead and take it. People say that Scars is good for the switch, but IMO there's better ways to switch without picking up a 20 skill point skill that you only use in PvE
    I'd put pretty much everything before Spear but it doesn't hurt to have it for pvp if you have the points
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  23. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic GvG   

    I did that once actually. It was pretty fun, I like the desert in medium scale pvp
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  24. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic [NA] Orwen Looking for Guild   

    <Ahoy> there!
    If you are still searching, you are more than welcome to join us! We have a large variety of members who pvp, pve, pk, grind nonstop, life skill etc. We are always open to help and guide any member if they have questions that we can answer or need guidance, and we have our members backs if they get flagged on or bullied. There are no set obligations or requirements aside from being active, no trash talking / badmouthing, being respectful, and showing some sort of personal progression or drive. We use LINE when not in-game (general chat, and announcements chat for boss timers and general announcements for events / node wars). We are almost always on TeamSpeak3 when ingame, which we use daily and for guild events or activities! More info is in the following thread:

    Make sure to check out all the different types of events we do, which are shown from pictures and videos, as we are known for the original content we create for our members! I'm not on forums everyday, but if you are interested, feel free to shoot these people a message in-game: Sfer (GM), Jaluvshuskies, Fiasco, MontcalmOnTheJob, Balpine, or Bluebutt. If none of these members are online in-game, message me or Sfer on forums PM's.
    Jaluvshuskies ~
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  25. Jaluvshuskies added a post in a topic <Ahoy> Recruiting! [PvWhatever] [Discord] Am I Doing the Format Right?   

    Recruiting is still open! Come join the fun random schenanigans we do, also known as some of Orwen's most unique events! With no obligations or requirements, you have complete freedom while being part of our guild, as long as you're decently active and are respectful towards others. PM Jaluvshuskies or Sfer (in-game or forums) if you'd like to try us out!
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