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  1. SubLimation7 added a topic in Art & Media   

    High end mode sunset screens!
    Just figured I'd add a bit of eye candy, didn't really plan on posting them on the forums when I took them, so don't judge too hard   Feel free to keep the sunset screens coming, maybe I'll take some more "professional" ones later and add to the list.

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  2. SubLimation7 added a post in a topic Crossfire and SLI BROKEN!!   

    15.12 doesn't have a profile for bdo but crossfire works on default settings for me with much better results then other drivers that I have tried.  Just make sure you have it enabled to work for games that don't have a crossfire profile.
    You have to go to preferences and then additional settings and old style menu pops up.  I forget the exact steps.
    So.... I logged on this morning after freshly booting my PC, and NO CROSSFIRE!!! YAY!!!!  This is getting old fast...  I even sent AMD an email saying plz make a profile for BDO.
    Pretty screenshot attached for no reason (when crossfire was actually working yesterday.)
    I got crossfire working again on 15.12, but I shouldn't have to fight with it like this... When it breaks for BDO Xfire works fine for every other game still.

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  3. SubLimation7 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Crossfire and SLI BROKEN!!
    Ah this is so incredibly frustrating...  Cleared my whole Saturday for Black Desert and this happens... 
    My crossfire is COMPLETELY broken for this game, it used to work fine on latest AMD driver.  I updated nothing, changed nothing, and my crossfire wouldn't work when I logged on today.  It works for every other game, I have it to where it shows logo at the top.  Yes, my settings are correct.  Yes, I am in fullscreen.
    I have tried using DDU and going to 15.12 (which used to work as well), and then to 15.11 AND NO LUCK WHATSOEVER.  And like I mentioned above, crossfire works fine for every other program. 
    Also, my girlfriends SLI does not seem to be working....  She is using a gtx 690, and used to sit at 60 fps, now has a hard time getting past 35 fps...
    Anyone else having this issue or have any clue why?  Hopefully its something that they broke and are aware of and will be fixed shortly...  I probably invested $1500 in hardware across both PCS just for this game...
    My specs:
    EVGA 1000W platinum rated
    2x r9 390 (sapphire)
    fx 8350 ocd 4.8 ghz
    16gb 2000 MHz ram
    sabertooth 990fx r2.0
    So, I went to sleep after not being able to fix it, tried everything from adjusting voltage to drivers as mentioned.
    Woke up, started black desert, crossfire worked on 15.11 drivers but only gave about an extra 10 fps instead of double.
    Updated to 16.xx (whatever latest it) and crossfire didn't work on default settings.  I tried on optimize 1x1 and AFR Friendly, both worked but fps was still terrible and shadows flickered.
    Went back to 15.12, what it used to work fine on, and its working pretty well again, back to 60fps.
    So, it seems like they broke crossfire and sli earlier today, b/c my girlfriends is back to normal.  And if anyone is on AMD having issues, try 15.12.
    I would really like to see AMD add a crossfire profile for this game...  Make it happen DAUM!  Pressure those basterds!
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  4. SubLimation7 added a topic in General   

    Strange frame rate issue (2x r9 390) (8350
    Hello fellow playas!
    So, I'm having a very odd fps issue.  Basically, regardless of what settings are on I get large fps drops that fix themselves randomly.
    First, a bit of background:
    Motherboard: Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
    GPUs: Sapphire r9 390 in crossfire (so two r9 390s)
    PSU: EVGA 1000 watt, Platinum rated
    CPU: Fx 8350 overclocked to 4.5ghz max temps of 55c
    Ram: 16gb ddr3 clocked at 2000mhz
    So, normally I can run this game completely maxed at 1440p with high end mode on at a pretty solid 60fps.  But lately I've been noticing that my gameplay will become less smooth and when I check my fps its about 30-40% lower than normal, yet my crossfire still says its working, and my cpu voltage and clockspeed stays very consistent, so I have no friggin idea.  Also, without changing anything or alt tabbing after several minutes or so the fps will boost again to 60, and its not a temp issue as far as I can tell (although I do have upgraded & extra case fans coming in tomorrow, but gpu temps never get above 77 or so.)
    Can anyone shed some light on this?
    Thanks in advance!
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