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  1. HugMeNot added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Just as I got back into the game too... 

    I can't say that I'll stop playing the game but I definitely won't be putting anymore money into it. Ah well, goodbye most of the player base, hello empty servers 
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  2. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    and the two worst costume sets were added haha oh well
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  3. HugMeNot added a post in a topic #NoMakeup- how your character REALLY looks like   

    Before and after:

    I didn't remove her tattoos because they act as scars which are natural. Also forgot eyelash length >< They aren't very long as they are though...close enough!
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  4. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Flash your tamers   

    I'm not as talented with the camera as the rest of you are but here's mine (sorry for the quality).

     Ingame pics:

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  5. HugMeNot added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse gender
    Please allow us to see the gender of the horse we just caught when we go to register/name them @CM_Jouska. It would really help when naming them.
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  6. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    When do we get our rewards from the other events? The 7 day costume from participating in the Beauty/Beast contest and the 500 loyalty from CBT2 
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  7. HugMeNot added a post in a topic [POLL]How much are you spending in the cash shop when it opens tonight?   

    If they have the same items from the CBT2 then the black skinny cat probably. Tempted to buy the ghillie suit but I want to main ninja so I don't know if I want to waste money on one for my tamer  Everything else I want from the cash shop won't be out in our version yet. 
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  8. HugMeNot added a post in a topic DAUM WHERE Are Our Preorder Items   

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  9. HugMeNot added a post in a topic DAUM WHERE Are Our Preorder Items   

    A little off topic here but I don't think this needs its own thread. Are the reward items for entering the CBT1/CBT2 events supposed to be under your account like the preorder items or haven't they been added yet? Because I can't see mine anywhere.
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  10. HugMeNot added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Main story/black spirit quests stopped
    Once I'd spoken to cliff at the Western Guard Camp my black spirit didn't give me the quest to speak to Jannet. I couldn't progress with any of the story or black spirit quests after as they simply weren't there. I tried re-logging twice and it didn't work so I just decided to grind. After an hour of play time I finally got the quest from the black spirit to talk to Jannet after talking to a random NPC hiding in a well near the 2nd boss summoning area. Thought I'd report it.
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  11. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Can never have enough pets.   

     Love dogs and would definitely like to see more but I'd rather have all the dogs and cats remodeled. They look bad compared to the rest of the game. Personally I'd like to have a giant spider, bat or crow pet. (I'm really doubtful that they'd add the first two -_-)
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  12. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Cat vs dog vs bird   

    Didn't the devs say that our version would get a German Shepherd?

    I'll be getting that and the hawk if that's the case. Never saw him in CBT2's cash shop though  All the other pets just look bad...
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  13. HugMeNot added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    I didn't take many. These are the best ones I have of my tamer. I really need to practice with the camera tools.

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  14. HugMeNot added a post in a topic Tamer underwear.   


    You can make her look older just not above 30 (due to lack of wrinkle options). The one thing I don't like about her is that you can't really give her a personality of your choice. All her emotes are just....cringe worthy and childish. The way she walks and sits is also childish. I wish the star signs you choose for your characters would effect their personality more and how they express themselves. Yes you don't need to use these emotes but that severely limits your choices as there's only about 3 decent ones that are more mature.
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  15. HugMeNot added a post in a topic What type of player are you?   

    I am primarily an innovator 56% according to that test. Though Ace wasn't far behind at 53%. I enjoy exploring and achieving in games mostly. I don't need to socialize with other players, that's just a bonus in a game for me. 
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