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  1. Xaris added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    I will explain it to you with just one word  Competition . There you have it. 
    You think the exp bonus you get from them is small, but they add up little by little, especially after the softcap. Someone who doesn't have these exp bonus won't be able to catch up with someone who have them, if you consider both of them play the same amount of time. So pretty much the people who have them will be getting ahead little by little. In the end a gap will be created like the KR server. It will ofcourse take time, but it will be created no matter what as long as these "harmless" bonuses exist.
    So pretty much this will ruin the "fair" competition between players. I said "fair" because people already have the unfair advantage called headstart. It will be super hard for travelers to catch up with explorers and explorers to catch up with conquerors. Add the exp bonus in the mix and there you have it. 
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  2. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    The cash Shop will be in the CBT2 it just won't be avaible at headstart/launch.
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  3. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    Well think it like this: Did they tell us that we will have the Cash Shop from the begining? No they didn't. Most people just thought they would because all the other versions did. The CMs said themselves that they are aiming to make their own game and they are already doing what they said.
    Let me tell you the other thing now. I don't know if you watch streamers or not, but they don't PVP in the KR version because koreans are just too far ahead. This can happen in our version as well. So i think the cash shop delay is a way to prevent that from happening. They can only slightly prevent that ofcourse, but i think this move shows how much they care about all the players and not just the people who throw all their money to them.
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  4. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    I know. You should tell that to all the people who are crying, because they can't buy them from the cash shop .
    Plus some people are like "OMG it takes a lot of time to loot and we will lose the headstart advantage". They are not thinking that everyone else will be pretty much in the same situation. 
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  5. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    There is nothing wrong with helping the company, but think about all the poor people who really love the game, but they don't have the money to get the bigger packages. The headstart advantage is big to start with. Now add the pets + inventory slots + weight limit items, these items make everthing so damn fast since you don't have to do quests to get them and you don't need to loot by yourself. You can just straight grind all the way up to the softcap and more.
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  6. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    Yes i even, because i am not a selfish whalelord who is happy as long as i have an advantage over 80% of the population. 
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  7. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    Nop i have the Conqueror's package, but i love it when a game is being fair to everyone.
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  8. Xaris added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    The no cash shop news made my day. This prevent people to get an unfair advantage over others. Most people who are whinning right now are the people who can't be wallet warriors and get far ahead from the other people. I really really want to thank DAUM for this move, this shows how much they care about all the players and not just the whalelords.
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  9. Xaris added a post in a topic 400 000 + pre orders counter[LAST STATUS UPDATE - THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES - WHY? READ INFO]   

    The hype for the game is finaly getting real.
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  10. Xaris added a post in a topic <Leviathan> EU Semi-Hardcore Guild Now Recruiting!   

    Hello there.
    I am intrested to join the guild because i like being competitive, but i don't want the competition to take over all the other fun things you can do in the game. Hence i think this guild is perfect for me(being semi-hardcore). The other thing i really like is being a part of a community and helping the community becoming better and better, so i think i will be a great addition to the guild.
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  11. Xaris added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    I wish they would make the dungeons like Lineage 2 seriously. Long open world dungeons with a lot of stuff to do inside in order to go deeper and some nice cinematics when the bosses appeared.
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  12. Xaris added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Yea she looks great
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  13. Xaris added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Yea the problem with the hair is that you can make them curly, but the curl applies to the whole hairstyle instead of parts. The other thing i couldn't do was to make my character's eyes exactly like hers.
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  14. Xaris added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Not bad, but it needs a little optimization
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