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  1. Chojin added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    This is a fantastic move, it means they could iron things out while it will be tested in CBT2 & that everyone will be spending all they want a the end of this.
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  2. Chojin added a post in a topic [OOC] Concerning the Lore   

    What's the name of the World of Black Desert? All I know are the different regions & area around the map
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  3. Chojin added a post in a topic <Leviathan> EU Semi-Hardcore Guild Now Recruiting!   

    It would only have been a matter of time until you would be announcing yor guild here & was looking for an opportunity to join it. I'm been looking for a semi-hardcore guild & have been waiting for one like this. I have background MMO experience dating back from my days in WoW (quited around WotLK), GW1 & am currently playing GW2, Wildstar & TERA.
    Ive watch your guides on youtube & was also wondering if LazyPeon would join you in this game also, that would be hella fun & jokes etc!
    Looking forward to meeting/gaming with you in-game if you would have me & some friends of mine that will be joining this game also.
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  4. Chojin added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.1 - Party System and Energy Changes   

    Interesting read, but concerning energy potions, there will be a short term spike in price when it is put in the Auction House & will gradually stabilised once everybody can make them & use it as reserves for later use on alts etc. I'm looking forward to more news & improvements/adjustments & will voice my opinion on it further. This is looking to be a great game as it goes.
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  5. Chojin added a post in a topic VOTE -> Karma Penalties: What say you?   

    I would propose a middle ground for this & keep the karma penalty on a medium level when it comes to punishing someone for killing a non aggresive player & when it comes to flagging, the PVP Flag should ALWAYS be ON since we will be ALL playing an MMO which mainly focuses on PVP as endgame. I imagine this as back in the day when I was playing WoW on a PvP server, there are still things you can do to PvE but at the same time you have to be aware & on your toes that someone out there will want your blood/loot or whatever reason, but at the same time rest assured that individual wil be punished for it in some form.
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  6. Chojin added a post in a topic 400 000 + pre orders counter[LAST STATUS UPDATE - THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES - WHY? READ INFO]   

    I thought the same thing, but can't recall if Anet was actively advertising or all the previous players from GW1 contributed to the total sales.
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  7. Chojin added a post in a topic The Beginners Guide to Black Desert Online   

    Thanks for this, even though I've read alot of helpful stuff on the BDO Tome site which also has a built in help-link in the game, this is short & to the point! Great!
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  8. Chojin added a post in a topic Main reason to play BDO ? [POLL]   

    I chose 'Other' because I wanted to try things out in this game that hasn't been done in any other MMO's like parkour, nodes, contribution & more. The visual graphics on this game is also a plus along with the character creation system.
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  9. Chojin added a post in a topic PM Diary - Tamer release and more!!   

    I'm very pleased to hear the news of this MMO improving! I really like the changes they are going to make so far. It's good to keep the excitement up & listen to the player base on what I also agree on at this moment. Can't wait to test the game out on first CBT!!
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  10. Chojin added a post in a topic Healer class in the new MMO era.   

    There is no need for a Healer in this kind of MMO, by the looks of things I don't think it requires one. The idea of healers is pretty much outdated now. I look forward to MMO's that move away from that mindset & not become another 'Wow-clone'. The amount of problems associated with having healers is quite staggering & it ends up being a blame game when it comes to keeping a group alive. But the idea of a support/buffer class is something to look into, GW2 is an example of that, since more & more MMO's are moving into true action-combat style gameplay.
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  11. Chojin added a post in a topic The Truth Hurts   

    My best read ever regarding this. The reason why we can't have nice things because of this & that...bla bla, panic panic...Just wait & get an official reply instead of having doubts I say.
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  12. Chojin added a post in a topic Premium hair styles   

    I'm hoping for them to be free also since it would be a logical step to make it that way for a B2P & I'm guessing they will put a price tag for any future content onward.
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  13. Chojin added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    I also bought the Conquerors Pack seeing it was similarly priced to when I bought Deluxe Edition of GW2 a couple of years back as expected although I could wish for miniatures statues of a playable class on top of the price tag, I could be asking too much for that. 
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  14. Chojin added a post in a topic Pre-order cost in Euro, USD, CAD...?   

    I'm glad the price for the top package is what I expected it to be, so I ordered it without hesitation since it's roughly the same price as GW2 on its day of Release...but I do wish they offered a toy figurine to decorate my room or something hehe.
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  15. Chojin added a post in a topic Within a few days from now?   

    We keep waiting but until then....."When it's ready" 
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