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  1. MrHmm added a post in a topic New to this game!   

    I like to hear things like this in games
    Keep it up.
    Having fun should always be number 1.
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  2. MrHmm added a post in a topic large scale pvp frontline push opener   

    Looks interesting, will try it out.
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  3. MrHmm added a post in a topic Skill tree: Passives   

    Personally even 1 point of DP is worth it.
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  4. MrHmm added a post in a topic Video of Redface Exploiting Bheg on Edan   

    Personally I dont care, back to farming.
    My pigs need me in Stardew Valley.
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  5. MrHmm added a post in a topic Title "AAAAAAAAAH"   

    Ah yeah that's the place I jumped from and got the achievement(Page 1 pic in my post).
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  6. MrHmm added a topic in General   

    [Suggestion] Lock the forums behind b2p.
    Before any forum mod comes here and moves the thread to the suggestion sub-forum I will tell you this: Most people dont check the other sub-forums and prefer to lurk in general discussion.
    However feel free to move it to the Suggestion Sub-Forum no hard feelings :).
    I would like to suggest the forums to be locked behind a B2P wall just like how Bioware did with SWTOR(Sub wall) so that it will keep the people who dont own the game out of here and it will stop these pointless threads from being created(the ones that get spammed sometimes with offers and the like).
    However allow people who did not buy the game have access to forums with permission only to read the threads/posts.
    While I will understand if the majority of people dont agree with this and say its too early(I too believe its too early for something like this) it will at least clear up the forums and let us talk normally.
    TLDR: Buy the game and you have access to create threads and reply to threads. Dont buy the game and you can only read the threads/posts but wont be able to post or make threads.
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  7. MrHmm added a post in a topic Future players. Avoid this game. Pay2win.   

    Are you even playing the game?
    The door is right there to your left, open it then pass it then close it on the way out.
    You are just mad because people killed you in a Ghille suit that gives nothing, all I got to tell you is to start grinding and enchant your weapons/armors/accessories and become better on your class.
    Of course the chances you even try to take that advice is 0% and the chances you call people whatever rude thing you can think up and say another stupid thing is 100%
    You are just someone who cant even handle the truth and you prefer to believe whatever you think instead of reading/hearing the truth. So do us all the favor and leave because you dont seem to like the game.
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  8. MrHmm added a post in a topic DimmDrive Setup   

    Thanks for the informative post :).
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  9. MrHmm added a post in a topic Ghilie Costume = Ranged RAGE!   

    Agreed, I saw a wizard taking on 4 people and winning. What matters the most in this game is knowing your class and higher enhancement on your weapons/armors/accessories.
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  10. MrHmm added a post in a topic DimmDrive Setup   

    Sorry if i sound stupid but what's DimmDrive? Honestly its the first time i heard that name.
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  11. MrHmm added a post in a topic +2 atk speed - 1 crit gem HELP   

    I keep getting it alot by grinding.
    Sold quite alot of them for tons of Silvers(200k-400k) in Croxus.
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  12. MrHmm added a post in a topic Ghilie Costume = Ranged RAGE!   

    Let me sum up my experience.
    Sorceress(That's me!) passing by -> Ghille suit player attacks -> Sorceress begin to murder him/her -> Sorceress Prevails. Honestly..... 0 -----s were given that moment about the Ghille suit.
    Only reason other classes can escape Sorceress quite easily right now is because of the CC Immunity Duration Daum EU put, if they didn't put that Sorceress would perma CC people easily. I saw it happen in other Versions quite easily.
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  13. MrHmm added a post in a topic Before you cry, about Fish Costume   

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  14. MrHmm added a post in a topic Forums are getting pretty awful   

    Make the forums like SWTOR but in this case make it so people who bought the game can talk in forums.
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  15. MrHmm added a post in a topic Can EU play with US?   

    If you are from EU you need to make an character in NA servers to play with people from NA(US).
    Likewise if you are from NA.
    Do this.
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