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  1. Intrigued added a post in a topic Sever Popularity (POLL)   

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  2. Intrigued added a post in a topic The Player's Role In The Story?   

    This should help you out.
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  3. Intrigued added a post in a topic [Video] LAG! Where did the Millions of Dollars go??   

    Yes, you play on Uno, least populated server.
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  4. Intrigued added a post in a topic [Video] LAG! Where did the Millions of Dollars go??   

    You must be on EU. NA been having this problem for weeks on end with no response from Daum.
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  5. Intrigued added a post in a topic laggy as all hell!   

    It's Daum's market strategy, make you lag, you die, then you buy pearls for ellion tears. 
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  6. Intrigued added a post in a topic Duo bares or ogre   

    Honestly even in Korea right now orge ring at no enchants on it is BiS still, so if you don't have the money and bad RNG, just get a bares necklace to duo/tri. Obviously later down the road during ninja/valencia patches you might want to look into getting an orge ring so hopefully one day you can +1 it but other than that, 10ap is all you need on the necklace and you're basically set for a long time.
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  7. Intrigued added a post in a topic Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works.   

    It's a horrible example because you don't even know if both players have the same motivation to reach level 50. Player A is playing 14 hours but is playing more casually doing quests etc, player B is straight up grinding monsters and playing like a hardcore player would do. Your example is so likely to not happen it's not valid, why would it matter to a casual how fast a hardcore player is progressing?
     Even if both players were hardcore grinding, they aren't going to be crying about the 10% exp boost, because they have the SKILL/KNOWLEDGE to get there regardless of some tiny exp boost. You talk as if costumes give you damage, or defense. Who gives a shit about someone wearing a costume, if my gear is better, that exp boost won't save you. How about you change your mentality, stop crying, and actually go level up. The time you've spent on forums = level 50 using your argument, since that 10%exp boost should've gotten you to 50 in 14 hours just like the others that got 50 in 14 hours.
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  8. Intrigued added a post in a topic Clearing up misconceptions, how the game really works.   

    Do people honestly believe that 10% exp from costumes is p2w? The 3 guys who reached level 50 in 14 hours can still get level 50 first without the costumes you know lol. I don't see what harm it does, just seems like a bunch of people crying about how it isn't fair, but really how is it not fair if you yourself had the chance to be first level 50 in cbt2?
    If they did it, whats stopping you from doing the same lol. Anyone who can answer this with a strong argument has my respect, because honestly I don't see 10%exp being p2w when those guys will obviously be one of the first people to hit level 50 again. Just because you 100% start off on the equal footing with the guys who got level 50 first on cbt2 means nothing, you know they will beat you to 50 regardless of a 10%exp boost or not.
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  9. Intrigued added a post in a topic Enjoy The Game   

    Nah haha. It'll be full regardless.  
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  10. Intrigued added a post in a topic Enjoy The Game   

    It's fine if it doesn't get any attention, I just had to at least post it you know? I remember my first time with Black Desert and I took it slow the first time. Learned to really understand and love the game with how much depth it really has. If you rush in you might miss a lot of these points, which would be very unfortunate. I just want the new players to make sure they start off on the right foot so to speak.
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  11. Intrigued added a topic in General   

    Enjoy The Game
    The day of release is nearing it's horizon. Many of the people who have played in Korea, Japan or Russia, this message is not directed to you. This is for the new players flooding into the game as the day of release is nearing its arrival. 
    Please, new players who have not had prior knowledge or experience (or a few basic foundations of how the game works), please take your time with the game. I know you wan't to rush to 50 and start getting that gear for endgame, but please take your time with it. Immerse yourself in this game and really let it sink in as you experience if it's your first time. The game is very fun but can scare people off since it's very grind focused but I promise you there are more things to do in this game that are ACTUAL viable ways of progressing through the game. 
    The life skills for example like fishing, trading, cooking, farming etc will all net you income so you'll still be making progress within the game. Explore the horizons of the game and try everything out for yourself. If your someone whos new and you just rush in, you might have a more clouded judgement or biased opinion about the game. Instead, take your time, learn the game, don't burn yourself out a few hours into the game and if you love it by all means keep going. I understand not all players will like the game, however just make sure you try the game out and it's various features, rather than just mindless grind since the game has so much more to offer. Then make your judgement call. 
    Thank you for your time, and have fun guys
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  12. Intrigued added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    How about a craftable potion called Ellion's Carebears that restrict anyone from attacking them for x amount of time? /s (Anyone who's played KR will get the joke, hopefully)
    Jokes aside, a lot of the suggested ideas seem better than this bounty hunter system, because it doesn't address the issue at hand whatsoever.
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  13. Intrigued added a post in a topic Do NOT buy the packages Now; Wait it out.   

    Here's what's most likely going to happen. These idiots who just pay without thinking or asking questions will just cry about how bad the game is after it's release. Game will dwindle in numbers because of how fked it gets and then we have another generic mmorpg that's fucking boring and dead just like the rest of em and then they will look for a new mmorpg and hope "this is the one" and repeat the process and never understand it's they themselves fucking themselves over and just continuously keep blaming the developers/publishers.
    MMORPGs will never see the light of day at this rate. All these people doing shut up and take my money memes will cry soon(And I will get the last laugh), and blame everyone else but themselves. Classic mmorpg communities. If you like being abused like this and taken advantage of without having no knowledge of what you're paying for, I suggest you get help ASAP.
    Someone make me a meme making fun of these generic idiots who move from mmorpg to another and just keep doing this stupid shit. Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. They will gladly shut up and take your money, they doing it already.
    Downvote me to hell haters and ragers, you just further prove my point and will be sadface when the game is shit because you fed them enormous amounts of money without demanding transparency/information about how the game will be, instead of "W0W A HORSE B3sT g@M3 EBAR OHEHMGZ I HAZ 2 BAI DIS GAEM NAOE!"
    I'd be hugely disappointed if this game fails but I've got Overwatch beta so I'm gucci.
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  14. Intrigued added a post in a topic [Edan] CherryMoon Recruiting Noobs   

    I was only here in this thread for the entertainment and was hoping one of you guys would actually DO something instead of just being all talk. That said, thanks for doing some justice. I love it when people talk big and they get smashed into tiny pieces. Quality entertainment this thread has been. I have been on KR and I've seen the top guilds like Gatekeeper, Support, 1C, Hellgate, CBEL, and etc owning regions like Valencia, Balenos, Calpheon etc but never have I seen Rage ingame which boggles my mind since they talk so much shit. I now know why, they too busy gettin R E K T. At least they chose a good name for the guild, describes perfectly how they act. I'm going to enjoy watching this unfold as NA comes around.
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