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  1. Lifeless added a post in a topic Does anyone know what melting/heating these give?   

    Most of the threads/links i found were not really accurate as people just reported the shards. But oh well, i'll just have to melt it myself ;o thanks anyway for the input
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  2. Lifeless added a topic in General   

    Does anyone know what melting/heating these give?
    If i can get an answer to all that would be great, but if not that's okay too. I searched everywhere and I couldn't find any of these info . If anyone can help i would really appreciate it! I'll promise to leave 1 like to every answer (>人<)
    Demihuman Weapons
    Seleth Weapons
    Kalis Weapons
    Bares Weapons
    Yuria Weapons
    Krea Weapons
    Rosar Weapons
    Vangertz Offhands
    Axion Offhands
    Kite Offhands
    Krea Offhands
    Rosar Offhands
    Steel Dagger
    Parrying Dagger
    Saiyer Ornamental Knot
    Oros Ornamental Knot
    Theos Ornamental Knot
    Helrick Talisman
    Jubre Talisman
    Rhik Talisman
    Incense Trinket
    Needle Trinket
    Blade Trinket
    Quitar Shuriken
    Estique Shuriken
    Tadd Shuriken
    Agerian Armor
    Zereth Armor
    Talis Armor
    Grunil Armor
    Steel Taritas Armor
    Yuria Necklace
    Bares Necklace
    Hesus Necklace
    Elisha Necklace
    Kalis Necklace
    Talis Necklace 
    Ogre Ring - Sharp Black Crystal Shard |Melted Gold shards | Blood Ruby
    Necklace of Good Deeds
    Scarla Necklace -  Hard Black Crystal Shard | Melted platinum shards | Resplendent Sapphire 
    Bensho"s Necklace
    Ancient Guardian"s Seal
    Token of Friendship
    Witch"s Earring
    Mesto Earring
    Ridell Earring
    Blue Coral Earring
    Red Coral Earring
    Mark of Shadow - Pure lead crystals | Melted lead shards | Resplendent sapphire | Hard shard?
    Shrine Guardian Token
    Ring of Good Deeds
    Nert Ring
    Outlaw"s Ring
    Blue Coral Ring
    Red Coral Ring
    Rhutum Belt
    Rhutum Elite Belt
    Tree Spirit Belt
    Belt of Shultz the Gladiator -  Melted gold shards | melted tin shards | Resplendent topaz
    Gartner Belt
    Ancient Weapon Core
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  3. Lifeless added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

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  4. Lifeless added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

    I see. Thank you. Please forgive my misunderstanding. 
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  5. Lifeless added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

    Ok so the new server is proportionally the same size as the 3 server we have now? If so it makes more sense
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  6. Lifeless added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

    I am using my head. You're not using your head because you give me the impression that you take all public announcements at face value like you just clearly demonstrated. 
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  7. Lifeless added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

    You probably believe everything MSM/Gov tells you too. SMH. 
    No kidding. But why now. 
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  8. Lifeless added a topic in General   

    What's the real reason behind merge?
    Hi all, I've been away for a few months, and based on the announcements it was never clear to me the real reasons behind the merge. Is it due to lack of player population? Thanks.
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  9. Lifeless added a post in a topic Why are Costumes like Delphe Knight undyeable??   

    What are you talking about. There are 7 color slots for dying: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14999/
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  10. Lifeless added a topic in General   

    What is this cool-looking arena used for?

    Please halp
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  11. Lifeless added a topic in General   

    Just got back from break. Is Valencia Part 2 out yet?
    Pardon my ignorance :3
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  12. Lifeless added a post in a topic Is this game in alpha stage?   

    I'm actually a zeta male. 
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  13. Lifeless added a topic in General   

    Is this game in alpha stage?
    Throughout the past 2 months I noticed a ton of bugs, some of which have existed from launch. These range anywhere from UI, description, translation to functions themselves. Then I looked at the bug report section and realized no one else is actively testing these other than the players themselves in a live, production environment.  It just seems a bit wrong to me, especially since we pay them a lot of money via the pearl shop  I wonder how their revenue streams look as far as expanding their development/technical team =O
    Does anyone know why this is or what's going on? =]
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  14. Lifeless added a post in a topic Buying a TRI Witch Earring on EDAN Server   

    Anyone with over 300 mil at this point is clearly abusing some element of the game or is hacking. 
    Just kidding, that can never happen.
    300 mil easy with a week of grinding. 
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