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  1. Kajime added a post in a topic One Free Beta Key...   

  2. Kajime added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Some people should be prepared to be nuked to pieces when the game starts. Lots of salty people looking for blood out there.
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  3. Kajime added a post in a topic PvP Content ext.   

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  4. Kajime added a post in a topic keep us permanently under geared or limited   

    The damage mainly came from the Awoken Warrior. Not those other rangers.
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  5. Kajime added a post in a topic CBT2 Download   

    No it has not. Download will usually a few days before CBT (Download for CBT1 was December 14 and CBT1 started on December 16)
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  6. Kajime added a post in a topic Full World Map to Download if Anyone Wants it.   

    Or you can just use this.
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  7. Kajime added a post in a topic The other classes?   

    They said that the NA/EU servers were about 6 months behind so you would have to wait around 6-8 months prior to launch for the class you want. < This may be incorrect
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  8. Kajime added a topic in General   

    PvP or PvE
    Honestly, what do you guys think is more predominant in this game? This should be a pretty damn obvious question but I want to hear from the community. I feel that the Devs should work on making this game excel at what it is famed by growing it further in that area, instead of trying to please both sides (which ultimately makes both sides fairly unsatisfied and unhappy). 
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  9. Kajime added a post in a topic The reason why gender-locking exists   

    The sheer amount of time to create one extra character would take a hell lot of time especially since the characters do not have the same costumes and outfits and are highly detailed. I'm just glad they don't do a crappy job making their models instead of making some BS templates for all the characters. They may already be planning/working on making those counter-parts and we just don't know. 
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  10. Kajime added a post in a topic POLL: Choose your main class - Non-released classes are added as well!   

    That too lmao how could I forget.  
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  11. Kajime added a post in a topic Positive karma Vs's negative karma "benefits" and questions   

    Grinding to 50 is faster than cleansing karma from 3 PKs. If you feel like wasting some time (for the sake of keeping your character) whatever floats your boat man but it is hella frustrating. 
    Be more specific on your topic/description if you mean the benefits of killing Red players in the Valencia update. 
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  12. Kajime added a post in a topic Letting the warrior class duel weld   

    Rip ranger got the duel wield awakening.
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  13. Kajime added a post in a topic My Birthday Wish   

  14. Kajime added a post in a topic PVP and Skills over head   

    Though that may seem like a good idea, it isn't. This game is meant for PvP (as there isn't much end game PvE content) with all the guild and node wars. They shouldn't really make a separate server because players will stick to it, and leave several weeks later because there isn't enough content. Also people often PvP for competition on grinding spots and it often settles arguments pretty well. If we did not have OWPvP, I would have to always get my grind taken away by that one scumbag who last-hits every single thing QQ.

    About that circumstance with the V evade, that person probably had a grudge on you (for whatever reason) or was a complete asshole, but trust, you will not see much of that after release because like I said above, most people PK only for grinding spots and once they chase you out, they USUALLY will stop. 
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  15. Kajime added a post in a topic PVP and Skills over head   

    Just saying, it"s pretty easy to escape PvP if you didn't know. Just use your /V/ skill and you have good move speed and take no damage. Also in that time, you can easily run off into a safe zone and the guy will stare at you for 5 seconds and leave (nobody got time to wait for pussies). 
    ^ This is theoretically incorrect in a way. Yes, nobody cares about it but you have to realize this is a beta. People aren't going to care about a character's Karma since it will be deleted in the end of the week. The thing you have to realize is that people aren't dumb enough to sacrifice hours worth of grind for the sake of PK because they will probably have to spend hours cleansing it off (especially with the new grind). 
     This kinda kills OWPvP which was kinda one of the main aspects of the game. The reason KR has arena is because their OWPvP died and all the NA/EU players are trying to prevent that.
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