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  1. Touka added a topic in General   

    Has there been any word on the weapon change coupon recently?
    Pretty much topic. :3
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  2. Touka added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

  3. Touka added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    witch buff when?
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  4. Touka added a post in a topic Health bar screenshot scanning tool   

    Don't have time to test it out rightnow. But it looks pretty gud.
    Will test it later today
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  5. Touka added a post in a topic Black Friday Sale - Kibelius Set A   

    gg no value pack for me till servermerge it seems. rip
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  6. Touka added a post in a topic Black Friday Sale - Kibelius Set A   

    I just asked the support but it probably will take a while. So rip valuepack
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  7. Touka added a post in a topic Server Stability worse than it ever has been?   

    I can't even get in. It shows me "failed to connect." on all 3 EU servers.
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  8. Touka added a post in a topic How many of us are left?   

    I'm going back to it once the server merge hits. Got a TRI Liverto and TET Yuria on Croxus. Just waiting to get them
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  9. Touka added a post in a topic bitte schließen , danke .   

    Vorab: Ich bin weder in einer dieser 2 Gilden, noch bin ich es je gewesen.
    Ich habe mit mittlerweile die Geschichten beider Seiten gehört. Und beide Seiten übertreiben es einfach viel zu sehr.
    Ihr seid beide erwachsene Leute und auch beide weit über das Spiel hinausgegangen.
    Tut mir Leid wenn ich das so sage, aber ihr braucht euch da nicht wundern wenn ihr in ihrem rekrutier Thread auftaucht und einen auf dicke Macker macht.
    Reißt euch einfach zusammen, sprecht euch aus und verhaltet euch verdammt noch eins angemessen.
    Das ist ein Spiel, also belasst es auch dabei. Wenn ihr euch zoffen wollt dann bitte tut das Ingame aber macht hier keinen Stress im Forum und belasst es einfach beim Spiel. Ihr solltet wissen was gemeint ist.
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  10. Touka added a post in a topic XenoTavern - Polski Multigaming PvP[ALUSTIN]RL-XT Alliance   

    We didn't go nazi he did :c
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  11. Touka added a post in a topic XenoTavern - Polski Multigaming PvP[ALUSTIN]RL-XT Alliance   

    Hey there!
    We (the guild Ferrox) want to sincerely appologize for what happened yesterday (03.10.2016).
    The member who tossed out racist and insulting remarks has been banished from the guild. Due to problems within the leadership we weren't able to kick him rightaway.
    But he is now gone and will not return.
    Have a nice day!
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  12. Touka added a post in a topic QoL Market Improvements   

    Trying to sell my TRI Liverto Amulet since 2 weeks. Can only list it for 30 mil more that the cheapest one. gg wp. :c
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  13. Touka added a topic in Classes   

    Sorc or Kunoichi?
    I'm thinking about starting a new class since I'm only using my ranger for farming sausans at this point and the class gets really repetitive. So I'm looking for something which does well in 1v1's and can also pull of some combos.
    I was thinking about either Kuno or Sorc.
    But I read some bad things about the Kuno, and also heard from a couple of guildies that she is pretty.. lets call it "out of favor" atm.
    And I'm not sure about Sorcs either. Did they recover from the DF(DarkFlame) disaster?
    What would you recommend me?
    Thanks a lot in advance!
    • 3 replies
  14. Touka added a post in a topic Maehwa Gear lvl55 ??   

    Without Bhegs I'd sugest that you stay with the Black Horn
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  15. Touka added a post in a topic Maehwa Gear lvl55 ??   

    -Get them Boots to 15
    -Buy a Liverto and start enchanting it
    -Ultimate your armor and PRI it
    -PRI the Shultz
    -(Maybe swap the witches for PRI blue Corals)
    -2x PRI MoS or DUO-TRI Red Corals
    -PRI a Manos Emerald Necklace
    I think thats enough for a while :3
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