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  1. Rohunt added a post in a topic My first PVP experience...   

    Don't let that fool you. The game is actually boiled down to nothing but CC and Burst. BDO= ----- measuring cuck simulator.  
    - PvP isn't worth it and is so un-balanced. If anybody tries to tell you otherwise they are -----ing delusional and just enjoy getting cucked by the game for their money and time.
    -High AP DP = Diminishing Returns because it doesn't mater how high you get it, somebody is going to be able to kill you in half a second.
    I've joined during beta, left after a few months and do not miss the game in the least. I only come on the forums every few months to laugh at how cringy people still are. 
    Perhaps you'll find something enjoyable in this game but personally, I hate it.

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  2. Rohunt added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    It does my heart good to see this thread still going.
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  3. Rohunt added a post in a topic How is bdo these days?   

    it's all CC and Burst at end game every point of the game. The community is still pretty spiteful. Don't play it.
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  4. Rohunt added a post in a topic Best MMO of 2016 (Vote)   

    (distant laughing)
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  5. Rohunt added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    *scoots close*
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  6. Rohunt added a post in a topic Game lacks competive enverioment   

    you do if you are a impulsive costume buyer like me. rip
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  7. Rohunt added a post in a topic Lvl 60 Berserker pvp video. NO GRAB COMBOS   

    (Says no grab, but the first thing you do out of lava piece and ground lifting is go for a grab)
    This game is nothing but CC and Burst anyway, so I mean it's whatever.
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  8. Rohunt added a post in a topic My newest waifu   

    Everybody wants to be White/Asian sex idol, pumping out silver/cash for every underwear and outfit they can get complimented on how lewd they look by others with less taste.
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  9. Rohunt added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    I'm not getting my hopes up like I did when this game was launched.
    If it sucks and just another attempt to grab some cash, I called it. If it doesn't, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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  10. Rohunt added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   


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  11. Rohunt added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    Just unrestraint player trading so I can just give away all my money and gear. I need a reason to stop playing this shit game. 
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  12. Rohunt added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    I COULD rant about this game never being balanced unless they just re-vamp the whole combat system.
    BUT, I'm just settle and be happy it's not another thread about nerfing Giants.

    (Thumbs up)
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  13. Rohunt added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    Like, even if they just plan ol nerf giants/take away their grabs then there will be NO other reason to play the class. Even then, there will be something else people are going to complain about.
    (cough)Like musa's nearly complete immunity to CC(cough)
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  14. Rohunt added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    Actually, no. I don't usually PK or get PK'd. Well, I mean I've gotten attacked by it's usually by people who are red and they hit V when I grab them at it works.

    Cept for this guy who was rogue and tried to attack me.
    He didn't come back.
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  15. Rohunt added a post in a topic Balance, where is it?   

    I know the concept of general game mechanics are hard to grabs for your feeble mind, but

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