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  1. MKR added a post in a topic Exodo - Nueva Guild Hispana [NA] [Edan]   

    Siguen reclutando?
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  2. MKR added a post in a topic "Guild iNfierNo" Recluta Gente de Habla Hispana! // NA SERVER ORWEN   

    Hola, todavía siguen reclutando?
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  3. MKR added a post in a topic Grupo Méxicano-latino   

    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/9081-espunkown-guild-hispano-hablante-casual/ Queremos lo mismo, deja algo en el post que te deje antes si quieres unirte entre más nos juntemos mejor!
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  4. MKR added a post in a topic This warrior picture increased my chances of playing it by 88%   

    In your opinion what are the most fun classes?
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  5. MKR added a post in a topic You can't be serious with these servers.   

    Ok, srry. I apologize...
    Same sh*t btw...
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  6. MKR added a post in a topic Fire Witch Character Creator Help   

    That's Lina!
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  7. MKR added a post in a topic You can't be serious with these servers.   

    I have an idea Daum should put a server on Canada, another one on Mexico, 2 in USA and 3 servers in Australia!!!!
    Orrrr maybe all of you could stop complaining about ridiculous things like this, you are not the only people, who are playing this game. East coasters, you are probably like 25% of the total players that'll be playing in NA server so, stop complaining for having 150 ping, because you are not the only people that will be playing the game. Just, get over it =D.
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  8. MKR added a post in a topic [ESP]Unkown "Guild" hispano-hablante! [Casual]   

    Muchas gracias, en caso de que no podamos crear la Guild que queremos con muchos gusto nos unimos. El tema es que queremos un grupo pequeño donde jugar y aprender, algo más casual y no tan hardcore. Pero muchas gracias!
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  9. MKR added a post in a topic A Couple of my Character Creations (Critique Please)   

    Wooow, really complete and nice critique....Like it.
    I think that the wizard looks a bit better but there's something that is weird with him, maybe the skin shines too much, I don't really know .
    I think that the critique you made to my characters is amazing and is not harsh at all . You made me think in a lot of things that can be improved, mainly the colors used in my characters. I actually like a lot realistic characters , but even if yours are not that realistic, I like them a lot. So now I'll try to give my characters a fantasy look. A mix between your and my likes.
    Srry for not writing a detailed critique of your characters like the one you wrote for mine, I'd really like to, but my native language is not english so I get annoyed when I write a long text because I think I have like hundreds of mistakes. Wouldn't mine to see your new creations neither. 
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  10. MKR added a post in a topic A Couple of my Character Creations (Critique Please)   

    No problem! Let me know how you improved him, I love the Character Creator btw.
    Wouldn´t mind to get your opinion on my characters =D
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  11. MKR added a post in a topic A Couple of my Character Creations (Critique Please)   

    Yeah, the wizard looks weird but I think the problem with him is the neck, it is too thin. You could change the hairstyle to one longer and that should make the neck look a bit widther. The other are great. Congrats!
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  12. MKR added a post in a topic Un Grupo Hispano: UNA SIMPLE IDEA   

    Hola, yo tuve la misma idea, de hecho, quiero tener un grupo de hispano-hablantes con los que jugar y divertirnos de una forma más casual. Mi meta no es tener una Guild que quiera conquistar todo BDO, sino divertirnos y crear lazos (De amistad obvio, hahaha). Apoyo totalmente tu idea (es la misma que la mía hahaha), ya que en este juego el pvp  alcanzando el lvl 40 empieza a estar activo todo el tiempo por lo que es mejor ir a grindear en grupos de 3 o más. Pasate por el tema que hice y escribe lo que sea, si es que te quieres unir. Somos muy pocos pero cmo dices si tu y tu amigo se nos unen seremos cada vez más. Cualquier duda mandame un pm y podemos hablar más por ahi.
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/9081-espunkown-guild-hispano-hablante-casual/   <--Post
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  13. MKR added a post in a topic Is Black Desert PvP or PvE?   

    I have not play the kr version, nor the rusian version. But a lot of people told me that the endgame is mainly focused on pvp (GvG, PvP, etc...), but you can always go to grind, by the way, that's one of the most fun things to do in BDO, or at least that's what some friends have told me.
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  14. MKR added a post in a topic Character Creation Service (no more requests atm pls)   

    Thank you, but I think that the guy that requested it didn't like it. I'll improve him, maybe I could use him in the beta...
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  15. MKR added a post in a topic <Hispanic Nation> /Recluta/PVP/TD/TS/ONU   

    No problem
    Well, then you are pretty confused because the people of this Guild do not live in USA, so what you're saying is non-sense. If you are going to answer me with "yes, but the game is in english and the servers are in USA, so they have to learn to speak english" you'd be wrong again. Should I remember you that this part of the forum is called "International"?
    And as far as I know, it is not forbidden to speak any other language but english in the game, that'd be racist!!!
    P.d. America is a continent, stop calling USA, "America".
    And I'm not member of this Guild hahaha.
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