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  1. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Didn't really edit the shape of her face, since i actually love how it look, might come up with other tweak, but this far i love her this way  

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  2. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic I'm rolling Valk!   

    well valks and war have CC immune from their back IF they stay immobile, if the valk move around with shield up, you can CC them easily, if you get in her back, the fraction of second she take to turn around will make her vulnerable to a CC, war can't move around with guard up so if you see them block they will block everything unless they drop it to move.
    Our only single frontal block skill apply block only on the skill usage for a fraction of a second and not for the duration of the whole skill btw.
    Block classes like valk and war were always musa/maehwa strong counter cuz they lack a grab
    but TBH it might just be all desync for me cuz i try to attack ppl from behind but all i see all the time is "BLOCK" so it just feel like everything is 360' block and when i block frontal attack i got back attacks somehow even when they are in front of me, since lot of classes has dashes and teleport, the game can't seem to keep track of players.
    Also the only way to regen our block is by not blocking lol, it take around 4-5 sec to get our block back to 100% using skills and frontal block or guarding back up will halt the block regen, since our frontal dash put us up in guard stance by default, each time we dash our block regen stop.
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  3. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic I'm rolling Valk!   

    well if your tired to play a easy to play, OP 1 boton skill, destroy everyone with eyes closed, class, deff play a valk, you will go from Very Easy Mode to Hardcore Difficulty Mode playing a valk.
    ATM valks are the bottom trash tier "if not lower" class of BDO, the learning curve is WAY up there.
    If you are passionate enough and patient enough with valk, you can beat anyone by outskilling them rather then "who is the most broken 1 hit skill class".
    Her extremely clunky skills can be very frustrating, and unlike warriors "and many other classes" valkyries have no 360 block on there main DMG skills, so you can't be all out offensive without a KD/CC first, they will simply DPS you down while you use your skill in matter of seconds. they have decent SA, but even there those skills are often slow and i end up getting DPS down in sec by sorc and muse/meahwa. Their grab is VERY broken, their grab is the most useless of them all, even wiz grab is by far better, it as a very low rate of success, the shortest range, and bug you often if you land a grab, getting you killed cuz you cannot follow up your combo. "might be me but when i land a grab i bug throught the animation, unable to move so the other just kill me while i stand there" so my grab success rate is 1/15.
    The very good thing about valks is they are very versatile, if for any reason you cannot follow up your main combo, there is always something else you can do to do decent dmg.
    Overall, Valks are a niche class for a small underground number of player, Valks are not bad per say "even tho they need a shit ton of fixes since launch which the dev keep ignoring ever since". People simply don't want to put much work and effort into valk since the learning curve is so high for a very small result, they rather play a class that can almost 1 hit anyone using there ulti at 80AP *Cough* warriors *Cough*
    But i am stubborn As Fack !!! Valk is LOVE Valk is LIFE !!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -A Valkyrie since launch-
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  4. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    I want complicated mechanics that takes shitton of effort, research, experimentation, and skill to pull off so we can mend those "gaps" u mentioned
    Play valkyrie, its like playing Hardcore mode 
    and you need to do all of the above you mentioned to deal like 50% HP with 240AP
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  5. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Just reached my personal goal!   

    Sad part is that any other class are still better then valk with that type of GS at like 160AP
    But gratz to the OP for reaching that GS with a valk
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  6. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Almost giving up   

    Well Pearl Abyss did announced a major Valk Update/fix recently
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  7. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Her some shots i took this morning  
    Enjoy !
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  8. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Costume capped price low.....   

    IDK what kakao plan to do anymore, heck, who know what will be the price of anything from the cash shop, they might leave those dye at 5mil forever while only increasing anything from cash shop, cotume might go for around 30mil-50mil regularly in the future or even 100mil+ , this is more complicated then simple straight P2W or not, it just feel they are shooting themself in the foot just waiting for it to end all, because now we have very unsatisfied P2Wer who though of sacking 500mil per weeks, while other are at there limits with the price going around 20+mil...
    as far as i know, we seem to have the same economy as JP as, the costume over there are also like 15mil if i remember, what kakao intend to do with our version is unclear and your guess is as good as mine.
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  9. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Costume capped price low.....   

    they don't bother raising the cap of those dyes... everyone got those for free ._. (1 loyalty point actualy) if it doesn't generate income for them, why bother increasing the cap of a free item when you can have the merv palette with the value pack now.
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  10. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Costumes price need to rise to 100 MILS!!!   

    Basically in BDO the price is not affected directly by the players, or at least we have little impact on it, the price is set a specific min/max limit depending on the item.
    once an item reach its cap price, it cannot go higher then the set price it as been set to, But Kakao/PA has total control over it, if they like they can raise the cap of the maximum price to go up to 50mil if they want, the best example i can give are steel daggers on the market place, they go for 196k since for ever, no matter what the demand/supply is for that item, the cap will always be 196k until Kakao/PA decide other wise and either raise it or decrease it... i guess that the gist of it.
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  11. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Costumes price need to rise to 100 MILS!!!   

    Did... kakao was really honest by saying they wanted everyone to easily experience the cash shop with low price such as 18mil per costumes ?...?...? ... Nah... it is like asking people to trust a school ( if a shark group is called a school... i am tired -_-) of hungry loan shark in the middle of the ocean while you are being slowly bled out of your money.
    Don't worry OP, you will be able to feel all powerful by swiping that card of yours in a few weeks, now don't break your wrist and fingers doing so, cuz you will need to do a lot of sniping in the MP to get those precious non existent PEN boss gear... good luck !!! ;]
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  12. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Hahaha amirte, huehuehuehue...   

    But... It doesn't make any sense that costumes are so low right now, they are 18mil atm, no one in there right mind will spend 30$ for only 18mil and like 15mil after MP taxes.
    If they don't sell on the MP ever, the price can't inflate since the demand just doesn't exist because none ever get sold in the first place, the sellers want to be as greedy as possible, for that 30$ i would guess the seller would at least expect 50mil-100mil per costume, especially when some of the plain boss gear go for almost 100mil in the MP, it will take some retard first to post some item so the price can slowly go up, but i don't see that happening unless Kakao increase the price them self which will look shady AF imo, because we all know the goal of the sellers is the cash in the most amount of silvers as possible so they can walk around with full PEN boss gear and accessories (or so their logic tell them lol...)
    So idk if they are trying a weird damage control tactics here, so ppl will say "Well at that price it is still an advantage, but not totaly P2W !!!" if the price of those costume go up by like 5mil per week without even one being put in the MP, then kakao is playing us well. 
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  13. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Well, it is good for buyer but terribad for sellers, when kakao will see that, they will make sure it is balanced in the favor of their pockets.
    At least this far it is still playable, i guess we got a good few more weeks before the boat hit the bottom of the ocean.
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  14. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic gg rng   

    TBH i think i will stop at TRI, higher is gambling with the devil its not even fun ._.
    Even in KR, TET is hardly a thing
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  15. PawSkillZ added a post in a topic gg rng   

    First, with that 50mil i would have buy a Liverto and make it at least PRI or DUO
    once i get everything at least to DUO, i will wait to gather around 100mil+ before even attempting TRI if it just doesn't get to TRI your will have enough silver to make it back to DUO easely enough.
    I also make sure my toons have at least 25 FS all around, if you go too high with one of them, at least you will have even more chance to TRI you gear, change back to an other alt, and rinse and repeat, once you have high enough FS start dropping sharp/hard stones on your DUOs
    if i am not wrong the max bonus for DUO > TRI is 44FS which is still at a low 25% chance, but i could be wrong.
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